The Ultimate 2022 Espresso & Coffee Gift Guide

Published on 11/29/2022 · 8 min readMake the holiday shopping for the coffee and espresso enthusiasts in your life easy this year! Here are ten gift ideas they'll be sure to love!
By Coffee Expert Hannah Ramsey

The holidays are coming, and if you're like most people, you're starting to think about what gifts to buy for your friends and family. So this year, why not consider something special for the coffee lover in your life? We've compiled a list of 10 unbeatable gift ideas for coffee connoisseurs! Whether your loved one is just starting out on their coffee journey or they're a seasoned pro, we've got something for everyone. So read on to find the perfect present for the caffeine addict in your life!

1. Trade Coffee Gift Card

As soon as fall hits, pumpkins, sweaters, boots, and mugs of hot coffee become the subject of most conversations. The perfect way to keep your loved one's mug happy and full this year is by getting them the gift of delicious craft-roasted specialty coffee beans. A gift card to Trade Coffee allows access to some of the nation's top roasters, delivered directly to their door without needing to subscribe to the service! Select from three bags or up to nine bags of single origin, blends, organic, decaf, and pre-ground coffee. This gift option is perfect for a picky coffee drinker or someone who lives anywhere, as the gift code is sent via email and can easily be shared with anyone near or far from you within the U.S.!

2. Saint Anthony Industries Machinist Apron

Do we all know a barista constantly getting coffee all over their clothes, or is it just me? Well, whether your barista works the home bar or the service bar, they will certainly appreciate the Machinist Apron from Saint Anthony Industries. These aprons are made from breathable, premium denim, 100% handcrafted in Salt Lake City, USA. They have ergonomic pockets, easily adjustable straps that are removable for cleaning, and a soft lining to give comfort to the barista aesthetic.

3. Eureka Mingon Specialita Coffee Grinder

Does your barista enjoy espresso but also a slow and low hand-brewed coffee experience? You should look no further than the Eureka Mingon Specialita Coffee Grinder. The silent technology in the Mingon is perfect for those who rise and grind before the rest of the household. The 55mm flat burrs grind fast, and the integrated ACE system ensures that the two programmable doses make it easy to set up for separate profiles and always get the perfect amount of grounds. This is an awesome grinder with a precision of grind good enough for espresso and easily transitions to grind for a pour-over. Plus, the large 12oz bean hopper can hold an average full bag of coffee.

4. Ascaso Dream Home Espresso Machine

Not every barista is readily equipped with every item they need to make quality coffee, especially those just getting started on their journey. One of the best gifts you can give a coffee enthusiast is espresso, especially something that will allow them to craft the espresso themselves. Gifting Ascaso's Dream Home Espresso Machine means giving your coffee lover the power of quality espresso without breaking the bank. The machine comes in several colors, has a steamer for those who enjoy milk-based coffees, and, best of all, it is semi-automatic, so your barista can focus on their craft instead of worrying about the machine.

A huge plus for the Dream is that it comes with a pressurized basket and the traditional portafilter basket, ensuring that no matter who is using the machine, the espresso shots will come out with amazing delicious crema every time. Some elite features of this machine are the retro style with wooden accents on the portafilter and steam knob, an easy-to-read pressure gauge, a 58mm professional portafilter, and an integrated PID temperature control. Plus, the Thermoblock technology means that coffee is ready to be made within 90 seconds of turning this bad boy on! Bless!

5. Hearth Glass Double Walled Cups and Mugs

Sometimes all one needs to add to their collection is the perfect set of coffee mugs. Hearth Glass makes gorgeous double-walled glass mugs in 2.5oz size for espresso up to 8oz sized handle mug that is perfect for a decadent latte. The kiln-fired borosilicate glass is easy to maintain, shatter, and scratch-resistant. The temperature control of the insulated glass keeps drinks warmer for longer. As a bonus, Hearth glassware comes with a 30-day guarantee. If your coffee lover isn't happy, rest assured they can return the mug set for a full refund.

6. Barista Basics Bundle - Tamp and Stand

Bundling isn't just for keeping warm! This pair of the Barista Basics Tamp Stand and Espresso Tamper is a great match for baby baristas and professionals alike. The stainless steel tamp stand has a rubber base and is an amazing gadget for keeping countertops safe from potential damage while tamping espresso. It fits all portafilter sizes, bottomless or spouted, and aids in achieving a perfectly level tamp. The flat bottom 57mm tamp fits perfectly in professional 58mm size portafilters, and the ergonomic design of the tamp, made with silicone rubber, fits comfortably in most hands while providing an extra grip for even weight distribution. The real magic of the combo is that when not in use, the stand becomes the perfect place to store the tamp and reduces damage or scratches on the stainless steel base and countertops.

