10 Golf Gifts for Moms

Published on 06/16/2023 · 7 min readLooking for cool gift ideas for the golf enthusiast mother in your life? Curated expert Tyler Monroe runs through ten top gifts for her golf game.
Tyler Monroe, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Tyler Monroe

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Smart children buy cool gifts for their moms! In fact, the USGA may already be contemplating a new rule that says if your mom plays golf, you must get her a great golf gift three times a year.

If you are not too savvy on the elements of her golf game to determine the best gift, get out for a quick 18 with her. If that is not possible, with a little bit of information about her game, there are a plethora of options we can find that will advance what she is getting done out on the golf course. These 10 fundamental golf gift ideas cover what I typically encounter when talking with ladies about their golf equipment needs here at Curated.

1. Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Women's Wedge Bundle

A critical element to any women’s golf game is having the ability to get onto the green and close to the hole from any greenside location. Having a few wedges with different lofts that fit in with the rest of her golf set is key to her playing with confidence and ultimately scoring better—and feeling better about her game. Wedge lofts should be spaced four degrees apart to cover more distance without overlapping and this 52, 56, and 60-degree wedge bundle covers the shots she will need to perform around any green. Wedge grooves get dull after use and make it impossible to get backspin on the golf ball which gets it to stop on the greens. End a point of frustration for her with new grooves in new wedges.

2. Bag Boy Nitro Auto-Open Push Cart

After 18 years of working at multiple golf facilities, one true generalization about golfers I have noticed is that ladies walk the golf course when they play. Smarter than men, women take advantage of the concept that a great game can also keep you in healthy shape and choose to walk the golf course instead of jumping in a golf cart. Better than carrying a golf bag and putting pressure on the back, push carts have become the mainstay for walking the course and come with important features to fit into any mom’s lifestyle. So get her a pushcart that breaks down easily to fit into her car, has a convenient beverage, and scorecard holder—all key components she will enjoy using.

3. Titleist TS1 Driver

Titleist is synonymous with performance as they make powerful clubs and drivers for a vast array of golfers. Using all the exceptional technologies of the T Series drivers in a lighter driver head gives Mom’s game an incredible boost. For many moms seeking to put their driving game in another gear, this is the club to accelerate that goal. When your mom is driving the ball past the rest of the ladies’ club with this gift, you may end up being the favorite kid after all.

4. Sun Mountain Women’s Diva Cart Bag

To fit well on her pushcart, or on a golf cart if playing with pops, and from a reputable brand for making quality golf bags, this Sun Mountain Women’s Diva Cart Bag is a wonderful present for any mom. Cart bags fit well on any pushcart, and this bag comes with every necessary pocket one could need. Fully divided club separators protect each of her golf clubs, a rangefinder pocket and a water-resistant, velour-lined pocket keep her valuables safe, and a ventilated beverage pocket keeps her hydrated during the round. Add this top-notch, premium golf bag to the list and she will be golfing in style.

5. Tour Edge Starter Set

Perhaps your mom is interested in picking up the game and needs a reliable set to get out there and start having a good time. If so, this Tour Edge set will have her ready to go as soon as she gets the clubs on the golf course. Having the right clubs to play the shots she will encounter means having a higher-lofted driver to get carry distance from the tee box, hybrid and iron options to hit into the greens from the fairway, a few different lofted wedges to get height on shots near the green, and a well-designed putter to allow her to get success from putts close to the pin. This Tour Edge set puts all that together with flexible and lighter graphite shafts to allow her to get longer distances without having to swing as fast.

6. TaylorMade Sim Max Women’s Hybrid

Getting higher ball flights from the longer clubs is tough for most players, especially when hit off the ground or fairway. With the same lofts as irons, hybrids offer players an easier way of getting these shots in the air and landing the ball soft near the pin. Advancing your mom's long game with a new hybrid will improve her ability to launch the golf ball, overcoming obstacles to the green, and putting her in a position to score.

7. Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven Women's Putter

Putting is one of the great equalizers of the game of golf. Having a quality, a well-weighted putter that makes this part of the game easier is always a valued gift. One of the statistically-proven bulwarks against success for most players is getting the right alignment between the ball, the target, and the face of the putter. Mallet putters with larger alignment aides that are also built to be more forgiving and easier to control the golf ball are a great help. This Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven combines all those qualities in a highly performing and reputable putter.

8. Voice Caddie VC300SE Voice Golf GPS

Every golfer needs to know how far away they are from their intended target to pick the right club to use and how much power to give the golf shot. Guessing these distances can lead to short shots, hitting the ball into the water, and essentially making the game more difficult. Poor habits from using the wrong club also lead to bad swings, terrible course management, and more frustration in an already tough game. Using a Voice Caddie GPS that attaches to her hat or visor allows her quick and easy access to pronounced distances to any green or pin. Especially important for moms who prefer to walk as Golf Cart GPS devices are not available and searching for distance markers on the course slows up play and can take the time she needs to focus on the golf shot at hand.

9. Cobra Women's F-Max Airspeed Complete Set

If you are looking for a powerful golf set to replace her old clubs or get her playing the game for the first time with advanced equipment, this Cobra F-Max Airspeed set is the set for her. Built for speed, the lighter clubheads and shafts push moderate swing speeds even faster to create greater distance and more control over the direction of the golf shot. Comprised of the proper set makeup for many women’s golf games, the benefits to her game playing this set will be blasted at dinner and all over her social media accounts for her family and friends to hear.

10. Callaway Mavrik Max Women’s Driver/Fairway Bundle

Hitting long shots off the tee is as exhilarating as golf gets. Despite the wow factor of hitting a shot close to the pin from distance or draining a putt from the corner of the green, bombing balls far is still one of the most fun parts of this game. Whether using a driver, or a fairway wood to get pinpoint accuracy off the tee, having top performing clubs is important for these shots. Higher lofted drivers typically improve overall distance and this Callaway Mavrik Max driver and fairway wood offer great stability for most handicap players. Gifting the gift of a top-tier driving game is another optimal gift for a golfing mom.

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