What Gifts Should You Bring to a Baby Shower?

Published on 09/14/2022 · 9 min readBaby shower coming up? We've got you covered! Check out this article for some guidance on how to shop for a baby shower gift along with some gift suggestions!
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By Baby Expert Alex K.

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Congrats! You’ve been invited to a baby shower. Now what? If you’re a parent, chances are you’re struggling to remember all of the great gifts you received for your own child or children. Those days were either long ago or not so long ago, but incredibly sleep-deprived.

If you’re not a parent, you might feel completely lost when shopping for expecting parents and their bundle on the way. Maybe you're wondering, “What are the absolute best baby shower gifts?” That is a tricky question to answer, and not to mention, it puts too much pressure on you, the gift-giver. If nothing else, remember that you can’t go wrong with a gift from the heart, especially if you include a gift receipt!

Here at Curated, we help new parents, caregivers, family members, and thoughtful friends find those products that will make life with a baby smoother and less stressful. We also know what parents love and want. Whether they’ve created a registry with us or elsewhere, we’re always open to helping them—or in this case, you—shop for a child.

Check Their Registry

For starters, check if they have a baby registry or multiple registries. Read the shower invitation once, twice, or even three times if you need to, and if you’re not sure, call the person hosting the party to see if they’re registered anywhere.

Registries are essentially public wish lists that expecting parents create to share with anyone interested in buying for them. You don’t have to stick to registries, but they’re a great place to start.

Find Out Where to Bring or Send Gifts

Make sure the expecting parents want gifts at the shower. If they aren’t local and will be flying or driving a long way home with their gifts packed into one vehicle, consider mailing your gift to them. If you need their address or aren’t sure, contact the host. If you order online and ship directly to the expecting parents, include a gift note explaining who it’s from and congratulate them, or mail a card separately. Without this, they won’t know whom to thank!

No Registry? No Problem!

If they don’t have a baby shower registry or an existing registry leaves you little to choose from, we’ve got some great ready-made gift ideas for you. Before you start shopping, think about how much you want to spend on a shower gift and how close you are to the expecting parents or one parent in particular. Shower gifts can range anywhere from $25 to $200 or more, with co-workers and acquaintances usually spending the least and employers, close friends, and family members spending $50 or more each.

We’ll also share a few group gifts that multiple guests can go in on together to share the cost. These items tend to be several hundred dollars or more—something the expecting parents might not buy for themselves but would greatly appreciate—and are reasonably priced when split multiple ways.

Before buying, consider your relationship with the expecting parents. Gag gifts might not be appropriate (save those for any day other than the shower), but it’s ok to have fun with your gift. For example, if a mom-to-be loves your sense of humor, feel free to incorporate some element of that into your shower gift. If you don’t know them or their taste very well, stick to neutral, practical products they’re sure to be thankful for. If you really want your gift to shine, read this article on unique baby shower gift ideas.

For some suggestions to point you in the right direction, continue reading below.

Pick a Favorite

If you can remember a favorite gift you received at your shower and it’s in your price range, go for it—even if it's not on their registry. More often than not, expecting parents have limited ideas on what they want or need for their firstborn. If you know something that will help them with a new baby or a product you particularly loved at your own shower, go for it! One thing to be sensitive of: if you’re unsure whether the expecting mom will be breastfeeding, or you don’t know her that well, steer clear of nursing products.

Before you search all over for your all-time favorite baby product, start here at Curated! Even if you don’t see it listed in our inventory, there’s a good chance we can help you find it at the best price!

A few of our favorites:

  • Hatch Rest+ - Smart sound machine
  • Moby Wrap - Fuss-free wrap-style baby carrier
  • Tonies Toniebox - Interactive, screen-free, music and story player for kids ages 3-7
  • Travel System - Always great to check a big item off the list; this is one you can team up with friends, family, or co-workers to buy
  • Baby Brezza - Brews up a bottle of formula with the touch of a phone–no mixing or measuring required!

