Expert Review: Smith Skyline XL Goggles · 2021

Published on 10/13/2022 · 7 min readThis review is my honest opinion of the goggles, which I purchased with my own money in November of 2020.
Brandon Westburg, Ski Expert
By Ski Expert Brandon Westburg

Smiling through a bluebird day on Mount Hood last July! All photos courtesy of Brandon Westburg

About this Review: This review is my honest opinion of the goggles, which I purchased with my own money in November of 2020.

My take

The Smith Skyline XL Goggles offer an expanded field of view and clarity on any adventure.

Sliding my way through the rail, thanks Skyline XL's for crystal clear vision!

About this gear

  • Model: 2020 Smith Skyline XL
  • Size: XL has a medium to slightly oversized fit on the face.
  • Does it feature lens replacement?: No. It does not have a second lens or lens replacement.
  • Fit: Fits somewhat oversized and runs true to size for an XL size in Smith goggles.

About me

  • Helmet: 2021 Smith Maze
  • Wear glasses with goggles: I do not wear glasses with or under my goggles.
  • Experience: I have been skiing passionately for 22 years.

Test conditions

  • When I bought them: November 2020
  • Days used: 100+
  • Lenses I own: No replaceable lenses with the Skyline XL.
  • Weather conditions used in: Sunny days, cloudy and overcast days, in the snow, whiteout conditions, spring slush, and even in the rain a few times.
  • Where I’ve used them: Killington, Vermont; Mount Snow, Vermont; Copper, Colorado; Mt. Hood, Oregon; Mt. Hood Meadows, Oregon; Okemo, Vermont; Pico Mountain, Vermont; and Gore Mountain, New York.
  • Terrain: Resort days, in the park, trees, sidecountry missions, and I have been through many different light conditions with these goggles, from whiteout storms to bluebird days.

How they perform

Field of View
Anti Fog

What I was looking for

I was on the hunt for a goggle with an affordable price point with a wide field of view. I needed a goggle with a lens that is good for gray days and unpredictable weather conditions here in New England, where I ski!

Drinking melting glacier water on Mount Hood. It wasnt as good as you'd think, a few rocks and some dirt mixed in. Worth it for the experience! Mount Hood, July 2021

Why I chose this gear

I decided to buy the Skyline XL because I tried it on and was impressed with how comfortable it was, and I loved how sleek the goggles looked. I am a big fan of frameless goggles and wanted something that would fit seamlessly with my Smith helmet. I considered buying other options like the Smith Squad XL, the Smith I/O XL, and the Scott React. But, ultimately, I was most attracted to the Skyline XLs looks, price point, and comfortability in mind.

I have used the Smith Squad XL and the Smith I/O Mag XL goggles in the past and really do like having a wider field of vision when skiing. These goggles have provided clarity no matter the weather conditions and have lived up to the peripheral and wider field of view I thought I was getting when buying the Skyline XL. The Skyline XL stacks up very well with the performance and durability of all other Smith goggles I have tried in the past.

