10 Fun Theme Ideas for a Baby Shower if You're Having a Boy

Published on 10/06/2022 · 8 min readLooking for a baby shower theme that's unique, fun, and not overdone? Baby and Toddler Expert Meghan Bush gives 10 theme ideas for those expecting boys!
By Baby Expert Meghan Bush

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A baby shower is an important milestone in the countdown to baby and one that can feel overwhelming to plan. Finding the perfect baby boy shower theme is the first step and will ultimately determine which invitations, food, games, and decor will tie it all together.

As a mom of two and aunt of many, I have had my fair share of being both the host and the guest of honor throughout the years. Baby showers often get a bad rap for being long, boring, and stuffy, but it certainly doesn’t have to be that way! The most enjoyable showers have been ones where guests walked away, commenting on the uniqueness of the theme, the fun games, the delicious food, and the beautiful decor.

Whether you’re looking for gender-neutral themes or something specific to a baby boy, here are some fun and unique shower themes to celebrate the baby on the way!

1. You Are the Sun (Son), the Moon, and All My Stars

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This sweet and heavenly theme will leave your guests with stars in their eyes. You can use the correct spelling of the word "sun" or, as a play-on word, use the word "son" to celebrate your baby boy. This theme is simple, and the aesthetic brings in golds, whites, silvers, and blues. A balloon arch can mimic the look of the sky, the sun, and the moon. However, if you’re unable to create this, a banner with this design would also look lovely.

Hosts can organize games where the guests have to guess “how many stars are in a jar” and leave handwritten hopes and dreams for the baby at a “Wish Upon a Star” station. Cookies and cupcakes in the shape of these celestial bodies will be the perfect treat on a dessert table with a coordinating cake, of course.

2. A Little Man Is on the Way

There’s nothing cuter than a little boy all dressed up in suspenders and a bow tie, so why not kick off his love of the finer things in life with this dapper theme? Make the room a black tie affair with blacks, whites, and metallics, or opt for more traditional and casual patterns like plaid, houndstooth, and argyle. Ready for your closeup? Get a photo booth with top hats, pipes, and mustaches as props. Hors d'oeuvres, sandwiches, and a charcuterie board, along with a signature drink (and a “mocktail and mom-osa” bar for mom), will elevate the feel of this party. A sign that says “Stache the presents here” will have guests chuckling as they bring a wardrobe staple to add to his closet.

3. S’more to Love

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This fun and cozy theme embodies the warmth of camping with loved ones while roasting marshmallows over the fire. You can mix brown, tan, and green balloons with faux or real foliage to bring the feel of the forest to life. S’mores can be given out as favors, or guests can make their own at a s’mores bar. One can serve hot chocolate (with marshmallows, of course) or hot toddies while the guests eat cake and the gifts are opened. Want to make this time interactive? Have your guests play Baby Shower Bingo, marking down every time a specific gift is opened. The winner can take home a candle with the scent of chocolate, pine, or firewood as a special memento.

4. Let the Adventure Begin

Becoming parents is undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime, so why not acknowledge that with an adventure theme? You can incorporate baby woodland animals into the decorations, as well as pine cones, acorns, and leaves. Set up a beautiful tent decorated with greenery to have the guests place the presents or decorate a beautiful Adirondack chair for the mother-to-be to sit on. A “Build Your Own Trail Mix” table featuring raisins, granola, chocolate, and peanuts are sure to be a big hit. Have guests fill out a baby bucket list of all the adventures and experiences they hope he will encounter in his life with helpful advice to get him there.

5. The Happiest Place on Earth

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What could be a better theme than turning your celebration into the happiest place on earth? Transform your venue into Disneyland with this enchanted theme. Let Winnie the Pooh, Buzz Lightyear, Dumbo, and others decorate your party room. The invitation is your guest’s ticket to the magic, where each part of the shower represents a different Disney attraction. How about a “Pirates of the Caribbean” dessert table? Or an “It’s a Small World” buffet? A snack table complete with churros, giant pretzels, and Mickey Mouse cake pops will transport you to the theme park. Ask your guests to bring a small stuffed character to decorate the nursery for your newborn.

