The 4 Best All-Mountain Snowboards

Want to hit the mountain but not sure what board is best for you? Snowboarding Expert Gaelen Mast lists his top 4 all-mountain snowboards so you can chose the best one.

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The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to snowboarding and shopping for a new snowboard deck. Hundreds of snowboard models from dozens of different brands are available. Each model has its own technology, specialty, and personality, so to speak. The categories of snowboard types are plentiful, and that’s because there are many different snowboarding styles out there. Due to this, it can be tricky to figure out where to start when searching for a board. Perhaps you’re just getting into snowboarding, or you’ve been riding for a while but don’t have one specific terrain you like and would rather just cruise all over the mountain. Well, the answer to this is the all-mountain snowboard.

An all-mountain snowboard is exactly what the name implies: a snowboard that can ride all over the mountain. It’s a board you should feel confident taking on every groomed run, through the trees when you feel like it, and even off a few jumps or on a few rails when you want to throw down in the park. It’s a board that’s not going to be the top choice for any sort of riding, but it’s versatile and competent enough to handle riding just about anything, providing riders with the flexibility to explore all a mountain has to offer with the convenience of just one snowboard!

With that in mind, simply knowing about all-mountain boards isn’t going to make it easier to choose one. After all, there are still dozens of choices for all-mountain-oriented snowboards. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of four of the most popular all-mountain boards on the market right now that you can’t go wrong with! Each has its own unique twist, so make sure to read through my descriptions of each to figure out which would be the best for your personal needs and wants. Let’s begin!

1. 2023 Arbor Foundation: An Affordable High-Quality Ride for Everyone!

Product image of Arbor Foundation Rocker Snowboard

Currently, the 2023 Arbor Foundation is the most recommended all-mountain snowboard by Snowboard Experts on Curated, and there are quite a few reasons this board is held in such high regard! It’s a unisex board that both men and women can enjoy, which will suit a variety of riders regardless of preferred terrain or riding style. This snowboard is versatile and playful, with an entire rocker profile and a medium-flexing pattern throughout the whole board. It’s a snowboard that will do great for the rider who loves cruising on groomers, but it can take occasional park laps or rip through powder when the snow gods bless you with some fresh snow.

Arbor is known to make incredibly durable snowboards, so with an affordable price tag of around $400, the Arbor Foundation is a deal and a half! It’s not going to be the BEST at doing anything, but it’s a great first-board option for beginner or intermediate riders who are still honing their skills and riding all types of terrain across the mountain!

2. 2023 CAPiTA D.O.A.: A Snowboard to Turn the Whole Mountain Into a Party!

Product image of CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome Snowboard

The 2023 CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome (or D.O.A. for short) is one of the hottest-selling all-mountain boards on the market and is the most recommended CAPiTA board on Curated. This is one of those all-mountain boards with a serious freestyle flair to it. One might classify it as an all-mountain freestyle board. It’s got a true twin shape, which makes switch riding a breeze, and a hybrid rocker profile with a myriad of benefits. With a rocker-camber-rocker profile, this board is highly versatile; the camber delivers a solid pop for the rider who wants to get into the air and stability when carving at higher speeds. The rocker in the tips provides some playfulness and flex that gives it its terrain park qualities and butter-ability.

CAPiTA is one of the few snowboard brands that make their snowboards with 100% clean energy; therefore, their boards' price tags reflect this a bit. The CAPiTA D.O.A. comes in at just under $500, which is a pretty penny. If you’re an intermediate or advanced rider or even an ambitious beginner who wants versatility and has a serious interest in riding terrain parks, this board should be a serious contender on your list!

3. 2023 Burton Custom Flying V: An Iconic Snowboard, 26 Years in the Making

Product image of Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard

The Burton Custom is one of the longest-running boards in Burton’s lineup, dating back to its first model in 1996! More recently, Burton slapped the Flying V profile onto this typically traditional camber board, and it quickly became one of the most iconic boards in snowboard history. It is classified as an all-mountain board. Burton also boasts of it being a competent freeride board with a medium flex and one of the most unique profiles you’ve ever seen (roc/cam/roc/cam/roc). This board certainly lives up to those claims! This profile is known as the “Flying V” profile and makes the board incredibly versatile and provides a surfy feel all over the mountain. It also has a directional twin shape with a slight setback stance; this helps it float through deeper snow when riding off-piste.

One can ride on groomers, through the park, and have a blast in the trees on this board, making it the perfect daily driver for a confident rider at any mountain, in any condition! While the Burton Custom Flying V does have a bit of a steep price tag of around $660, riders are receiving a product that has been refined over the past 26 years and is backed by the reputation of the most popular snowboard brand in the world.

4. 2023 Lib Tech Orca: An Aggressive Volume-Shifted Snowboard for the Bold

Product image of Lib Tech Orca Snowboard

Commonly thought of as just a powder board, the 2023 Lib Tech Orca is far from just a quiver board for those powder days. Don’t get us wrong. This board will float like a dream in deep powder, but it’s great for much more than just powder. Tech actually classifies the Lib Tech Orca as an all-mountain board, and that’s because this board can ride all over the mountain and has some tech in it that makes it truly unique from other all-mountain boards on this list.

First and foremost, it’s volume-shifted, meaning it’s meant to be ridden shorter than your average snowboard, which is 3-6cm shorter. By downsizing the length of the board, you get a ride that’s more nimble in tight spaces and easier to throw around. Secondly, it’s got a mostly camber profile with just a little bit of rocker in the middle. Pair that with a stiff flex, and this board gives riders a ton of power to fly through turns and pop to blast off of side hits with virtually no chatter when charging through gnarly lines at high speeds! It also has Magne-traction edge technology, a signature feature of Lib Tech (and Gnu). It’s essentially small sections of serrated edge located at certain contact points on the board, which provide a ton of extra edge hold in hardpack or icy conditions.

This board favors the more aggressive and powerful rider, so beginners should probably consider other boards on this list. Additionally, since it has a very directional shape, this is not a board you’d want if you enjoy riding switch. With that being said, for the riders committed to getting the best performance from their gear, the just under $700 price tag is very much justified for the Lib Tech Orca.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve reached this point in the article and checked out the 10 best all-mountain snowboards and still don’t have a concrete idea of which snowboard is best for you, that’s totally okay. Buying a new snowboard is a large undertaking and isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly or made quickly. However, there’s no reason to make this decision alone, and that’s because there’s a new way to find your next all-mountain snowboard on Curated!

At Curated, you can connect with one of our many Snowboard Experts who will help you find your next perfect board for free! You simply have to fill out a quick consumer profile that’ll ask you details about your snowboarding, and within minutes, you’ll be connected to an Expert online. From there, you can discuss with your Expert and receive personalized recommendations for snowboards, snowboard bindings, snowboard boots, and other winter accessories. You can ask as many questions as possible about the products or technical questions, such as board sizing or binding angles, and they’ll work with you. From there, you can order everything you need right from Curated.

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