The Ultimate 2022 Grill Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect present for someone who loves to grill? Grill & Outdoor Kitchen Expert Luke Henry shares his top 10 picks for this holiday season.

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The holiday season is quickly approaching! I know that brings equal parts joy and stress to all of us. It’s a season filled with traditions, family, and minor panic attacks about what to get for the grill geek in your life! Fear not, for Curated and our amazing grill experts have you covered! Whether you are shopping for an ultra high-end gas grill, maybe a starter pellet grill for the newbie griller in your family, or a stocking stuffer for the grill master that has everything…we’ve got you covered with this awesome 10-item list!

1. Starter Pellet Grill & Smoker Combo: Camp Chef DLX

Product image of the Camp Chef DLX.

If you are looking for a great grill for you or your family to get started with, I would recommend checking out the Camp Chef DLX Pellet Grill. Equipped with a newly added Gen 2 temperature controller and wireless connectivity to monitor temperature remotely, this grill is a great value. A convenient ash clean-out makes this grill a breeze to clean and operate on demand! With lots of accessories available, you can really step up your grilling game as you get more comfortable and start venturing into other dishes and foods!

2. Ultra-High End Propane Grill: Napoleon Prestige Pro 825

Product image of the Napoleon Prestige Pro 825.

If you have a person in your family that could grill every day and wants to do so, and also appreciates the finer things in life, The Napoleon Prestige Pro 825 is the unit you will want. It is equipped with 123,000 BTUs, a cooking area that will comfortably fit 51 burger patties, a Power Side Burner, Infrared Rear Burner, and Infrared Bottom Burners. Napoleon’s iconic wave grill grates will give amazing sear marks that everyone will love. The LED Spectrum Night Light Control knobs give the stainless-steel exterior a classy touch that will surely make your guests' jaws drop to the floor. At its price point, this grill isn’t for everyone, but your friends and neighbors will definitely know who the grill boss is!

3. Vertical Smoker: Broil King Vertical Charcoal Smoker

Product image of the Broil King Vertical Charcoal Smoker.

Featuring 770 sq in. of total grilling space in a convenient 15in by 12.5in footprint, this is the smoker for any grill enthusiast! The Broil King patented Sure-Lite electronic ignition system makes lighting this thing a breeze. You can really dial in the smoke and flavor using the Adjustable Roto-Draft cast aluminum damper system as well. The premium heat and flavor control are a great value at this price and are sure to make the grill geek in your family happy as can be!

4. Ultra-Portable Gas Grill: Coleman Roadtrip 285 Portable Propane Grill

Product image of the Coleman Roadtrip 285 Portable Propane Grill.

Do you know someone living the RV life during retirement who is looking to add a great grill on their next trip to the Ozarks? The Coleman RoadTrip 285 Standup Propane Gas Grill is ultra-portable and extremely lightweight. But what it gives up in size and weight, it makes up by delivering an efficient grilling punch! This 20,000 BTU propane machine comes with three independently adjustable burners. Feel free to grill steaks on one side and sauté some veggies on the other. It also collapses on itself to provide a convenient handle with wheels. It’s a great grill to add to any tailgating squad or RV!

5. High-End Kamado Style Charcoal Grill: Kamado Joe Classic Joe III

Product image of the Kamado Joe Classic Joe III.

For anyone that is a nerd about flavor profiles and doesn’t have a Kamado currently, the Kamado Joe Classic Joe III is definitely the best Kamado grill this holiday season to look at! I know I certainly have one of these on my Christmas list this year.

Kamado Joe describes the Classic Joe III as their “most innovative, performance-driven ceramic grill to date. The Classic Joe Series III grill is for those who crave the ultimate outdoor cooking experience!” Complete with the three-tier Divide & Conquer rack system, you can comfortably cook for large families with this setup. Little Johnny can have burgers, Dad can smoke a brisket, and Mom and little Haley can grill some fresh ahi on the top rack, all at the same time! Patented with the Kamado Joe Air Lift hinge, any of the family members can easily lift the ceramic lid to check on what's cooking!

This is certainly a bigger investment and on the higher end of grills, but this is a thing of beauty and will create many memories with the family. Priceless! In case you want to be my favorite Curated customer and gift me one of these bad boys this Christmas, my profile link is below!

6. Ultra-High End Pellet Grill & Smoker: Traeger Timberline XL WiFi Pellet Grill

Product image of the Traeger Timberline XL WiFi Pellet Grill.