6. A Little Wild One

Bring the jungle theme straight to your home with “A Little Wild One” baby shower! Deep greens, greys, golds, and browns, accented by animal prints like leopard and zebra, will bring your guests on a safari adventure. Many helium balloons are available in the shapes and patterns of animals, so ensure you add this touch to your decorations. Pick a favorite animal and buy a large stuffed version to sit next to the mommy-to-be. Once the party is over, this becomes a gift to display in the newborn’s nursery. Need game ideas? Have guests name the baby corresponding to each animal in the jungle and solve a safari word scramble.

7. A New Chapter Begins

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The perfect theme for any teacher, librarian, or avid reader, the storybook theme is for sure a clever one. Whether you select one classic children’s book like “Courdory” or “Peter Rabbit” or keep the theme broad, this is such an adorable idea. Give each guest a letter of the alphabet and have them design and personalize the page to make an ABC book keepsake for the baby’s bookshelf. Let guests know ahead of time to bring their favorite childhood book and write a sweet note on the front page to start your little boy’s library.

8. Super Baby!

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Calling all superheroes! A really fun baby shower theme for a little one set for adventure is “Super Baby!” Scatter the words “Pow!” and “Kaboom!” all over the room to bring this classic theme to life while draping capes on the back of each guest’s chair. Balloons and banners in bright red, blue, and yellow will give the party a vivid and animated look. A candy table with classic treats where guests can make a to-go bag makes a perfect favor. Want a party nobody will ever forget? Include on the baby shower invite to have your guests dress in the costume of their favorite superhero so everyone can enjoy the fun!

9. Boy Oh Boy

This very simple theme celebrating a new baby boy can be decorated in any color scheme, making it really easy to adapt to any venue. Proudly display the words “Boy Oh Boy” in the front of the room and decide which aesthetic works best. A rustic farmhouse would bring in browns, wood accents, and greenery. Watercolor could incorporate light shades of blues, greens, or purples. You can also style this theme to match any season or holiday, incorporating pumpkins in the fall or fresh flowers in the spring. Have guests make guesses on the date, time, height, and weight that baby will be at birth and send whoever is the closest a special gift when baby boy arrives!

10. Something for Mom

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Don’t forget that as important as it is to celebrate the little one on the way with boy baby shower ideas you can honor the mama (or parent-to-be) with a theme entirely fit for them! Is she a big Harry Potter fan? Turn the venue into Hogwarts with magical touches and wizarding props. Guests can design onesies to sort the baby into what house they think he would belong to (Hufflepuff for life!). Is mom a big fan of a particular sport? Go all out decorating in her favorite team’s colors. The sky is really the limit, and this theme will have your guests talking.

As I’m a huge reality TV super fan, the inspiration for my second baby was a Bravo!-themed baby shower. Famous quotes from “The Real Housewives” were integrated into the decorations, cake, games, and favors. Matching the Bravolebrity to their uniquely named babies was a hilarious and fun game for the entire room to play!

Final Thoughts

There are so many fun and unique boy baby shower themes, and anything really goes these days. Pick a theme you love and start the excitement early with an invitation to match. And please whatever you do, do not let this day stress you. Your guests will enjoy the day no matter what, as the most important thing is celebrating you and the precious baby on the way!

Be sure to include your registry details along with the invitation so guests know exactly what you and baby need! Need help putting one together? Reach out to one of our Baby & Toddler Experts here on Curated for all the tips and product recommendations.

Meghan Bush, Baby Expert
Meghan Bush
Baby Expert
I recently traded in my high heels for sneakers and am now a full-time stay-at-home mom after years of working in the fashion industry in NYC. Being a mom is hard-work, I am here to help find balance!.I look forward to supporting you on your parenting journey and purchasing needs!
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Meghan Bush, Baby Expert
Meghan Bush
Baby Expert
I recently traded in my high heels for sneakers and am now a full-time stay-at-home mom after years of working in the fashion industry in NYC. Being a mom is hard-work, I am here to help find balance!.I look forward to supporting you on your parenting journey and purchasing needs!
25 Reviews
1163 Customers helped

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