Expert Review: Rome Stale Crewzer Snowboard · 2021

This review is my honest opinion of the snowboard, which I purchased with my own money in December of 2020.

A snowboarder jumping on the Rome Stale Crewzer Snowboard · 2021.

Side-country in WA. All photos courtesy of Brandon Tidaback

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About this Review: This review is my honest opinion of the snowboard, which I purchased with my own money in December of 2020.

My take

The Rome Stale Crewzer is a great daily driver for intermediate to advanced riders looking for an all-terrain ripper that can handle various conditions. I find this board to be very responsive all around. It’s poppy on jumps, has great edge hold, and its directional shape provides extra float.

A snowboarder holding the Rome Stale Crewzer Snowboard · 2021.

After getting tossed off a jump, I found this board very light to carry during my walk of shame for not landing

About the gear

  • Model: 2021 Rome Stale Crewzer
  • Size: 154cm

About me

  • Height: 5’8”
  • Weight: 165 lbs
  • Experience: 15+ Years

Test conditions

  • When I bought these: December 2020
  • Days tested: 40+ days
  • Mount position: +15, -3, +15, -6
  • Boots: 2019 DC Judge, 2020 ThirtyTwo TM-3
  • Bindings: Rome Stale Cleaver
  • Where I’ve used it: Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Canada
  • Terrain: Groomers, park, trees, sidecountry, and pow days

How it performs

High Speed Stability
Turn Ease

What I was looking for

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I was looking for a board that I could use in any condition the mountain might throw our way without sacrificing the twin profile because I like riding switch. I also wanted something that was geared towards freestyle, as I also enjoy lapping the park from time to time and hitting a mix of jumps and rails.

Why I chose this gear

I chose the Stale Crewzer because of its directional twin profile and adaptability with diverse terrain. Plus, the graphic on this board embodies a real “Ståle Sandbech-vibe”. It has an eye-catching design featuring a popping but low-key colorway, a fun pattern, and a silhouette of the man himself with his Olympic mohawk. I also love the board’s “Never Grow Up” slogan, which is a reminder to keep that childish playfulness on the slopes.

I also looked at some Bataleon boards, specifically the Whatever and the Goliath. I chose the Crewzer because I liked its shape in comparison to the other two, and I was interested in trying my first pro model.

A snowboarder with his hand and snowboard on the snow.

Very fun board to tripod thanks to the longer nose and hot-rods

What I love about it

  • Speed: The Crewzer feels fast and, with the directional, pointed nose, it cuts through snow and maintains speed in all the conditions I’ve ridden in.
  • Turns: I find this board initiates turns well at slow and high speeds. In quicker, shorter turns, the board is easy to get on edge. At high speeds, I still feel the same responsiveness and I feel that’s because the shape and profile of this board work together really well.
  • Groomers: The combination of this board's shape and profile can also help riders handle the type of terrain that is found on some of those more advanced runs. It makes this board really fun when laying down big carvy turns early in the morning on fresh corduroy.
  • Powder: This board surprised me in the powder by having great float. Again, this is because of the longer nose length and shape. This board is not powder-specific, so on a deep day there may be better options out there, but this board will still get the job done for anyone looking for a one-board-that-fits-all-conditions ride.
  • Trees: This board is as agile in the trees as it is on the main runs. Just be mindful on the first run through the trees that there is a longer nose on the board so there’s extra length to account for in maneuvering the turns.
  • Moguls: The Stale Crewzer is fun to air out some moguls or take through a slalom course. All mountain boards are built for variable conditions, but the tech combined with the lightweight feel of this board make me feel like it is easier to maneuver pesky moguls than on other boards I’ve ridden.
  • Backcountry: I’ve only taken this in true backcountry once, and it was for a few turns on a pow day. I feel like the shape of this board helps keep the rider afloat in deeper snow, and the flat kick tail is also nice for driving into turns.
  • Durability: The condition of my board after two very consistent seasons of riding is as expected. There are a few dings here and there on the top sheet, but there are no gouges in the edges or the base that inhibit performance or require repair. Note though that the matte top sheet on this board will mark up slightly quicker than with boards that have a more glossy finish.
  • Weight: This is my first pro model board and the first thing I noticed was its light weight. I like riding this board so much because of how it feels under my feet. When there is a light and reliable board underfoot, it allows for focus to be on the more technical aspects of riding.
  • Switch riding: This board feels like a true twin when riding switch. I learned switch riding on a previous board and found the Stale Crewzer much easier to initiate turns with. I also like when the nose becomes the tail as I feel like the longer length helps add a bit more stability.
  • Stability: This board has great pop due to the carbon hot-rods in the nose and tail. With a medium flex and longer nose, it’s possible to really have some fun with buttering on this board too. On hardpack or chundery snow, I found this board to have some chatter, but otherwise this board feels stable in all conditions I’ve ridden.

A snowboarder standing next to a peace sign in the snow.

From pow to peace park, the Crewzer is a fun ride for anything

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Park: The twin shape really helps this board keep up with more park-specific snowboards when lapping the park. The medium flex, plus carbon hot rods, makes this board very tweakable without losing pop and stability. For bigger features or more consistent park riding, riders may want to consider the Stale Mod, which is slopestyle specific.
  • Any workarounds? I found that a stiff pair of bindings with a stiffer boot is the best pairing with this board. That’s why I pair the Rome Cleaver bindings with the ThirtyTwo TM-3 boots.
Top down view of a snowboard hitting a terrain park feature.

In the park

Favorite moment with this gear

I was in Oregon riding Mt. Bachelor for a few days, and I experienced an unreal powder day. It unexpectedly snowed non-stop for the first few hours of the morning. I had always wanted to ride one of the Peace Park courses and there it was—a pow covered skatepark just waiting to be ridden. That day and this board created the perfect combination for an unreal day.

Value for the money vs. other options

For its price, the technology, and the features it offers, I think the Rome Stale Crewzer is absolutely one of the better boards available for snowboarders in the market for a daily driver that can do it all. I would steer the less freestyle-focused riders towards other boards, but otherwise, I highly recommend this board as well as the other Stale line options.

For those who want a slopestyle board, I would look into the Rome Stale Mod as a better option. And for a board specifically for use in the pow or slashing the slush in the spring, Rome’s Stale Fish is worth consideration. Like the Stale Crewzer, these are both pro model boards and are also just as reasonably priced.

Final verdict

The Rome Stale Crewzer really is as it is named—something to cruise the whole mountain. It feels lightweight, and the hot rods in the nose and tail provide extra pop for loading one up, and easy for turn initiation. This board provides freedom from worrying about the quality of the board, and lets riders focus on cruising how they want, where they want.

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Rome Stale Crewzer Snowboard · 2021
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