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Top Irons of 2020

Published on 03/14/2023 · 6 min readGolf expert Rob H. shares his top ten lineup of the best irons ever produced.
Rob H, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Rob H

Photo courtesy of Cobra

On the hunt for a new set of Irons? If you thought drivers were hard to pick out, irons go to the next dimension. Cast vs. Chrome, Players Irons vs. Game Improvement Irons, Steel vs. Graphite, Kirk vs. Picard….wait, that's not golf.

I have been helping people find golf clubs for over a decade and would love to share my top 10 list for irons. This is a lineup of what, in my opinion, are the strongest irons ever produced.

1.) TaylorMade SIM Max Iron Set

TaylorMade SIM Max Iron

The TaylorMade Sim Max Iron is one of the top performing irons for 2020. The SIM (Swing In Motion) has continued TaylorMade's lead as one of the best iron makers on the market. This iron features a bridge to connect the top and bottom of the iron. It also features an echo damping chamber to make the sound and feel be softer. The Sim Max also contains Inverted Cone Technology, which has been one of TaylorMade’s key technologies that helps speed up the edges of their clubs to help with distance control.

This is a great option for most mid to high handicap golfers. This has lighter components; if you are a hard swinger, you may need to look at the P790 or get a custom shaft. This club also has a ladies option.

2.) Titleist T300 Iron Set

Titleist T300 Iron

The Titleist T300 is the best game improvement iron that Titleist has ever produced. Their forte has been players irons. This iron uses Max Impact Technology coupled with tungsten to produce a higher launch golf club while trying to preserve a great look. They top it off with some Badge Technology that allows for a nice feeling and sounding club.

This iron would be great for a golfer who likes a smaller-looking iron, but needs forgiveness. Due to the strong lofts that these have, more advanced players might even want to consider adding the 4 and 5 iron into the current set to replace their long irons.

3.) Callaway Mavrik Iron Set

Callaway MAVRIK Iron

The Mavrik Irons offer a lot of technology that help golfers hit them more like a tour pro. Each iron has an AI designed face, strategically placed tungsten to help irons perform to their max, and microspheres in the metal to help reduce unwanted vibrations. The Elevate (steel) and Catalyst (graphite) shafts offer premium shafts as stock options.

This is a great set for any golfer who needs a little more help launching the golf ball, but doesn’t want the look of an oversize iron. These are also great to use as utility irons for long iron replacement. If you struggle with a slice, you might want to look at the Mavrik Max iron.

4.) TaylorMade SIM Max OS Iron Set

TaylorMade SIM Max OS Iron

The TaylorMade SIM Max OS is the younger brother to the SIM iron. This club packs the same technology as the SIM, but is easier to hit and to hit without slicing. This club has more offset and a larger, more confidence-inspiring shape.

The Sim Max OS is geared towards beginner to higher handicap golfers, who struggle with launch and a slice. This iron also comes in ladies specs.

5.) Cleveland Launcher UHX Iron Set

Cleveland Launcher UHX Iron

The Cleveland Launcher UHX Iron Set is a progressive set that starts with hollow irons in the long irons and moves to cavity back irons once you get into the shorter irons. Cleveland installed a springy steel face to add distance and a low and back center of gravity to increase forgiveness. They also included a V sole on the club to help with turn interaction with these clubs.

These clubs are great for mid handicappers to high handicappers, or golfers who need help with their long irons. More advanced players wanting Cleveland products should look at their sister company SRIXON and the new ZX7 and ZX5.

6.) TaylorMade P790 Iron Set

TaylorMade P790 Iron

The TaylorMade P790 is the most popular iron over the past three years. This iron helped to create a new category: players distance irons. It is for golfers who like the look of players irons, but need the help with distance that you get from the game improvement category. The iron has a forged hollow head filled with Speed Foam to help support an ultra thin face for explosive distance.

The P790 is for low to mid handicap players. You do not need to be the best ball striker to play this iron, but if you struggle with severe misses, you should look at the SIM MAX or SIM Max OS. If you want a 2 iron, this set does have the UDI version available.

7.) Cobra King SpeedZone Iron Set

Cobra King Speedzone Iron

The Cobra King Speedzone Iron is one of the most technologically advanced irons on the market. This iron has a carbon fiber top line, powershell face, and speed back shaping to help produce long and straight shots. One unique feature of the club is that it comes with the Arccos caddies system, which links to your phone and helps you track your yardages to give you club recommendations when you play. These irons also come in the one length setup as well, where every club has a 7 iron shaft.

This is a great iron for any mid to high handicap. The only drawback is that the carbon fiber top line can be a little distracting. More advanced players should look at the King Forged Tech or the King Tour.

8.) Tour Edge Hot Launch 4 Iron Set

Tour Edge Hot Launch 4 Iron

The Tour Edge Hot Launch 4 Iron Set is the most underrated set in the industry. Tour Edge is not a flashy name, but these clubs get the job done at an affordable price. All clubs are built in the USA and are backed by a lifetime warranty. These clubs offer a generous sweet spot with the undercut cavity. KBS 90 shafts and a UST Mamiya shaft are the stock shafts in steel and graphite respectively.

These are great clubs for anyone concerned with cost. They are an excellent choice for mid to high handicap golfers and even beginners.

9.) Cobra F-Max Airspeed Iron Set

Cobra F-MAX Iron

The Cobra F-Max Airspeed Irons are the lightest clubs on this list. They remove weight to enable you to swing the club faster and the generous amount of offset allows you to square the club up at impact. Cobra also has an all-inclusive set with matching driver and woods.

This is a great set for a beginner or someone with a more moderate swing speed. This is also a great option for someone who is on a tight budget.

10.) Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron Set

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron is the greatest of all game improvement irons. It features the largest sole width that Callaway has ever produced, tungsten strategically positioned in the club head, and an AI-designed face. The RCH graphite shaft that comes stock has some sweet looking graphics.

This Big Bertha B21 would be great for beginners or golfers who struggle with irons and especially with a slice. The irons launch high and are hard to slice. Strong swing speed golfers should avoid this iron.

If you have any questions about the irons above or would like recommendations on what iron set would work best for you and your game, please feel free to reach out to me or one of my fellow Golf experts here on Curated. There are many irons on the market and I’d be happy to help you find the perfect one for you.


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