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Expert Review: Callaway Women's Mavrik Driver

Published on 03/14/2023 · 6 min readThis review is my fianceé's honest opinion of the club, which she purchased with her own money in August of 2020.
Joe Mallock, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Joe Mallock

All photos courtesy of Joe Mallock

About this Review: This review is my fianceé's honest opinion of the club, which she purchased with her own money in August of 2020.

My take

The Callaway Women’s Mavrik Driver is the perfect driver for my fiancée. She is athletic and a relatively new golfer, and when she was just getting into the game two years ago, this driver immediately made her a better player because she was able to advance the ball 180 yards down the fairway—giving her a chance to make pars. As she continues to improve and her ball flight gets higher, she can also adjust the degree of loft from 12 degrees to 11 so that her drives go even further.

About the club my fiancée owns

  • Model: 2020 Callaway Women’s Mavrik Driver
  • Loft setting: 12 degrees
  • Shaft type: Big Bertha RCH 40 - W
  • Shaft flex: Women’s flex

About her

  • Average score: 105 - 115
  • Handicap: 35
  • Experience: Two years of golf
  • Right/Left-Handed: Right-handed
  • Typical ball flight: Low draw
  • Golf ball used: Callaway Supersoft
  • Club swing speed: 80 mph

Test conditions

  • When she bought the club: August 2020
  • Days tested: Two years
  • Where she’s used it: Currently playing at Black Creek Club in Chattanooga, TN
  • Weather and wind conditions: Pictures were taken on a dry day in the 90’s with early morning dew on the ground. Calm winds.

How it performs


What I was looking for

I got my fiancée into golf when we first met in March 2020. However, I didn’t have a driver for her, so she was mostly using my old hybrid off the tee. My fiancée is athletic and has a great natural swing, but a men’s hybrid with a stiff shaft was not right for her. So I was looking for a solid woman’s driver that would fit her swing speed and her strength.

Why I chose this club

I personally play the Callaway Mavrik driver, which is why I chose the women’s version of the driver for her. Since this is specifically a women’s driver, I knew the length would be right for her (she’s 5’3”), and the women’s flex shaft would help her generate maximum power off the tee. We didn’t really consider any other options since I know that Callaway makes excellent clubs, so it was an easy decision.

What she loves about it

  • Distance: She is able to drive the ball 180 yards without overswinging. That distance is pretty long for a female golfer of two years, and on most par 4’s, that puts her in a reasonable position to get on the green in two and make a par.
  • Forgiveness: The Flash Face technology on the Mavrik driver means that even contact towards the heel or toe still generates high ball speeds. This means that even on a mishit, the ball travels far.
  • Feel: My fiancée knows when she hits it well with this driver. She can also tell when she’s hit it poorly—which is the feedback she needs to keep improving and finding the sweet spot of the club more consistently.
  • Sound: The Mavrik driver makes a solid, metallic ring on impact that is easy to get used to and pleasing for most golfers.
  • Shaft Feel: The Big Bertha RCH 40 Women’s flex shaft is perfect for her. The shaft is light, so she feels confident and in control when swinging the club.
  • Shaft Performance: The performance of the Big Bertha RCH 40 Women’s flex shaft is ideal for her swing speed of 80 mph. She gets the right amount of flex in the club, which enables the club head to come around at impact at maximum speed and generate the most distance.
  • Grip Feel: The Winn Excel grip that she put on her club has a lot of tack and an incredibly soft feel. It wears more quickly than a MultiCompound grip, but the feel is unbeatable.
  • Launch Angle: At 12 degrees of launch, her ball flight is perfect given her swing speed. As she starts swinging faster and her ball naturally climbs higher, she can use the adjustable hosel to change the launch to 11 degrees with the Mavrik driver.
  • Spin: My fiancée hits a low draw with her driver, so she generates a nice top spin on the ball, which gets her a great roll when the ball lands.

Issues she’s encountered

  • Workability: This driver is designed for maximum forgiveness, not for shot shaping. There is extra weight placed in the back of the club, which is designed to aid stability and forgiveness for mishit shots.
  • Adjustability: The driver is set to 12 degrees of loft, and it has an adjustable hosel that allows her to change it down to 11 degrees or up to 14 degrees. That is a lot of loft, which is great for beginners. But as she continues to improve and starts to swing faster and hit it further, she’s going to need a driver that’s closer to 10.5 degrees of loft.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The driver has a clean look when addressing the ball—with subtle orange trim around the edges. However, the bottom of the club has a lot more orange and white coloring, which eventually chips and fades with usage.

Best shot with this club

On the 12th hole at Black Creek Club, there is a creek running down the middle of this par 4. Going left of the creek means the approach shot is over water and onto an elevated green, which is a challenging shot for any golfer. However, with the Mavrik driver, she was able to fly over the creek to the right side, which required 130 yards of carry. The reward was a straightforward second shot from about 140 yards that didn’t require carry to make the green.

Value for the money vs. other options

At $299.99, the Callaway Women’s Mavrik Driver is about $250 cheaper than the latest model from Callaway, the Rogue ST Max. This is a great value, especially if a $550 driver isn’t in one’s price range. There are a couple of older-generation drivers, specifically the TaylorMade M4 and the Cobra Radspeed, that also cost $299.99. These are both comparable to the quality of the Mavrik driver.

Final verdict

This is a great driver for my fiancée while she was just getting into golf and needed quality equipment. The hosel is also adjustable, which is great because it allows her to change the loft of the club. The only downside is that as her swing speed increases from 80mph to 90mph, she’ll eventually need a new driver with less loft and a stiffer shaft in order to maximize her distance.

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