7. Barista Basics Glass Rinser

What to get the person who has everything? A Barista Basics Glass Rinser is not only useful for a professional setting but also for those who have delicate glass, travel mugs, or baby bottles. The rinser was developed for industrial use, but its low profile allows it to fit into any home kitchen. Easily replace a spray head or soap dispenser on a kitchen sink, and simply attach either hot or cold water, and you can be rinsing any vessel in a matter of seconds! The stainless steel or black rinser will complement any kitchen and comes with the guarantee of a 365-day return.

8. Rocket Espresso Appartamento

We all know who deserves the world in a cup, but that may be a little too big of a mug. However, you can get them a Rocket Espresso machine! The Rocket Apartamento is the equivalent of a professional machine in an extremely compact size. This machine will happily accommodate those with very little real estate on their kitchen countertops. Weighing 47 1/2 lbs and measuring 17" in depth x 14.25" in height x 10.5” in width, this machine was made for any home. It boasts a massive 84oz water reservoir, a commercial steam wand, and an E61 Grouphead for superb temperature stability.

The Apartamento feeds on a single copper boiler to service the brew house with a heat exchanger for the steam wand, making pulling a shot and steaming milk simultaneously painless. The programmable pre-infusion and three-year parts and labor warranty make this prosumer machine a foolproof selection for an intermediate barista due for an upgrade. Pick it up in classic stainless steel or the attractive black Nera. Both options come with copper or white paneling.

8. Acaia Lunar Scale

Temperature, time, and weight are some of the most important components of extracting excellent coffee. The Acaia Lunar scale is made for precision, is water resistant, and is rechargeable with 0.01g readability and flow-rate indicator for accuracy that you can't get out of just any kitchen scale. The built-in stopwatch times your pour-over brew, and the auto tare function zeros the scale as you add your filter, coffee, or water. The Lunar also has Bluetooth connectivity that allows users to track their brewing data, view trends, and set goals with the free Acaia app.

The minimalist design will look great on any countertop, and the black or white color options make it easy to match with other brewing equipment. In addition, the Lunar comes with a two-year limited manufacturer's warranty that covers water damage, which makes this a perfect grab for your coffee-loving (or spilling) person!

9. Flair Espresso Royal Grinder

An item perfect for a space saver or the traveling person on your list. The Flair Espresso Royal Grinder is a manual grinder that is lightweight, durable, and can be taken apart for easy storage or cleaning. The Flair features 28 settings that can be adjusted by a simple knob at the base of the grinder and can be easily set for any brewing method. The Flair can also produce a consistent grind due to the unique design of the burr set and can also be used as a spice grinder. The Flair is made in the USA and comes in a sleek black or red aluminum casing that is sure to please any coffee lover.

10. Third Wave Water

The perfect water conditioner from Third Wave Water is an amazing addition to any gift given! These mineral sticks will optimize the taste of any coffee or tea and make a great stocking stuffer for those who are hard to buy for. The TWW mineral sticks come in a starter kit containing treatments for 1-gallon, 5-gallons, or 2-liters and have the option of espresso, dark roast, or classic profile. Any option will take bland distilled or filtered water and add the ideal mineral content for brewing, giving coffee the best chance to taste delicious. These make a great addition to any kitchen and are a must-have for any coffee lover on your list!

Final Thoughts

These are just a few ideas to start your holiday shopping for the coffee lover in your life, but there are countless other options out there to explore, including a Curated gift card! Reach out to one of our amazing Coffee and Espresso Experts here at Curated to keep those ideas coming because we all know one thing: There is always room for more coffee in our lives! If you have any questions about these products or want to gift someone special in your life with a unique coffee experience, be sure to reach out to one of our Curated Experts. We would love to help out!

Happy Holidays and Happy Brewing!

Hannah Ramsey, Coffee Expert
Hannah Ramsey
Coffee Expert
I have happily been in the coffee industry for over a decade now as both a barista and roaster. There is something sacred in a great cup of coffee and I'm here to help you experience that cup!.I love helping people find their way to their own perfect sip!
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848 Customers helped
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Written by:
Hannah Ramsey, Coffee Expert
Hannah Ramsey
Coffee Expert
I have happily been in the coffee industry for over a decade now as both a barista and roaster. There is something sacred in a great cup of coffee and I'm here to help you experience that cup!.I love helping people find their way to their own perfect sip!
39 Reviews
848 Customers helped

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