The 10 Best Espresso Machine Brands

Published on 04/14/2023 · 8 min readWondering what brands you should look for in the world of espresso? Coffee & Espresso Expert Hannah Ramsey lays out the top 10 brands you should consider.
By Coffee Expert Hannah Ramsey

When it comes to coffee and espresso machines, there are a ton of different brands to choose from. It can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Whether you are just starting on your journey, are looking to upgrade or feel like a seasoned pro, weeding through the myriad of equipment options for your coffee bar can feel like a daunting and even mind-numbing task. How does one get past the commonplace coffee maker and find something that will open the gateway to truly remarkable coffee?

Luckily, we have done all the heavy lifting when it comes to your research. In this article, we will discuss the best espresso machine brands. We will give you a brief description of each brand, as well as some of the features that they offer. Hopefully, this will help you make an informed decision about which espresso machine is best for your needs! So, say hello to these brands that will make you say goodbye to the short-lived cheap coffee makers and the needlessly expensive coffee shop routine.


Whether you are looking at beginner, prosumer, or commercial espresso equipment, Ascaso is a Spanish brand known for their stylish designs and durable construction. Every machine features PID temperature control to keep the brew just right, a high-pressure steam wand, pod adaptable portafilter baskets, and easy-to-use controls. A huge plus is that every machine you buy comes with beautiful accessories, including pressurized filter baskets to ensure even a novice barista can extract a perfect espresso shot topped with delicious crema. What's more, since the company's inception in 1962 as an espresso parts shop, they know how important it is to have the ability to do repairs at home, and they make parts accessible and easy to replace with a little guidance.


This brand is all about releasing the most flavor in your coffee. Baratza is known for its high-quality grinders and other coffee equipment. If you are looking for something that is built to last and delivers top performance in either their flat burr or conical burr grinder, Baratza delivers precise grinding for a fine-tasting brew, high-quality burrs, and a large range of grind size settings. Making some of the most reliable, durable, and budget-friendly options, whether you are looking for a grinder for your home coffee setup or your small cafe, Baratza has the equipment to fit all your needs.


Not only one of the most familiar names in home coffee gear, Breville also has an amazing reputation as a quality, budget-friendly, user-friendly brand. With machine options ranging from capsule to pour-over, a Breville espresso machine, coffee brewer, or grinder will fit perfectly on your kitchen counter space. A top-tier machine like the Breville Barista Express features temperature control and precision brewing, customizable controls, and precise extraction pressure. Breville is constantly innovating to make the home espresso experience as simple and mess-free as possible with built-in coffee grinders and automatic milk frothers. Their huge range of semi-automatic machines offer something for everybody. Every Breville machine comes fully equipped with a complete accessory kit, including a milk pitcher.


With the motto of 'Better every day,' it's easy to see why De'Longhi's Italian-based company won the Brand of the Year Award in 2019. As a top brand, this company is known for both user-friendly and cutting-edge coffee brewers, espresso makers, and super-automatic espresso machines. They offer a wide range of styles, from capsule machines to more traditional home espresso machines to cutting-edge designs that are sure to stand out in your kitchen. Their highly intuitive machines feature programmable options and heat retention systems for rich flavor and aroma throughout the entire brewing process. Whether you have a preference for a shot of espresso, Americano, or cold brew, De'Longhi has a machine that will cover all the bases.


Consistency is key with this brand and that has been its thrilling success indeed. A leader in coffee grinder technology, Eureka has been making state-of-the-art coffee and espresso grinders since 1920. These high-speed grinders are capable of delivering consistency and durability from their patented “Diamond Inside” burrs that build wear resistance and their Anti-Clump and Electrostaticity (ACE System) for a smooth brew. The stepless grind adjustments and low retention make these grinders super easy to use, whether dialing in espresso and getting ground coffee to powder-fine precision for a Turkish pot or grinding for French Press and cold brew coffee.


Another Italian company with a long history of exquisite espresso machines, Gaggia is known for delivering high-quality espresso at an excellent price. Like many of the great Italian brands, they are constantly innovating, producing durable and reliable machines that have all the features you need without breaking the bank. Their innovations include entry-level machines, like the Gaggia Classic Pro, to more advanced dual-boilers and fully automated machines like the Anima Prestige with built-in grinders, rapid steam technology, and more. Whether you are looking for a compact, affordable option or something more advanced and customizable, Gaggia has a machine that can meet your needs. Some of their top features include high-pressure brewing, self-cleaning functionality, and programmable temperature settings.