Had to snap a picture after I wandered down into a small crevasse on Mount Hood

What I love about them

  • Fit: I enjoy the fit of the Skyline XL. It is comfortable and fits well for both styles of wearing goggles over or under the helmet. It feels snug around the head and has a soft goggle strap.
  • Comfort: Along with fit, this google is all-around comfortable. From the goggle strap and the three-layer Dry-Wix face foam to how the goggle sits on my medium-sized face, I’ve always experienced comfort along with a great fit whenever I wear my Skyline XLs.
  • Ventilation: I have never had an issue with fogging or ventilation with the Skyline XL goggles. They seem so bomb and fog proof because they do not have a lens-changing system. I think that the Fog-X inner lens and the Spherical lens design do a fantastic job of preventing fog for a fog-free performance on the mountain. The ventilation foam on the top of the goggle is also thick and durable enough that it will not rip/tear easily.
  • Visibility: The visibility of the Skyline XL gives plenty of peripheral vision. I really enjoy the wider field of view. I have a Spherical Everyday Red Mirror Lens with ChromaPop on my goggles, and this specific lens is built for everyday use in many different weather conditions. I have skied these goggles in a wide array of weather and can always see clearly, pick out similar natural colors, and see color contrast well, thanks to ChromaPop!
  • Face frame: The face frame on the Skyline XL is slightly oversized and fits my medium-sized face well. I like the slightly large look and style. The frame fits comfortably on my face due to the high-quality face foam and allows for a precise fit. This goggle also comes in a low bridge fit for a lower nose bridge or higher cheekbone shape.
  • Experience with glasses underneath: I do not have any experience with glasses fitting underneath the Skyline XL goggles, but Smith incorporates an OTG (Over the Glasses) fit with the XLs that even has an insert for comfort and compatibility with prescription lenses.
  • Strap: The goggle strap comfortably fits either over or under the helmet. I wear my goggles underneath my helmet, and often, goggle clips that are too big get in the way or prevent a perfect fit. The clips on the Skyline XL are a perfect size and aren't too big or bulky plastic. The goggle strap is lined with silicone inside to prevent slipping when skiing. It has always stayed put for me, and the goggle strap refuses to move!
  • Helmet compatibility: These goggles are built for seamless integration with all Smith helmets, and I have always had a comfy and precise fit with my Smith helmet. I have not personally tried these goggles with other helmet brands, but I imagine they would fit just fine with any other helmet, with or without a brim.
  • Features: I really enjoy some of the smaller features on this goggle, like the silicone-backed goggle strap and the thick foam for ventilation on the top of the goggle. The Skyline XL does not have an absurd amount of features, like a changeable lens, but Smith does a killer job with each and every feature built into the Skyline XL. Silicone backing never seems to move on me, and I love how comfortably these goggles fit on my face.
  • Durability: These goggles are extremely durable, have lasted me multiple seasons, and remain in perfect condition. I always store my goggles properly when not in use and place them in a goggle bag. The lenses have not scratched much at all. What is there does not impair my vision while skiing. I love the quality of the lens and think it is truly built to withstand the weather and elements.

Little to no wear and tear on my Skyline XL's, I always make sure to store them properly when not skiing. I am also impressed with how in tact the goggle strap has stayed

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Lens replacement: The Smith Skyline XL goggles do not feature lens replacement, but I really wish they did. I would really enjoy wearing these goggles on bluebird days, extremely stormy days, etc., so I would like another lens to see the best in those conditions, ideally.

Enjoying the protection my Skyline XL goggles give me in harsh Mount Hood sun conditions, the UV rating is so high it is a must to leave goggles on at all times

Favorite moment with this gear

My favorite experiences with these goggles are when I ski on Mt. Hood. My goggles have an everyday red mirror lens, but I didn't expect it to work extremely well in bluebird conditions. It’s merely the opposite. This goggle works extremely well for me up on Mt. Hood in the summer, when temps climb to about 75 degrees and the sun reflects wickedly off of the snow. The XL keeps me protected against harsh UV rays at 9,000ft on Mt. Hood. I always wear it during lunch, etc., and hate taking the Skyline off at the end of the day because I consistently have a comfortable experience wearing these goggles!

Value for the money vs. other options

The Skyline XL is totally worth the money and stacks up on the lower end of pricing on goggles of this quality. It’s priced below the Shred Simplify and the Oakley Flight Deck while being a touch more expensive than the Giro Method goggles. Overall, these goggles are priced very fairly in the market for how they are built. Expect nothing but durability and clear vision with the Skyline XLs. It was a fantastic investment that will still last me many more seasons of skiing!

Final verdict

The Smith Skyline XL goggles will expand one’s sights and offers ChromaPop and crystal clear vision during most all weather conditions. It’s priced fairly and will remain trustworthy for seasons on end.

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