8 Podcasts Every Angler Should Listen To

Published on 09/28/2022 · 7 min readWhether you've got a long drive to the river, are stuck at the office, or simply want to learn more about fly fishing - here are 8 must-listen podcasts!
Andrew Grandemange, Fly Fishing Expert
By Fly Fishing Expert Andrew Grandemange

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Next to fly fishing YouTube videos, podcasts are a fantastic source of fly fishing entertainment and education. The bulk of my podcast listening happens while driving, working on house projects, or sitting at the vise tying flies. The podcasts I listen to either focus on educating the listener, interviewing experts on varying topics related to fly fishing, or both. Below, in no particular order, are eight podcasts that every angler should listen to.

1. The Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast with Tom Rosenbauer

The Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast is probably the most known podcast on this list. It’s hosted by Tom Rosenbauer, who’s been with Orvis for over 30 years and has 10 published fly fishing books. Talk about a wealth of knowledge! Each episode consists of two segments. The first is the “fly box” where Tom answers listener questions like what gear to use when fishing for smallmouth bass, how to fish a hopper pattern, or how to avoid summer's crowded trout rivers. The next section usually features a guest from the fly fishing community. Tom and his guest spend the time discussing specific topics in-depth. For example, on a recent episode he chatted with Cam Mortenson from The Fiberglass Manifesto about fiberglass rods. The Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast is top-notch when it comes to educational content. The opportunity to learn from a longtime expert in the fly fishing field in this manner is one that can’t be passed on. If I could only listen to one podcast, this would be it. Between episodes being released weekly and the extensive catalog of past episodes, there are enough episodes to listen to and re-listen to for years.

2. The Newb & The Knower

This is a very new podcast, with the first episode of its first season just released in May 2022. As the title of the podcast suggests, the hosts are self-proclaimed “newb,” Pablo Signori, and “knower,” Lance Eagan, who’s competed in the World Fly Fishing Championships for Team USA. Eagan is a signature fly tyer for Umpqua, the star of three fly fishing videos, and has worked in the industry for years, currently at the Fly Fish Food shop in Orem, Utah. The format of this podcast is simple; teaching the listener about a specific topic. Season One focused on teaching the basics of fly fishing. By the conclusion of Season One, which aired on September 4, Pablo and Lance covered what fly fishing is, what fly rod and other gear to use, how to cast, what water to fish, and the different styles of fly fishing. The Newb & The Knower podcast is an excellent listen for anyone just getting into fly fishing, or those who want to brush up on the basics. I found the podcast informative and entertaining. I look forward to seeing what topics are covered in Season Two.

3. Fly Fish Food

The Fly Fish Food podcast is essentially shop talk between Curtis Fry and Clark “Cheech” Pierce, co-owners of Fly Fish Food in Orem, Utah, and their shop manager, Lance Eagan (yes, the same Lance Eagan from the podcast above). This podcast is a video podcast found on YouTube, but the audio version is also available on any podcast platform. These three experts spend time talking about fly tying and fly fishing while cracking jokes. At times, it feels like you are sitting in the shop with them, shooting the breeze. This podcast is educational and really entertaining. The frequency of new episodes is sporadic, but when one does come out, it is always worth listening to. I really like listening to this podcast because they often talk about fishing my home waters here in Utah.

4. Troutbitten

The Troutbitten podcast is hosted by Domenick Swentosky, owner of Troutbitten and author of Troutbitten.com. I’ve spent years reading Dom’s articles about Euro nymphing using a mono-rig and many other topics found on his website. Just like those articles, I’ve found the podcast, which started in 2021, to be full of helpful information. I often listen to an episode and then visit his website to learn more about the topic. During each episode, Dom and his buddies from central Pennsylvania talk about trout fishing and the importance of conservation to protect wild trout. Episodes focus on ways to fish, fishing etiquette, other topics often centered around articles found on Dom’s website, and great fishing stories. Each episode is well put together and easy to digest.

5. Anchored with April Vokey

Anchored is a podcast hosted by April Vokey, who lives in British Columbia, Canada. Each episode is dedicated to one-on-one interviews with leading experts in the outdoor community from around the world, not just people in the fly fishing industry. There are over 200 episodes in the catalog so far and new episodes are released every two weeks. April does a fantastic job asking questions that focus on the interviewee’s area of expertise. For example, she interviewed Daniel Galhardo, the man responsible for popularizing Tenkara fishing in the USA. At times, her admiration for the person she interviews shows through, which makes the podcast even better. Her interview skills are great and the discussions that come out of the questions asked are open and honest. The podcast’s unique and fascinating topics keep listeners engaged and eager to hear the next interview. I've learned about all kinds of cool fish that are not found in my backyard.

6. Trailer Trash Fly Fishing

The Trailer Trash Fly Fishing podcast is different from the rest of the podcasts on this list. They claim to be the most genuine podcast in the world, produced in a doublewide trailer on the shores of mosquito lagoon…That introduction alone got me to listen! It’s pretty much a group of friends talking about their recent fishing expeditions, sharing epic stories as well as their opinions on fly fishing trends and gear. It’s the most laid-back, entertaining podcast on this list, which makes it one that I keep coming back to. As the crew chats about random fly fishing topics, each episode reminds me of conversations at fly shops, during long drives, and nights around a campfire with my friends during fishing trips.

7. Remote No Pressure

Remote No Pressure is a fly fishing podcast hosted by Jeff Troutman that doesn’t focus on how to fly fish, how to find feeding fish, or why carp are becoming a popular fish to catch, like many of the other podcasts do. Instead, Jeff and his guests focus on the places fished, the fish caught or not caught, and the why behind it all. Like why do fly fishers spend all this time and money to fish, yet still feel relaxed and happy after a day of catching no fish? Similar to the Trailer Trash Fly Fishing podcast, Remote No Pressure is less about education and more about the experiences we have while enjoying this hobby. It’s an enjoyable podcast that doesn’t require a lot of attention, so I find myself queuing up episodes to play in the background while I work.

8. Fly Fishing Insider Podcast

The Fly Fishing Insider Podcast is hosted by Christian Bacasa and features guests from the fly fishing industry. Each episode gives listeners the opportunity to hear those fly fishing experts share their stories, their knowledge, and sometimes their failures. This podcast is great because each episode focuses on a specific topic, so it's possible to pick episodes based on the topic you want to hear about instead of in chronological order. Some topics include building a DIY tool caddy on a budget, fishing for gar, or fishing with kids.

So there you have it! Eight fly fishing podcasts that will provide hours upon hours of fly fishing education, interviews, stories, and humor. There are many more fly fishing podcasts to listen to, but like the trout in Colorado rivers, I am picky and these are the ones that I keep returning to the most often. Give them a listen and I hope you enjoy them as well. If you are anything like me, you’ll want to try the techniques or gear mentioned during specific episodes. If that’s the case connect with me or another Fly Fishing Expert here on Curated. We can get you what you need.

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