Curated Expert Breaks into Big Mountain Ski Film

Get to know Edward Clem, Curated Ski Expert, who took his passion for skiing into the film industry.

Edward Clem sits on a snowmobile and speaks into a walkie-talkie.

Edward coordinates the route of skiers Wiley Miller and Todd Ligare in Golden, British Columbia in February 2022. All images courtesy of Edward Clem

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From the moment Ed Clem clicked into his first skis, he was sold – never mind that he crashed into a parked car on his first run. “I was completely and blissfully unaware and in my own world,” Clem said. “I was full-blaze hooked from the first moment.”

Clem, now a ski filmmaker and Curated Expert, has successfully filmed two ski movies, crediting his “dominating passion” for skiing as a catalyst to his success. His first film, Book of Pow was screened at two international film festivals in 2019.

From his first time skiing at eight years old to his studies in photojournalism a decade later, he developed two driving thoughts: 1. He would film a ski movie, and 2. It wasn’t going to happen if he didn’t have the money.

The author sits on the snow and smiles back at the camera while holding a camera in his hands.

Edward enjoys a quiet moment in the backcountry of Cooke City, Montana in April 2021

He was determined to use his love for skiing to finance his journey in film. Five years ago, Clem stumbled upon Curated, an online marketplace looking for Ski Experts to sell ski gear. By discovering a job that put his 20 years of skiing to use, while also offering flexible hours and remote work, he had the security to focus on filming.

“I've worked two full-time jobs for the last five winters. I film and I work at Curated,” Clem explained. ‘This job has helped support my transition into a tough field to get into. It really has played a big role in allowing me to get where I am now in the ski film industry.”

At this point in his career, Clem has filmed two amazing winters, built important connections, and created a reputation for himself. But he knows that he’s far from being comfortable with his success.

“I always want to become better,” he said. “Satisfaction is gratifying, but it's also temporary. That's what drives people to continue advancing in their life, and I found that drive in skiing. If I’m just doing the same thing on the mountain, I’m probably going to get bored with it. I know that I need to find new ways to enjoy myself, even in a job.”

Clem’s desire to both achieve and be consistently driven by passion is equally impressive and uncommon in today’s workforce. “People become complacent at some point,” he said. “That's what keeps me looking for new things in life."

Someone skis away from the camera, making their way uphill with poles in hand and wearing a backpack. There is a mountain peak just beyond them.

Edward skinning up the Muir snowfield en route to Camp Muir on Mount Rainier in January, 2019

Clem says that while he believes in not being complacent and wanting to pursue new goals, he can’t imagine not being involved in skiing and continuing to work on Curated each season.

“I still enjoy selling skis and filming tremendously,” he said. “It's not the only thing that I want to do. I will continue to branch out into different things. But when summer turns to fall and it starts getting colder out, I'm always captured by that same feeling of ‘I need to get ready, winter is coming, and I love this.”

Clem’s sentiment can be summarized into one word: passion. He reiterates that skiing is the dominating passion in his life. He is driven to not only maintain skiing as a staple in his life but also prioritize sharing that joy with others – something he has in common with every Expert on Curated.

“The Experts at Curated are incredibly passionate about the sport that they pursue and that is so important,” Clem shares. “I get excited about being an Expert again as ski season comes every year.”

Clem loves to talk to anyone who comes to Curated interested in skiing or looking to try it out. Through his ski films, he can spread the hype, and through his work at Curated, he can properly set up skiers to succeed.

“I love giving people the opportunity to enjoy skiing more, and equipment is a huge part of that. For me to be able to help coach people in a friendly way, build a relationship with them, and get paid to do it? It means everything.”

While Experts like Clem are spreading excitement about the sport and dedicating themselves to their love of skiing, he knows how important it is for new skiers to find support in entering a sport that isn’t easy (cue: Clem’s first ski experience).

“Most ski shops only carry a few brands, they have a pretty small stock of gear, or they are incentivized to sell certain brands or certain products to you,” Clem said. “Experts are never incentivized to do that. Skiers get to interact with people, like me, while shopping online, and you’re with people, meeting people, and learning different perspectives. It’s an incredible part of my ski experience.”

McRae Williams jumps while skiing.

McRae Williams doing a flatspin 540 in the backcountry of Cooke City, Montana in February, 2022. Photo by Edward Clem

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Since I was four years old, skiing has been the dominating passion in my life and the main force with which I have built my career. As a filmmaker specializing in winter sports, gear is at the forefront of my day to day life. The professional skiers that I work with rely on their gear to keep their...

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