The Coolest Pro Model Snowboards

Pro model boards are some of the coolest boards around, and Snowboard Expert John Arnold lists his top 8 favorite pro model snowboards of 2023.

Photo by Karl Kohler

Photo by Karl Kohler

Pro models have been a part of snowboarding for a long time. It is a special feeling for a pro to get their own board, and it is also amazing to be able to buy a board designed by your favorite pro rider. Pro models offer some top-of-the-line tech and performance as well as amazing custom graphics and designs. Let's take a look at the coolest new pro models from the 2023 line!

1. Kazu Kokubo Pro - Kazu Kokubo

Product image of CAPiTA Kazu Kokubo Pro Snowboard · 2023

Kazu Kokubo burst onto the professional snowboarding scene when he was just 14. He used to feature on the competitive scene, where he had great success, but recently, Kazu has transitioned into a backcountry rider who encompasses the greatest style in snowboarding. Kazu designed this board to take on big-mountain lines and float through the powder like crazy. It has a super cool directional shape and is designed to be quick and maneuverable. With this board, you get a ride that is both smooth and snappy, just like Kazu likes it. Not only is this an amazing piece of technology, but the Kazu pro model is also one of the most beautiful boards you will ever see. In my eyes, it is one of the best pro model boards of the 2023 lineup!

2. Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro - Bryan Iguchi

Product image of Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Camber Snowboard · 2023

Bryan Iguchi is not just a snowboarder. He is an artist, and his snowboard is his paintbrush. He is a master of the turn; Bryan brings style and grace to even the most basic elements of riding. Bryan and the team at Arbor designed the board to be a Swiss Army knife of a board. It combines positive camber with a directional shape, which means this board can go anywhere and do anything. The Bryan Iguchi Pro is entering its sixth season of production and has been a favorite of consumers for many years. This is a classic board for a classic rider and an excellent pro model snowboard.

3. Lib Tech T.Rice Pro - Travis Rice

Product image of Lib Tech T.Rice Pro Snowboard · 2023

Mr. Travis Rice is a living legend of the snowboarding world. He is known for his many groundbreaking films and his amazing backcountry riding. Rice is known for taking on some of the craziest lines in the world and for throwing iconic, stylish tricks over some absolutely mind-boggling backcountry features. He has always been a pioneer, pushing the sport further and further. So it only makes sense that his pro model board has been a staple for many years.

The T. Rice Pro is designed to be an all-mountain, resort-slaying board that can handle the day-to-day riding from Travis. This board is comfortable in the park and freeriding some big lines. It is a true do-everything board. It comes with all of the remarkable technology from Lib Tech, and the 2023 model features some absolutely amazing artwork. This is definitely a pro-model worth checking out. For fans of Travis, you might also want to check out the T.Rice Orca, an upgraded version of his traditional pro model designed more specifically for backcountry and big mountain riding!

4. Rome Stale Mod - Stale Sandbech

Product image of Rome Stale Mod Snowboard · 2021

Stale Sandbech has become one of the icons of the freestyle snowboarding world. Known for both his contest riding and video parts, the Norwegian has been a fan favorite for many years. If you catch Stale in the park, you will undoubtedly see him rocking the Rome Stale Mod. This board is purposely built to handle the massive features and high-speed Stale loves.

5. Burton Deep Thinker - Danny Davis

Product image of Burton Deep Thinker Snowboard · 2022

Danny Davis has a unique and unforgettable personality. After dominating the contest scene and ripping 22-foot mega pipes, Danny has transitioned into a true all-mountain rider who is on a crusade to bring style and personality back to snowboarding. Forget throwing the biggest tricks. Danny is all about riding every part of the mountain with style, grace, and soul. So it makes sense that his pro model board is a directional camber deck that can go anywhere and does everything.

From the pipe to the backcountry, the Deep Thinker is a great board to have underneath you. It is super responsive, floats through the snow, and comes jam-packed with all the best Burton technology. The throwback artwork reaffirms Danny's commitment to bringing snowboarding back to a simpler time where style reigned supreme. This is a truly unique pro-model board for the rider who wants to continue their pursuit of style!

6. Never Summer Proto Ultra - Chris Corning

Product image of Never Summer Triple Camber Proto Ultra Snowboard · 2023

He needs a powerful, strong park ripper to throw the crazy tricks that Chris Corning does. That is exactly what the Proto Ultra is! Chris Corning represented Team USA on two occasions, competing in the 2018 and 2022 Olympics in snowboarding slopestyle and big air. The Proto Ultra reflects his top level of riding and comes equipped with bulletproof construction, great technology, and a unique park shape.

The Proto Ultra is a triple camber board with camber zones at the tip and tail and between the inserts. It also includes carbon inlays in the core at the tip and tail, giving it the pop that makes it a top-end park board. If you are looking for a super interesting dynamic park board that is trusted by one of the best riders in the game, the Proto Ultra is an awesome choice.

7. Capita Equalizer - Jess Kimura

Product image of CAPiTA Equalizer x Jess Kimura Snowboard · Women's · 2023

Jess Kimura can ride it all. From the streets to the backcountry, Jess is an amazing snowboarder and one of the most successful women in the game. She is known through her countless standout video parts and is recognized by her fellow riders as one of the best riders of the era. The Equalizer is her pro-model board, designed to push the limits of a freeride snowboard.

It is an all-mountain, women's specific designed board with all the technology that makes Capita one of the best manufacturers in the business. This board is designed to help Jess take on the variable conditions and the most challenging lines with confidence and control. It is built for backcountry and powder riding but versatile enough that Jess rides it all over the resort and in the park as well. The Equalizer is one of the best, most advanced women's freeride boards in the world, built for one of the best riders in the world.

8. Burton Feelgood - Kelly Clark

Product image of Burton Feelgood Snowboard · Women's · 2023

Kelly Clark has had so much success on a snowboard that you can’t call her anything other than a legend. She rode competitively for 20 years and is the most winning snowboarder in the sport's history. She was the first U.S. athlete to win gold in snowboarding when she took the top step of the podium in 2002. After that, her dominance continued for more than 15 years. Just like Kelly, the Feelgood is the pinnacle of women's riding. It is a directional board, perfect for navigating variable conditions, and it is designed for the aspiring pro who rips everything from the backcountry to the park. The amazing graphic on this board includes a photo from Mammoth Mountain, Kelly's home base. With the Feelgood, you will have a board that gives you supreme performance and an amazing look!

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in any of these boards or are looking to find the perfect snowboard gear for you, reach out to one of our super knowledgeable Snowboarding Experts. They can set you up with personalized gear recommendations and offer their extensive knowledge to help you love what you buy!

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