Not only known for their semi-automatic machines, Gaggia also makes a wide range of fully automated machines for easy-to-use button press technology and paired with a manual or automatic milk frother.


If a traditional espresso shot is your thing, you may fall in love with this Swiss company. For those that want a high-end, fully automatic espresso machine and are looking for something with all the bells and whistles, JURA is a great choice. JURA machines feature intuitive controls, large water tanks, built-in patented Aroma G3 grinders for aroma enhancements, and coffee bean hoppers for fresh coffee beans. Programmable settings for temperature, water quantity, and pulse extraction process are included, along with the premium J.O.E. Smart Connect system that ensures convenience and optimal espresso taste. Jura offers a variety of machines, including a simple extract for a single or double espresso shot, Bluetooth-enabled machines that connect to a smart app, and commercial capacity machines that can brew both a flat white and a latte at the same time. Jura truly services the finest for the espresso enthusiast.

La Marzocco

The granddaddy of all espresso machines, founded in 1927, La Marzocco, is one of the biggest and oldest names in the coffee world. La Marzocco is known for their high-end equipment as well as the birth of the modern espresso machine. If you are looking for an advanced espresso machine that is built to last and delivers top-notch results, La Marzocco is a great choice. Some of their top features include long-lasting rotary pump technology, temperature stability, corrosion resistance, and an amazing line of professional grinders. The industry titan focused on making consistent quality commercial machines and broke into the domestic market with the Linea Mini in 2015. The Linea Mini enables espresso enthusiasts to have a cafe-level machine with a full-size drip tray in the comfort of their home. Whether you are a proficient home barista or run an upscale cafe, La Marzocco is the perfect choice for your coffee equipment needs.


Lelit is another top-tier Italian brand that offers a wide range of espresso machines to suit all your needs. Looking for a machine to save on space? You can go with a build like the Anna or the Elizabeth. Perhaps you are an espresso aficionado, starting a catering gig, or are thinking of retailing? The Bianca or GuiliettaX will be more suited to your needs. No matter the need, Lelit has the right machine for you with their top features including a built-in manometer in every machine, a traditional stainless steel look, high-quality heat exchangers, rotational pumps, and programmable brewing options. Plus, they make a range of accessories to help you better unlock your machine’s full potential. So whether you are in need of a machine to learn your barista basics or could use a leg up in your small cafe or restaurant, Lelit is a brand you can trust for quality equipment that will help you create the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Rocket Espresso

It’s all about temperature control with this brand. For those looking for something truly remarkable, Rocket Espresso out of Milan is an excellent choice. With innovative technology and a focus on quality, their machines deliver the finest espresso. Their machine line includes compact domestic single boiler machines such as the Appartamento, which is equipped with a heat-exchanger fed from a water tank. Rocket machines are perfect for smaller retail or catering use that can be directly plumbed with a rotary pump. Rocket also commits to quality commercial machines that boast amazing heat stability from the dual boilers. Crafted with high-quality materials such as stainless steel and brass, the programmable brewing options make Rocket Espresso machines perfect for serious coffee enthusiasts.

The Final Energizer

Whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned coffee connoisseur, there are plenty of great options to consider in-home coffee and espresso machines to make great espresso. Whether you are looking for an affordable, entry-level machine or something more advanced with customizable features, the purchase of any of these top-name brands in coffee and espresso equipment have you covered!

Need a bit more help in guiding you to the right espresso fit? You can explore these top brands with one of Curated’s Coffee & Espresso Experts to find the perfect coffee or espresso machine for your home or business! Whether you are looking for advanced features, sleek designs, or durable construction, there is sure to be something that fits your needs and budget.

Hannah Ramsey, Coffee Expert
Hannah Ramsey
Coffee Expert
I have happily been in the coffee industry for over a decade now as both a barista and roaster. There is something sacred in a great cup of coffee and I'm here to help you experience that cup!.I love helping people find their way to their own perfect sip!
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Hannah Ramsey, Coffee Expert
Hannah Ramsey
Coffee Expert
I have happily been in the coffee industry for over a decade now as both a barista and roaster. There is something sacred in a great cup of coffee and I'm here to help you experience that cup!.I love helping people find their way to their own perfect sip!
39 Reviews
848 Customers helped

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