The Ultimate Golf Gear Guide 2020

Published on 03/14/2023 · 1 min readWhether you're hunting for a driver, iron, putter, golf bag, or balls, Curated's top golf gear guides of 2020 cover everything you need to know.

Photo by Curated expert Kaitlyn A.

Dive into clubs, balls, and bags in the top gear guides below. Or if you aren't into online research, skip right to chatting with a Curated expert for free personalized recommendations.

Golf Club Guides

Curated expert Rob H. swinging the Callaway B21 Hybrid. Photo courtesy of Rob H.

Club Specific Guides

Curated expert Armana Christianson on the course with REVA Irons. Photo by Armana Christianson.

Club Comparison Guides

Photo by Curated expert Rob H.

Accessory Guides

Photo by Curated expert Rob H.

Top Gift Guides

Curated expert Armana Christianson at Eagle Mountain Golf Club, Arizona. Photo courtesy of Armana Christianson.

Sometimes it can be helpful to connect with a real human to bounce off questions and gear ideas. Chat with a Curated expert and they’ll help you find what works best for you. Whether you chat for 1 minute or 2 months, Curated experts are passionate about sharing their in-depth knowledge and helping you unlock your best golfing self (all for free). Happy holidays!


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