Expert Review: 2023 Black Crows Serpo Skis [with Video]

Ski Experts Rob G. and Thomas Harari tested the 2023 Black Crows Serpo skis on carving, freestyle, and freeride at Powder Mountain in Utah.

A skier on the 2023 Black Crows Serpo Skis.

Curated Experts Rob G. and Thomas Harari got their hands on the 2023 Black Crows Serpo skis and put them to the test at Powder Mountain in Utah this spring. Check out how they performed in the carving, freestyle, and freeride categories. But don’t forget, every skier is unique; if you have any questions about the Serpo or would like recommendations on what skis would be ideal for your needs, reach out to a Ski Expert here on Curated.

Before we jump in, a quick note that Curated Experts are not sponsored by any brands, all of these reviews are completely unbiased.

Brand Claims

What does Black Crows claim about this ski? [Rob] Black Crows claims the Serpos is a free-ride carving ski. Now that seems like a bit of a contradiction because carving skis are usually very narrow on your foot and very heavy. But this is a pretty light ski that I was really impressed with how well it carved.

[Thomas] So Serpo is the 93 underfoot, 20 meter radius, mostly groomer ski that's going to be versatile enough to do everything. Super stable on the groomers, easy to roll from turn to turn, and just an all-around ski that's going to be able to crush it.

Overall Impressions

What is your overall impression of this ski? [Rob] It was really fun in freeride terrain. It felt very nimble in the bumps and stable in the trees. It's not the dampest of skis, but it is a very capable ski. I think it would make a great one-ski quiver for someone who wants a ski that will perform well in the East or Midwest, and on trips out West. It would be really fun to ski in a wide variety of conditions.

My favorite thing about the Serpo is its versatility. One minute I could be carving turns on a groomer, and the next I could be groaning in ecstasy from reaching the end of a run. It is both smooth carving and very agile and nimble in the bumps.

[Thomas] My first impression is that these are super smooth. You can ski these fast, or you can ski them slow. The number one thing that I really saw with them is they roll from turn to turn and connect turns really easily. They're not a short-turn ski, but they are going to make big, long turns on the groomers and they do break those tails loose off-piste. You can ski this pretty much anywhere, although it's going to be the most smooth for groomer skiing.

How does its width affect its performance? [Rob] So most companies measure the width of their skis in millimeters. Black Crows has chosen to do so in centimeters, instead. So the 9.3 centimeter with Black Crows is comparable to other low- to mid-nineties-width skis. That means that it's going to handle well on groomers and well in soft snow. It is a jack of all trades and a master of some: specifically carving on softer, groomed terrain.

How do its materials affect its performance? [Rob] This ski's constructed with a mix of fiberglass and Titanal running through the core. Its fiberglass layer contributes to it being very lively, nimble, and agile. The Titanal layer does provide some dampness. But not as much as some other skis that have more in them.


How does it turn? [Rob] I felt a lot of energy and rebound as I was carving turns with this ski. If you like engaging your turns through the tip, it does that very well and rewards aggressive input. It also skis very well from a neutral position and can make surfy turns when you want it to do that.

[Thomas] So this ski has some pretty gradual rocker in the tip and tail, but it is mostly cambered. It's a ski that doesn't have a whole lot of pop out of the turns, but makes really smooth, GS-style turns.

Is there any chatter? [Rob] It is not a super damp ski. I do feel vibration coming through the snow and on harder surfaces. But this ski is very capable, smooth, and precise in un-groomed and groomed terrain.


How would it perform in the park? [Thomas] This is definitely not a park ski nor one you're going to ski switch, either. It's not a playful, bouncy ski for just popping around the mountain. If you want to ski backwards with your kids a little bit or ski backwards on a groomer momentarily, it's going to do fine. But this is not a ski that you're going to ski backwards in the park or do 360s on.


How would it be in powder? [Thomas] This ski is only 93 millimeters underfoot, so it is not a powder ski. It's not great for powder. It's really made for groomers or softer groomers. But if it does snow, compared to other 93mm underfoot skis, I think this is going to be pretty reasonable as far as float.


Who would you recommend this ski to? [Rob] This is a really solid choice for an advanced to expert skier who's looking for a light, nimble, and agile ski.

[Thomas] I see this very much as a western ski for someone in the West who wants one ski, who's looking to ski primarily groomers but wants to ski a little bit of everything and wants to be able to do okay on a powder day. They're going to Colorado, they’re going to make big turns in the sun, but want to have that versatility to ski a little bit of everything. It’s great for a confident skier who likes to make big, fast turns as opposed to short ones.

Who should stay away from this ski, there are other better options out there for them? [Rob] Because this ski is fairly stiff and has a 20-meter turn radius, it's not ideal for a beginner or lower intermediate.

[Thomas] For Eastern skiers, this ski is maybe a little bit too wide. But I think it could still do okay. You may want a shorter turn radius for narrower trails, instead.

Skis work differently for different types of skiers. If you have any questions about the Black Crows Serpo or want help finding the right skis for you, reach out to Rob, Thomas, or any other Ski Expert here on Curated for free, personalized recommendations.

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