Pick a Theme

Sometimes it’s fun to create a basket (be a dear and use clear wrap, especially if the shower invitation specifically requests it) or a package of smaller, related gifts into one. You could pick bath items, mealtime accessories, playtime products, nursery decor, travel, beach, or other outdoor gear, then select gifts that align with that theme (or use a Curated Expert to help you choose)!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Bath Time

  • Baby Bath Tub Accessory Bundle
  • Hooded Towel
  • Bath Toys
  • Newborn Shampoo & Lotion






While baby clothes are the most common gift at a baby shower, that doesn't mean you can't buy them. But try not to overload with newborn sizes as babies grow fast! The parents-to-be will likely receive a lot in the 0-3 month range, so sizing up to 6-9 months can be a good idea. Just be mindful of the time of year (will it be summer or winter in 6 months?) and the baby’s gender (if it’s known) as well as the parents’ preferences on color choices, if you know them.

It’s best to stick to simple onesies, bodysuits, or sleep sacks rather than elaborate outfits, like jeans or shoes that the baby isn’t likely to wear much. The more comfortable and easier to access the diaper, especially in the middle of the night, the better!

Co-Gift Big Ticket Items

If you have a great idea for a pricier baby item, such as a stroller, wagon, travel system (car seat/stroller combo), bassinet, crib, travel crib, or play yard, reach out to a few friends or family members to buy it together. By splitting the cost two, three, four, or more ways, you can stick to your budget and keep it reasonable for everyone while getting the expecting family something they’ll really love.

Here are some ideas:

Parents Appreciate Practicality

The Cushy Closer Door Cushion

Sometimes the most valuable items aren’t the most obvious. If you can think of something an expecting parent might get a great deal of use from but might not think of themselves, that’s a perfect shower gift. The same goes for baby essentials around the house.

Something like these below:

  • Wipes / Diapers (Forgot to get a gift? Grab an armful and a card on your way!)
  • Muslin Swaddle / Blanket (lightweight, breathable, and soft to touch; for monthly milestone photos or simply swaddling)
  • Door Cushion (to avoid waking sleeping babies)
  • Organic Cotton Crib Sheets (you can never have enough!)
  • Universal Stroller Phone Holder (fits any stroller handle for keeping it stowed while on the go. Genius!)
  • Baby Healthcare & Grooming Kit (for snot sucking, clipping tiny nails, passing gas, and more)
  • Postpartum Recovery Kit (for everything new moms need after birth that no one told them about)
  • Food Delivery Gift Card (the next best thing to delivering in person, which they’ll greatly appreciate after the baby comes. Find out who delivers to their home, such as DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, etc.)

Personalize It

Photo from Etsy

Suppose the parents have already settled on and publicly announced the baby’s name (usually written on the shower invitation). In that case, it’s fair game to order a gift with their name on it, such as a pillow, puzzle, book, or even create your own if you’re artistic. There’s nothing like handmade, but personalized with love comes pretty close!

We highly recommend sites like Etsy or Wonderbly for one-of-a-kind baby gifts.

Phone a Friend

If you’re still unsure what an expecting parent would appreciate, enlist the help of someone who knows them well. Maybe you’re considering a gift that’s not on their registry but want to make sure they don’t already have it or would even like it. Take cues from the shower invite, and follow instructions closely. “Wrap in clear” means wrap the gift in clear cellophane, so the receiver doesn’t have to open it on the spot at the shower. Sometimes they request books instead of cards, and above all, don’t forget to RSVP!

If you can’t attend a shower, sending a gift or at the very least, a congratulatory card to the expecting parents is polite. It all depends on how well you know them. Again, the closer you are, the more you should generally spend. That said, times are tough, money’s tight, and it’s ok if you can only send your well-wishes. A thoughtful note or card often goes a long way.

Speaking of cards, if you’re looking for the right words to put in a baby shower card, check out this article: 5 Nice Things to Write in a Baby Shower Card!

And if you’ve been tasked with planning the shower or are expecting and unsure when to anticipate a shower, read this: When Should You Plan Your Baby Shower?

Finally, if you’re still feeling lost, confused, and without a cause as you shop for a baby shower gift, stop stressing and let us help you by connecting with a Baby & Toddler Expert today!

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