Expert Review: 2024 Fischer Ranger 96 Skis [with Video]

Published on 07/20/2023 · 5 min readSki Experts Rob G. and Thomas Harari tested the 2024 Fischer Ranger 96 skis on carving, freestyle, and freeride at Powder Mountain in Utah.
By Curated Experts Rob G. and Thomas Harari

Curated Experts Rob G. and Thomas Harari got their hands on the Fischer Ranger 96 skis and put them to the test at Powder Mountain in Utah. Check out how they performed in the carving, freestyle, and freeride categories, but don’t forget, every skier is unique; if you have any questions on the Ranger 96 or would like recommendations on what ski would be ideal for your needs, reach out to a Ski Expert here on Curated.

Before we jump in, a quick note that Curated Experts are not sponsored by any brands, all of these reviews are completely unbiased.

Brand Claims

What does Fischer claim about this ski? [Rob] Fischer claims that this ski is right in the middle of a playful and directional all-mountain ski. It's a ski that can go just about anywhere, and be a one-ski quiver or daily driver for any skier from the East to the West.

Overall Impressions

What's your overall impression of the ski? [Rob] My first impression on the ski was that when I leaned forward through my boots on firmer terrain, I felt like the shovels were going to give way a little bit. I adjusted to skiing with a more centered stance, and there found that the ski was really fun, really playful, and great in a wide variety of terrain. I felt very confident taking the ski on direct lines through trees.

[Thomas] My overall impression is that this is super versatile. It has Titanal metal underfoot, which gives it a little more power on the groomers, as well as some stiffness, and it kind of punches through that crusty snow. We skied this on groomers, we skied this on some sort of softened one to two inches of new snow on top of crust, and it's super stable, super versatile. It carves really well on a groomer. It's also pretty quick to turn and pivot in the trees.


How is for turning? [Rob] There's a lot of skis that have a 20-ish meter turn radius in this mid-nineties width. Most of them are either very directional, or very playful. This really does split the difference. If you feel like charging some days, and other days you might want to take it a little easier, or if you like a hard-carving ski that can also jib, this would be a really good choice.

[Thomas] The Fischer Ranger is 96 millimeters under foot and Fischer designed it to carve a groomer very well. It has an 18-meter turn radius, is very versatile off-piste, and is a pretty medium-weight ski.

What about dampness? Any chatter in the ski? [Rob] As long as I wasn't overloading the tip of the ski, the ski was very stable. It's got Titanal underfoot, so there's some dampening of vibrations going up through your body. But, it’s still light in the tips and tails, making it a versatile, playful ski.

[Thomas] This ski has Titanal metal underfoot, so it is reasonably damp. It's super locked-in on the groomers, and super locked-in on any sort of firm snow and ice.

How is its control at speed? [Rob] I didn't find the speed limit on the ski but I felt comfortable skiing at high speed.


Any playfulness in the ski? [Thomas] These definitely aren't a park ski. This is not going to be something that's going to be awesome for skiing switch or super playful skiing. I'd also say it's not super rigid and damp either. So, if you are skiing the whole mountain and want to be able to jump off of stuff and bounce around, it's going to be pretty all right for that. It's not going to be the most playful ski, or the dampest ski, but it is really versatile. But I would not take this to the park.


How would it be in powder? [Rob] It is a little narrower than I would want for a true powder ski, but anything boot top powder, that would be fine.

How is it in uneven terrain? [Rob] So I skied this ski in some uneven terrain and chunder-esque terrain, and it handled really well. The Titanal underfoot does absorb vibrations of uneven terrain.

[Thomas] It's definitely a powerful ski and the Titanal metal allows it to definitely punch through that chunder and crunchy snow. So, if you are skiing any sort of variable conditions, this is going to be a pretty good ski for you.

Is there a location where you would or wouldn't pack these skis on a trip? [Rob] This would not be a fun one-ski quiver for those places like the Catskills and the Poconos. The Midwest doesn't get a ton of snow. This is a little wider than I'd want for skiing on very firm, shorter trails where you want to make a lot of turns.

[Thomas] It's a little bit wide for ice. It's not an East Coast, Midwest ski. I think you could use it in the East if you were using it as your powder ski or for the softer days. But there's going to be narrower skis that are going to be more optimal on firm snow and ice.


Who would you recommend this ski to? [Rob] This is a versatile playful ski that would be great for a wide range of advanced to expert skiers, and even a strong athletic intermediate trying to improve.

It's also a ski that someone who skis with a more modern centered stance could have a really great time with. And those soft tips and tails could be fun for the occasional butter. For a skier in a neutral stance, this is going to be a really fun ski.

[Thomas] Upper intermediate to advanced, all-mountain skiers are going to love this ski. It's going to be super versatile.

Who should avoid this ski, are there better options for them out there? [Thomas] This ski's definitely not a beginner ski. I would also say it's probably not so much of an intermediate ski. If you're looking to ski the park, if you're looking to ski switch a ton, or you're a brand-new skier, this ski is not for you.

Skis work differently for different types of skiers, so if you're looking for help finding the right skis for you, reach out to Rob, Thomas, or another Ski Expert here on Curated. They’ll give you free, personalized recommendations on the best setup for you.

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