Size Guide: Atomic Helmet

Published on 01/15/2023 · 4 min readNot sure what size helmet you need? Curated Experts know how important finding your perfect fit is. Find sizing information for Atomic helmets here.


Here on Curated, your Winter Sports Expert wants to find the best products for you. That starts with finding the perfect fit. But with so many helmet options, finding the right one can be daunting. This guide is designed to help users compare the sizing of different products.

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Finding Your Measurements

Measure around your head, making sure the measuring tape passes across the center of the forehead, above the ears and over the natural bump at the back of the head.

Helmet Size Chart in Inches

Redster Jr--20-21.521.5-23---
Redster Sl--20-21.521.5-2323-2424-25.5-
Savor Gt Amid / Savor Gt / Savor Amid / Savor / Savor Visor--20-21.521-2323-2424-25.5-
Savor Visor R / Savor R-18-2020-21.521.5-2323-2424-25.5-
Revent + Amid / Revent + Lf / Revent + / Revent--20-21.521.5-2323-2424-25.5-
Backland Ul / Backland--20-21.521.5-2323-2424-25.5-
Four Amid Pro--20-21.521.5-2323-2424-25.5-
Four Amid-18-2020-21.521.5-2323-2424-25.5-
Four Jr18-1918-2020-21.5----
Savor R Jr / Savor Visor Jr-18-2020-21.5----
Count Jr-18-2020-21.5----

Helmet Size Chart in Centimeters

Redster Jr--S/M 51-55M/L 55-59---
Redster Sl--51-5555-5959-6363-65-
Savor Gt Amid / Savor Gt / Savor Amid / Savor / Savor Visor--51-5555-5959-6363-65-
Savor Visor R / Savor R-48-5251-5555-5959-6363-65-
Revent + Amid / Revent + Lf / Revent + / Revent--51-5555-5959-6363-65-
Backland Ul / Backland--51-5555-5959-6363-65-
Four Amid Pro--51-5555-5959-6363-65-
Four Amid-48-5251-5555-5959-6363-65-
Four Jr46-4848-5251-55----
Savor R Jr / Savor Visor Jr-48-5251-55----
Count Jr-48-5251-55----

With so many helmet options to sort through, it can be really helpful to chat with someone who understands your needs and provides guidance. If you have any questions about finding the right helmet, chat with a Winter Sports Expert here on Curated for free, personalized recommendations.

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