The 10 Coolest Snowboarding Instagram Accounts to Follow

Looking for some snowboarding accounts to follow on Instagram? Snowboard Expert Michelangelo N. lists the top 10 coolest accounts you should check out.

Michelangelo somewhere in the San Juan Mountains.

In today’s world, Instagram can be a tool used for creating ultimate stoke, getting real-time condition reports, watching the latest gear reviews, planning your next epic ski trip, and sharing it with your epic adventure with friends and family! From local backcountry shredders to Red Bull athletes, here is a list of 10 snowboard Instagram accounts that keep me in the know and take my snowboard season to the next level.

1. Utah Avalanche Center - @utavy

Established in 1980, the Utah Avalanche Center has been at the pinnacle of Avalanche research and education. Their Instagram presence provides key insights into the current snowpack that guides skiers and snowboarders across the Wasatch and Uintas backcountry. Even as a resort rider, adding your local avalanche forecasters to your feed will give you invaluable information about the current state of the snowpack where you are headed. Getting snow information is not only key to being safe in the backcountry but can also provide insights on where the best skiing will be on any given day inbounds as well.

2. Victor de Le Rue - @victordelerue

As a two-time Freeride World Champion, rad dad, brother of Xavier, and multisport adventure athlete, Victor de Le Rue is definitely worth a follow. From family adventures to launching his paraglider while snowboarding, Victor has an Instagram feed that just feels good, is aesthetically pleasing, and also gets the heart pumping.

3. Alex Gavic - @splitboardmountaineer

Alex Gavic is an account to follow for motivation to get out early, hike farther, appreciate nature, and send the steepest chutes around. From the Wasatch to Jackson to Alaska, Alex has some of the most surfy sunrise runs that one can only dream of, yet he makes it happen over and over again.

4. The Manboys - @themanboys

Jody, Matt, Rusty, Chris, Robin, and Mark, also known as “The Manboys” are a group of friends, professional snowboarders, and dedicated filmmakers. Along with their short clips on Instagram, the Manboys have a YouTube series, full-length movies, and lots of behind-the-scenes and lifestyle content. Give these “boys” a follow if you like watching best friends being friends, riding the ultimate powder lines, and causing a little bit of a ruckus around ski towns while they are at it.

5. Zeb Powell - @zebpowelll

The most viral clips to come out of snowboarding these last couple of years have been from Red Bull Athlete, Zeb Powell. Always hyped and wild riding, Zeb Powell looks like a blast to be around with a contagious smile and has pushed the sport of snowboarding. Watching Zeb is a jaw-dropping experience—his level of air awareness and his rail combos are unmatched. At the age of 21, nothing seems to be standing in his way of being one of the greatest snowboarders of all time.

6. Nick Russelll - @nick_russelll

Once referred to as “granola snowboarder” in Cody Townsend’s The Fifty Project, Nick Russell is the ultimate snowboarder mountaineer that may be a little rough around edges—or may just be part goat. Nick is known for large human-powered expeditions all over the world, taking his snowboard places into the unexplored and unknown in search of extreme adventure. His Instagram account will give you a taste of big mountains—think Alaska, the Himalayas, the Andes, and Antarctica. Nick’s commitment to the “granola” lifestyle of living a simple and nomadic lifestyle is what let him achieve the status of one of the greatest snowboard mountaineers of all time.

7. Emily O’Connor - @emisgnar

Emily O’Connor is a park snowboarder chasing her passion as a NeverSummer team rider and park crew at Trollhaugen Outdoor Recreation Area in Wisconsin. Her great style, true progression, and lots of natural features make this account a must-follow. Keep your eyes open for another Take The Rake event where Emily and other top female park crew members will have free reign to design and build the park of their dreams.

8. Elena Hight - @elenahight

Elena Hight grew up in South Lake Tahoe, California and pushed women’s snowboarding and snowboarding in general to the next level being the first snowboarder to land a double backside alley-oop rodeo in competition, and the first woman to land a 900. Elena now pushes the sport as a big mountain backcountry skier, putting on crampons, grabbing an ax and rope, and ascending then descending some of the gnarliest lines out there. With a love of all outdoor adventures, Elena’s Instagram feed also shows her love of surfing, climbing, sailing, and connecting with nature.

9. Anna Gasser - @annagassersnow

Being a two-time Olympic gold medalist and four-time X Games gold medalist, there aren’t many snowboarders out there as successful as Anna Gasser besides Sean White. Anna’s Instagram account is gorgeous, full of high-quality photos from around the world, on the snow, at the beach, or in front of whatever product she may be endorsing. Give this one a follow! She is definitely one of the cool kids but also delivers pure passion and dedication to snowboarding and other sports.

10. Rafael Pease - @rafaelpease

CEO and founder of the Connections Movement, Rafael Pease focuses on using snowboard mountaineer filmmaking as a way to spread environmental awareness. Since graduating from the University of Boulder with a degree in environmental sciences, Rafael has worked with organizations around the world doing research and presentations focused on preserving our natural environment. This exact traveling and research has taken him to some of the most breathtaking places on the planet and his feed definitely brings visibility to all of them.

Just like how the mountains are vast, so are the inspirational snowboarders and snowboarding accounts on Instagram! So why not get out and explore both? Show your support for local shredders, mix up disciplines and sports, and most importantly, get out there and take your stoke for these accounts for a ride out in the real world. If you need any help making that happen, make sure to hit up our Experts at Curated. We are passionate about connecting people with the right tools to make their dreams come true.

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