The Ultimate Camping & Hiking Gear Guide 2020

Tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, boots, flashlights - Curated's top camping & hiking gear guides of 2020 cover everything you need to know.

A bike and camping gear up in the rocky hills by a river

Photo by Curated expert Eric Bergdoll.

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Dive into camping and hiking equipment in the top gear guides below. Or if you aren't into online research, skip right to chatting with a Curated expert for free personalized recommendations.

Camping Guides

Curated expert Kael Van Buskirk building his tent with dramatic mountain scenery in the background

Photo by Curated expert Kael Van Buskirk.

Hiking Guides

A woman backpacking on a trail in a forest on a mountain slope

Photo by Curated expert Alex Dolan.

Clothing & Accessory Guides

Two mittens laying on a rock in the snow

Photo by Curated expert Kael Van Buskirk.

Adventure Gear Guides

Three backpackers treading through a river, the canyon wall rising high above

Photo by Curated expert Kael Van Buskirk.

Top Gift Guides

A hiker walking on a trail that winds over a snow-covered mountain ridge

Photo by Curated expert Connor Hult.

Sometimes it can be helpful to connect with a real human to bounce off questions and gear ideas. Chat with a Curated expert and they’ll help you find what works best for you. Whether you chat for 1 minute or 2 months, Curated experts are passionate about sharing their in-depth knowledge and helping you unlock your best camping and hiking self (all for free). Happy holidays!

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