Expert Review: Burton Supreme Snowboard Boots · 2021

This review is my honest opinion of the snowboard boots, which I purchased with my own money in November of 2020.

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About this Review: This review is my honest opinion of the snowboard boots, which I purchased with my own money in November of 2020.

My take

The Burton Supreme Snowboard Boots are one of the best women’s boots on the market for hard-charging ladies who are looking for a stiff, responsive boot without sacrificing comfort.

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About the boots I own

  • Model: 2021 Burton Supreme
  • Size: Women’s 8
  • Lacing type: Burton’s Speed Zone

About me

  • Height: 5’5”
  • Weight: 170lbs
  • Street shoe size: 8
  • Foot shape: Regular
  • Experience: 19 years of snowboarding

Test conditions

  • When I bought these: November 2020
  • Days tested: 100+
  • Board: GNU BPro
  • Bindings: Now Codas
  • Where I’ve used it: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Grand Targhee Resort, backcountry in the Tetons and Sawtooths
  • Terrain: Groomers, big mountain, powder, ice, and park

How it performs

Ease of Use
Heel Hold
Shock Absorption

What I was looking for

I was on the search for a high-end women’s boot that was stiff, responsive and comfortable enough to wear every day. I had been struggling to find a pair of women’s boots that fit that criteria—even after trying top-of-the-line women’s boots from multiple big-name companies. Most boots I tried were either too uncomfortable to wear for even a full day, too soft, or got blown out after less than a month of riding. I am an instructor, which means I spend about eight hours in my boots most days of the season. I also teach at Jackson Hole, which has some steep, hard-charging terrain. I needed a boot that would be able to handle my style of riding, but also have all-day comfort so I could still walk at the end of the day and put them back on for another full day right after.

Why I chose this gear

Another ripping lady recommended them to me after telling her about all the boots I have tried in the last few seasons and how I was not stoked on any of them. She had been riding these boots for years and had only good things to say about their performance, durability, and comfort. They are Burton’s top-of-the-line women’s boots delivering the highest performance and stiffness. So when I saw a hard-charging woman return to the same boots year after year, I knew I had to try them.

I had not had a pair of boots I would be stoked to recommend to an aggressive lady rider since the 2013 32 TM2s, and even though I may have found a pair in a New Zealand thrift store a few years back, it’s still been about eight years of riding in boots I did not want to repurchase that finally led me to giving the Supremes a go. I had been a traditional laces gal, which held me back from trying them out for a while.

A splitboarder walking up a hill.

What I love about it

  • Size: This boot runs true to size.
  • Comfort: These boots feel like riding in soft boots as far as comfort goes. I can wear them all day without issues. There’s plenty of room to get the right fit around bigger calves as well. Although I did have to put an aftermarket footbed in them like I do every boot I ride in, and I recommend that to most so they have the right amount of arch support for their foot.
  • Warmth: I am out in all different weather and never had an issue keeping the toes warm in these boots. I’ve also taken these boots out touring and hiking and have not had an issue overheating. These are solid boots to keep one warm enough on the hill but not overheat, earning their turns.
  • Heel hold: Great heel hold with the upper and lower speed lace zones that help keep my heel locked in and the whole fit comfortable. The Tuff Cuff holds the heel into place and gives me extra ankle support.
  • Shock absorption: The Podbed dual density outsole allows for dampening and some cushion for hard landings. Personally, I think they handle any chatter very well—absorbing some of that vibration.
  • Responsiveness: Stiff in all the right places makes this boot super responsive and ready for aggressive riding. These give me enough support to trust laying down deep carves, boosting large jumps, and making any turn on a dime.
  • Grip: I never had any issues with grip in any condition. The outsoles were durable enough to not wear down after lots of rough usage hiking and touring.
  • Ease of use: Super easy tightening system, easy to get on and off, no issues here. They have the Burton Speed Zone lacing system, which is super easy to tighten/loosen and get the right fit for one’s day on the hill.
  • Durability: These boots held up better than any other top-of-the-line women’s boot I have ridden in a while. After a full season of riding, there is minimal wear, a little bit of foam coming off the back of the boot from rubbing against my binding but nothing other than cosmetic. They are, of course, broken in and a bit softer than out of the box after a full season, but I can still ride them without any complaints after 100+ days of not taking it easy.
  • Weight: Pretty light for how well they perform and how durable they are, which makes them a great boot for backcountry missions as well as helps keep me nice and comfortable dangling my feet off a chair lift most days.

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Responsiveness: Very responsive, I wouldn't recommend this boot for beginners, intermediates, or even an advanced lady that is not aggressive in their riding.
  • Hot spots: I did have to replace the footbed after about a month of riding for better arch support to take pressure off the ball of my foot.
  • Versatility: I took these boots all over in every condition, but I, personally, love a stiff boot. These boots definitely shine at speeds, riding steeps, stomping big airs, and laying down carves. Though it’s not the best boot for jibbing and being playful.
Back view of the Burton Supreme Snowboard Boots.

Favorite moment with this gear

Have you ever heard of the Teton Surf Classic? It’s one of the most fun snowboard events around. Basically, Grand Targhee’s Park Crew creates a snow skate-park course with bowls, quarter pipes, spines, and some super fun creative features. The competition is based not on throwing techy tricks but rather style, speed, creativity, amplitude, and CARVES! With the Burton Supremes on my feet, I was able to lay down some fully extended, two-handed carves, some beautiful circle carves, and some toe to toes— some of my favorite things to do on a board. The boots held up like no other, giving me the stability and confidence I needed to ride hard and show off. It was an epic day celebrating our snowboarding community in the Tetons, having a ton of fun laying trenches, and walking away with the Silver shaka and bragging rights.

Value for the money vs. other options

These are expensive boots. Some other high-end women’s boots may be slightly similar in stiffness for a better price, but everyone I have seen or tried has a type of BOA tightening system or a zipper to keep snow out. For me, those are deal breakers. They create unbearable hot spots or pressure points on my foot where the Supremes are both comfortable and perform well. I honestly feel there are no other options for the hard-charging lady who spends a lot of time in her boots. Almost everything has BOA or is not a stiff/responsive boot for women, so I accept the high price tag for the trade-off of great, comfortable days ripping the mountain.

Final verdict

If you are a hard-charging lady and have struggled to find boots you like, give these a try, and they will not disappoint. The high price tag is worth the quality and fun to be had taking these all over the mountain.

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Burton Supreme Snowboard Boots · 2021
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