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Snowboard Designs: The 13 Coolest Snowboard Graphics for 2022-2023

Published on 05/06/2023 · 7 min readSnowboard Expert Alex Dolan lists 13 of the coolest snowboard graphics for this season which will be sure to turn heads in the lift line!
Alex Dolan, Snowboarding Expert
By Snowboarding Expert Alex Dolan

Photo by Fabian Schneider

While some snowboarders out there may claim that a Hot Rod red top sheet increases speed, or that a funky graphic adds extra steeze to tricks, most snowboarders will agree that the artwork on a snowboard is not the most important feature. But when we invest a certain amount of money, time, and hard work into snowboarding, there is something to be appreciated about an aesthetic that appropriately matches the vessel that enables us to shred, slash, swoosh, and woohoo down that slippery slidey stuff we call snow.

Of course, what looks “cool” is completely subjective to each person’s individual tastes. With that in mind, creating a list of the "best snowboard graphics" is just as divisive as making a list about the best pizza toppings—obviously pineapple would be #1, but there would be no way to prove it. I thought that this article would be a fun way to spark a conversation about what we like, or don't like, when it comes to snowboard graphics. Sure, you could get some kind of custom graphics slapped on a generic board, but wouldn't you prefer to take home a piece of art with stirring designs and graphic elements that are inspired by the freestyle state of mind that the art of snowboarding itself evokes?

1. T.Rice Pro: The Most Extraterrestrial

The 2023 Lib Tech T.Rice Pro, which features art by snowboarder and artist Schoph, is best described by Travis Rice himself:

“My first time working with Schoph on a graphic for a board, and man, he is one of my favorite artists to collaborate with! This year’s theme is a continuation of the Golden Orca graphic from last year that I did with Parillo! “IT WON’T BE LONG NOW” is a theme I am running until we finally admit, on a mainstream level, that we are a civilization that has Galactic family, so to speak, that are here, ready to help us evolve as a civilization. The 3 finger theme we have been running is purely a metaphor for ’not human’! Whether you believe in this or not, this board is still my favorite park and resort freestyler The graphic is meant to be interpreted. What does it say to you!?” - Travis Rice

Alex Dolan
Snowboarding Expert

Previous models of the T. Rice have been designed by Alex Grey who I am personally a huge fan of. He also has designed artwork for the band Tool which evoke themes of sacred geometry, human anatomy, and a sense of the inner self. This year’s artwork, instead, reaches outward from the self for inspiration.

2. Rossignol Retox Men’s Snowboard: The Yummiest

Discussing this article with my teammates was a ton of fun. One that came up right away was the Rossi Retox featuring a close-up of some shucked corn on the cob as its graphic. The theme reflects that the board is made from “sustainably harvested wood.”

"I like the corn one. Who made that corn board? I heard that you are supposed to wax it with butter," Parker Moessner (occasional snowboarder and total ripper on the twin planks) mused about this year's Rossi Retox. "With a little butter and pepper, you sure won't be salty," he trailed on.

3. GNU Headspace: The Dead-Headiest

Shout out to Forest Bailey, who designed the artwork on the GNU Headspace. Personally, I'm not too familiar with the band, however, Forest’s love for The Grateful Dead is apparently a huge inspiration for this particular piece. For the 2023 Headspace, Bailey puts his own spin on the classic dancing bears. As a snowboarding pro, Forest earned a name for himself as one of the best jibbers on the planet, but those who know his work as a filmmaker and artist know that he’s way more than that.

4. CAPiTA Black Snowboard Of Death Snowboard 2023: The Most Rock n’ Roll

The 2020 Black Snowboard of Death ups its game in both practical and aesthetic design. The inlaid alloy skid plates in the tip and tail not only look very sleek and cool but also reinforce the most vulnerable points of the snowboard. Combined with the new black woodgrain and the Iconic Capita skull logo, this board just screams “BAD ASS!” If red makes your board faster, then this top sheet graphic definitely makes the black snowboard of death most hardcore.

