Expert Review: Icelantic Nomad 105 Skis · 2022

This review is my honest opinion of the skis, which I purchased with my own money in December of 2020.

A full picture of the Nomad 105 with custom graphics.

A full picture of the Nomad 105 with custom graphics. All photos by Jarod Russell

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About this Review: This review is my honest opinion of the skis, which I purchased with my own money in December of 2020.

My take

The Icelantic Nomad 105 Skis are a pair of great all-mountain skis that handle anything I throw at it. This is my go-to ski for myself and what I highly recommend to others. It has a fantastic profile, and its durability is strong. I have no worries about this ski whenever I grab it for a day out.

About the skis I own

  • Model: 2022 Icelantic Nomad
  • Size: 177cm

About me

  • Height: 6’0”
  • Weight: 190lbs
  • Experience: Two years of skiing and 12 years of snowboarding

Test conditions

  • When I bought these: December 2020
  • Days tested: 40
  • Mount position: Recommended
  • Boots: 2021 Technica Cochise
  • Boot Size: 27.5
  • Bindings: Marker Griffon 110
  • Where I’ve used it: Lake Tahoe area, UT, and Mammoth, CA
  • Terrain: All mountain, free ride, powder, groomers

How they perform

High Speed Stability
Turn Ease

What I was looking for

I was looking for a bomb-proof all-mountain ski that could handle anything the mountain offers. I wanted to float through powder, rip some groomers and send it off cliffs while at the resort. I wanted something as an all-use ski for my first pair.

Why I chose this gear

I got a good deal on them. I heard good things from someone I knew on the Icelantic race team and my friends I ski with in Tahoe that also have Nomads, and I loved the custom graphics. They seemed the best for my riding style of exploring a mountain and switching from groomers to powder or deep in the trees and along the tops of the bowls.

Wear on the skis. This is on the tips. Just cosmetic chips in the topsheet.

Wear on the skis. This is on the tips. Just cosmetic chips in the topsheet

What I love about them

  • Speed: The shape of the ski and its sidecut profile make it great to catch edges and hold them at high speed to keep me stable. This comes in handy on steep groomers or a long traverse across the top of a bowl or ridge.
  • Edge hold: The Nomad has no problem holding edges due to the sidecut profile. This is helpful when I'm making big turns across steep terrain or when I am traversing the top of a bowl.
  • Turns: They handle any turn I make because of the rocker profile. Very rarely do I fall from turns.
  • Groomers: This ski is a speed demon on groomers. No chatter, and when I move, the ski responds. I have no worries about the stability when I decide to get back to the lift or base as fast as possible.
  • Powder: In my experience, they float through all the powder and can handle snow that traditional powder skis are used for.
  • Trees: The rocker profile allows me to quickly turn through trees and handle the snow conditions.
  • Moguls: I have noticed that they stay stable over the bumps and around the quick turns.
  • Park: The thickness and bendy core allow for jumps and stand up to the abuse of the park.
  • Durability: Bomb-proof construction is in their description, and this is very accurate. I hardly notice any blemishes or things wrong after hard riding. Even in the top sheet.
  • Weight: For what this ski is, the weight is great. It also adds to its ability to bust crud. Occasionally when it's flat or I have to lift my feet, I notice the weight, but under ski conditions, it is not noticeable.
  • Ease of turn initiation: The rocker profile is a big help in this category by allowing the ski to grip faster due to the tip width and shape.
  • Carving: I have a lot of fun carving on these skis. The sidecut profile is perfect for a good carve.
  • Stability at high speeds: The wideness of the ski provides a stable platform at high speeds. I have not noticed any chatter or popping when ripping downhill. They handle a bit better at high speeds than my carbon race skis, the Dynastar Vertical F-team.
  • Flotation: The underfoot width of 105mm floats well. It’s very comparable to a traditional powder ski. The width allows me to get the uplift that would be expected with a wider underfoot. It feels surfy and fun.
  • Versatility: Due to the reasons listed above, this ski is a beast that cannot be contained and can go anywhere on the mountain and crush it.

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Backcountry: These skis are not designed for the backcountry. They’re a bit too heavy but handle everything in the backcountry well if I were to boot-pack them in there. They will float, and the sidecut profile helps on the terrain and the trees.

My favorite moment with this gear

I’d have to say skiing the wall in Kirkwood or from the top of the ridge at Mammoth. It was great to go off these high features and feel completely comfortable riding them down. The width underfoot makes a solid platform, and they will just catch edges to help with those quick turns needed on steep descents or tight forests.

Value for the money vs. other options

Due to the deal I got on the Nomad 105 skis, I believe them to be a great value for the money. The price was the factor for me. Since the ski was on sale, I chose them over the Moment Deathwish or Wildcat. After riding a season on them, I find these better than the Wildcats, especially for the price.

Final verdict

This is a great all-mountain ski. It can handle anything the mountain has to offer and will float the powder, bust through the crud, and kill it on the groomers. I can handle high speeds with ease. The Icelantic Nomad 105 skis are an energetic, freeride tool best described as playful, surfy, and fun.

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