The Top 10 Snowboards for Jumps

Wondering what board to grab for jumps? Snowboard Expert John Arnold lists his top 10 snowboards you should consider to get you in the air.

Snowboarder doing a jump on a Burton board.

Photo by Ilya Shishikhin

If you are looking for a new snowboard that will help you tackle the jump line in the park—big or small—this article will help guide you through the sea of great options out there. There are many park boards available, and all have their positives, but here is a list of the 10 very best that will excel specifically on park jumps.

1. Rome Stale Mod

Product image of Rome Stale Mod

The Rome Stale Mod board is the pro model used by the freestyle legend Stale Sandbech. It is built for going big and shredding the park. The classic camber shape leads to the board being very predictable, stable, and perfect for tackling the jump line, whether big or small. The Stale Mod also has loads of technology that makes it great for taking on jumps. It includes V-shaped carbon inserts at the tip and tail which give the board an impressive amount of pop and energy off the lip of jumps. It comes equipped with the fastest base in the Rome line, helping the rider keep speed when needed. It also comes with flax impact plates which is a unique Rome technology. These plates are located underfoot and, while they help absorb the heavy impact from big jumps, they also increase durability. The Stale Mod is the perfect board for taking on the biggest and baddest jumps in the park.

2. Salomon Huck Knife Pro

Product image of Salomon Huck Knife Pro Snowboard · 2023

This board was designed for elite freestyle riders who are competing at the highest level of the sport. It is a stiff, super responsive board that provides the rider with a bunch of stability. This stability can give the rider great confidence when rolling up to the jumps. Carbon beams in the tip and tail provide incredible pop, and the special Salomon sidecut keeps the board stable yet quick from edge to edge. This makes it perfect for the pre-lip adjustments. The Salomon Huck Knife Pro is also ultra-lightweight, making it the perfect jump-slayer.

3. Never Summer Proto Slinger

Product image of Never Summer Proto Slinger Snowboard · 2023

You wouldn’t expect to see an asymmetrical twin board on the list but in the Proto Slinger, Never Summer have managed to make a beast on the jumps. It comes with the traditional camber shape but provides the rider with a unique heel edge sidecut that is deeper than the toe edge. It also comes with carbon V-shaped inserts in the core on the tip and tail for loads of pop. It provides flex while still remaining stiff and stable at high speeds. This park-focused board is a favorite for riders who are looking to up their jump game.

4. Bataleon Evil Twin +

Product image of Bataleon Evil Twin + Snowboard · 2023

The Evil Twin + comes equipped with the trademark Bataleon camber and is a very well rounded park board that excels on jumps. This board is loaded with carbon running throughout to increase pop. It also comes equipped with Triple Base Technology (3BT). This means the base of the board has a three-dimensional profile that reduces edge catch without losing pop or edge-to-edge quickness. This makes the Evil Twin + great for high-speed approach and takeoff.

The board also comes with tech to absorb some of the big impacts that come from jumps. It has foam running down its core that dampens the ride and increases impact absorption. It also includes a special additive in the core that makes riding at high speeds much smoother. The same additive also reduces the amount of vibration coming from the board. All of this makes the Evil Twin + a top choice for jumps.

5. Jones Tweaker

Product image of Jones Tweaker Snowboard · 2023

The Tweaker is Jones' take on the traditional freestyle twin. It is designed to be soft and playful between the bindings but powerful, stable, and poppy at the tip and tail. This lets the board keep its torsional flex without sacrificing stability. Jones’ traction tech edges increase edge grip and a contoured tip and tail make it harder to catch an edge in the park. Not only is this board a killer in the park and on the jumps, it can also handle itself outside the park. It is a true all-mountain board which is rare for park-specific boards. This makes the Tweaker a top choice for riders who are looking to get into jumps and park riding but don’t have the budget for a quiver of decks.📷

6. Nitro Beast

Product image of Nitro Beast Snowboard · 2023

Designed and ridden by freestyle legends Torgeir Bergrem and Marcus Kleveland, the Nitro Beast is a top of the line freestyle deck. It is not the most forgiving or playful board, but instead is focused on an all out freestyle performance. Because of this, it is stiff, responsive, poppy, and powerful, with a focus on precision and durability. It comes with a sintered base to keep you cruising at high speeds, as well as kevlar plates around the binding mounting points to protect the rider and board from hard landings in the park. This board is also outfitted with carbon stringers that run from the tip to tail which, combined with its true camber shape, give it plenty of pop. The Nitro Beast is perfect for taking on the park and its biggest features.

7. GNU Ladies Choice

Product image of GNU Ladies Choice Snowboard · Women's · 2023

The Ladies Choice has been a staple in the GNU line for many years. It is the freestyle board of choice for Olympic gold medalist Jamie Anderson, and it is perfect for the rider who is searching for a board that will help them step up in the park and hit all the biggest features. The Ladies Choice is unique because it has both camber and rocker, whereas most freestyle boards stick with a traditional rocker shape. This board, however, still provides tons of pop with a great blend of stability and flex. GNU equipped the Ladies Choice with Magne-Traction edge technology, which increases edge hold, and a light core that is strong and poppy. Not only is this board great on jumps, it also is a versatile all-mountain shredder. On top of all that, GNU boards come with the added benefit of being some of the most eco-friendly boards in the world as the company is committed to making their boards with eco-based materials and power sources.

8. CAPiTA Birds of a Feather - Women’s

Product image of CAPiTA Birds of a Feather Snowboard · Women's · 2023

The Birds of a Feather is one of the most iconic freestyle decks in the game. This mid-flex positive camber board can go all over the mountain but it finds itself most at home in the park. With a flex pattern and geometric design that is made specifically for the ladies, the Birds of a Feather is the top choice for women who are looking to tackle the jump line. It comes with a Superlight CAPiTA core, carbon booster inserts to increase pop and responsiveness, and a super durable, super fast, sintered base. All these features make the Birds of a Feather the board of choice for almost all of the women on the CAPiTA team of riders.

9. Burton Blossom Camber

Product image of Burton Blossom Snowboard · 2023

This true-twin park board was designed by the Burton team riders to be an absolute destroyer in the park. This board is super strong, stable, and aggressive. You are going to need to know how to control this board because it can be quite a handful. At the same time, it is also a board that is happy to take you to the moon off some of the biggest and baddest jumps in the world. Carbon inserts, a super lightweight core, and durable construction make this a great choice for the rider who is looking for something that will excel in the park and comes packed with all the top technology in the sport.

10. CAPiTA Super DOA

Product image of CAPiTA Super D.O.A. Snowboard · 2023

Last, but certainly not least, we have the CAPiTA Super D.O.A. If you have spent time researching snowboards you have likely come across the D.O.A. That is because this is the most awarded line of snowboards in the history of the sport. The Super D.O.A. provides the rider with an even more advanced version of its award-winning predecessor. The Super is loaded with the highest level of materials and tech, making it one of the most advanced snowboards ever designed. Its true-twin shape, camber profile, and mid-stiff flex make it great for park and jump riding. It has carbon added to the core which makes it super poppy, while thermopolymer channels in the core make the board even lighter and more responsive. It also comes with a top of the line factory tune which makes this board perfect for switch riding. The Super D.O.A. is an exceptional board that will tackle the jump line and anything else you throw at it.

All of these boards are great choices if you are looking to get into park riding and are specifically interested in hitting the jumps. They will excel on jumps of all sizes and give riders a great platform to build and progress their park riding.

If you have questions about any of these products, or are looking for a board that will fit your specific needs, reach out to one of our Snowboarding Experts who will help you find the perfect gear!

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