5. CAPiTA Indoor Survival Snowboard: The Most Animated

The Indoor Survival continues the anime-inspired theme with its artwork. Anime can be broadly categorized as Japanese animation, so it makes sense that Ephraim Chui has drawn on his Japanese cultural roots when designing boards. Seeing the Indoor Survival reminds me of how binge-watching Cowboy Bebop, Gundam, or Dragon Ball Z is a great way to pass the time between winter shred sessions since snowboarding is really another way for us to play and feel like a kid again.

6. Burton Free Thinker: The Trippiest

This year’s Free Thinker highlights Burton’s early 90s heyday roots. The design is somehow psychedelic, clean looking, and retro all at the same time. As Danny Davis’s go-to ride, the board reflects his positivity and all-in attitude toward life, snowboarding, the environment, and the community of snowboarding.

7. Bataleon Storm: The Most Likely To Be Seen At A Disco Party

Bataleon has been designing some of the hippest, hottest, and hard-partying boards on the market for years. The storm is no exception. You may feel like you are looking into a kaleidoscope and come down with a severe case of boogie fever if you ride this board all day.

8. Burton Process: The Most Adorable

The Burton Process has a simple, iconic look similar to last year's model, but definitely still distinct. Both boards feature mostly white graphics with one small yet detailed characteristic that draws the eye and demands attention.

“I mean c’mon, it's a Panda, chillin’. Who wouldn't want this!” Kevin Murrihy noted about this year’s Process.

Alex Dolan
Snowboarding Expert

9. Arbor Annex Camber: The Most Street

Many of the freestyle elements of snowboarding are inspired by skateboarding, street skating in particular. Often there is a street aesthetic to snowboard artwork that pays homage to its graffiti roots. In my opinion, the Arbor Annex is one such board.

10. Yes. Warca UnInc JPS: The Best Theme

The graphic on the Yes. Warca is a master class in concept art. “When pigs fly” is the term used to describe how new, simple, and revolutionary combining a midbite, tapper, twin performance, and volume shifting. After working as an apparel designer for the past decade, the fun and excitement of creating snowboard graphics has taken Guillaume Rousseaux’s passion for his work to a whole new level. You can tell how much fun Rousseaux had with the design process on this one.

11. Rome Agent 20th Anniversary LE Snowboard 2023: 20 Years Throwback

This season’s Rome agent highlights the 20th anniversary of Rome SDS and features a release of one of their most iconic graphics ever. The art on this board combines elements of graffiti, postmodern art, and spy genre tropes. It is a nice look back at how far Rome has come and how well-designed their original boards really were. They were ahead of their time 20 years ago, and the evidence collected in the Agent is proof of the case.

12. Burton Good Company Camber Snowboard: The Good Boy

The Burton Company takes a classic and iconic trope (when pigs fly) and makes it their own. This freestyle deck will not only have you steezing like a powder hound in the park, but it will also have everyone on the mountain giving you pats on the head and telling you that you are a good boy.

13. Burton StoryBoard Snowboard: The Most Whimsical

This all-mountain slayer has some eye-popping aesthetics that just might take you to another land as you hum your way up the chair lift. Alpine flowers, glacial mountains, bears, flamingos, AND rainbows—this board has it all and more.

Choosing a snowboard graphic that suits you best is a lot like getting dressed in the morning; you want to give people a sense of who you are based on how you look and how you present yourself. Looking good can definitely make you feel good. And, since “all the world is a stage,” show those strangers on the chair lift what kind of rider you really are as you bust a backflip over the knuckle and flash the bright colors of your board's graphic to everyone in sight. Or pose with your board sticking out of the snow if you are in it for the Instagram followers.

Now that you have read all about my top picks, what is YOUR favorite graphic of 2023, or of all time for that matter? Hit up a Snowboard Expert such as myself here on Curated and we'd be happy to chat about it and get you set up with the image that fits you best!


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