Maybe you have a grill master in your circle, but the Napoleon Prestige Pro 825 is a bit out of reach for your gifting budget. Definitely consider taking a look at the brand new Traeger Timberline XL WiFi Pellet Grill. Traeger’s patented WiFire technology makes controlling the exact temperature of your cook a dream. Smart Combustion Technology helps the chef maintain nice consistent cooking temperatures from start to finish. Feel confident leaving that brisket smoke for 16 hours overnight; the temperature is going to be perfect! With 1,320 sq. in of cooking space, your family member or friend can certainly tune-up for the graduation party or Superbowl fiesta, as this beast can comfortably hold 12 full chickens or 16 full racks of ribs! This is another sizeable investment, but this can absolutely transform your backyard and turn your house into the party house on the block in no time and not to mention make the person on your gift list extremely happy!

7. Functional Outdoor Pizza Oven: Ooni Karu Portable Pizza Oven

Product image of the Ooni Karu Portable Pizza Oven.

Do you know someone who loves their grill and outdoor kitchen, but is looking for the crown jewel to take things over the top for next summer? Take a look at the Ooni Karu Portable Pizza Oven! This awesome addition to any outdoor grill is the perfect holiday season must-have. Not only can this be used for pizzas, but it’s a great option for cooking breads, buns, and other bakery items. The Ooni Karu heats to 950 degrees in just 15min. It runs off of wood or charcoal right out of the box, or Ooni Gas Burner (sold separately) can be added to turn this into a propane-fired gas oven in no time! Not only does it cook efficiently and allow you to make awesome pizzas and baked goods, but it’s also a great addition to anyone’s outdoor kitchen without breaking the bank. Bonus points: it looks awesome and will for sure be the focal point of every backyard party!

8. Tool Kits: Napoleon 2-Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Kit

Product image of the Napoleon 2-Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Kit.

Looking for the perfect gift for the grill geek that has everything? Or maybe a nice stocking stuffer to go along with your purchase of the Napoleon Prestige Pro 825? This two-piece tool set is a great addition to any stocking. It comes with a sturdy spatula, tough tongs with an ergonomic grip and is sure to make your next cook a great experience. Both utensils are dishwasher safe, so it makes cleanup super simple as well. The quality delivers on the name brand of Napoleon as well. This a great individual gift or pairing with another grill purchase.

9. Pellets: Traeger Pellet Variety Gift Set

Product image of the Traeger Pellet Variety Gift Set.

If Santa’s delivering the Traeger Timberline Pro XL, you definitely have to complement it with some amazing flavor! This Traeger three-flavor gift pack is pretty great! This pack comes with hickory, apple, and mesquite, a solid starting lineup of flavors that will give your grill master the ability to grill just about anything and everything with a delicious flavor! Hickory delivers a rich and sweet flavor that accents beef, chicken, pork, game, and veggies nicely. Apple gives you a nice light, fruity, and sweet smoke, perfect for pork, chicken, veggies, and baked goods. Ever smoked a cheesecake? I have! Apple pellets deliver in a big way! Mesquite brings a more bold and spicy flavor to your cook. It’s great for brisket, beef in general, game, and fish. The Trager Timberline makes swapping pellets super easy, so why not take full advantage of creating the best flavor profiles available? I wouldn’t recommend actually putting these in the stockings though…I’m not sure the stocking would win the war with a 40lb bag of flavor!

10. Dry Rub Gift Set: BBQ Guys x Spiceology Complete Rub Collection

Product image of the BBQ Guys x Spiceology Complete Rub Collection.

Rounding out our top 10 and putting a stamp on the importance of flavor throughout this gift guide is BBQ Guys x Spiceology complete rub collection. As someone who loves to grill nearly every day, one can never have enough dry rubs. The cabinet above my microwave has 33 different kinds! These signature rubs from BBQ Guys feature amazing flavor profiles to take your next cook to an even higher level!

This gift pack includes three regional barbecue flavors, three rubs for flavoring up popular proteins, one limited-edition blend that will be sure to knock some socks off, and four new exciting spices! The three regional BBQ flavors are tributes to famous BBQ regions in the U.S.: Carolina, Kansas City, and Memphis. The three protein flavor profiles include a specific blend for beef, chicken, and pork. Then the piéce de resistance is the Pineapple Ancho, which comes with a nice, sweet flavor profile up front, followed by a real kick in the pants after. The final four flavors are West Coast, Texas-Style, Yucatan Rojo, and Habanero Honeybee. Unlike the 40lb pellet bags, these will fit inside the stocking of that someone special with no problem!

Thanks for checking out my top 10 grill and outdoor kitchen gift choices! If none of these items are quite hitting the nail on the head for your grill master, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any of the other great Grill Experts here on Curated! We will custom-tailor a list of great gift ideas specific to you and your family’s needs! Or if you don’t have an idea of what to get for the grill geek in your family, maybe consider a Curated gift card for that special someone! That person will be able to connect with one of our great Grill Experts and get exactly what they want, specifically dialed in for their needs!

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