Size Guide: Giro Helmet

Published on 01/12/2023 · 2 min readNot sure what size helmet you need? Curated Experts know how important finding your perfect fit is. Find sizing information for Giro helmets here.


Here on Curated, your Winter Sports Expert wants to find the best products for you. That starts with finding the perfect fit. But with so many helmet options, finding the right one can be daunting. This guide is designed to help users compare the sizing of different products.

Don’t forget to chat with a Curated Expert for free advice and recommendations on the best helmet for your needs.

How To Measure Your Size

Wrap a measuring tape around your head, keeping the tape level from front to back. Note the measurement and reference the Size Guide.

Note: Make sure the helmet fits with a little room when the fit system is loose, and sits low enough to protect your forehead without hindering your vision. Once you’ve got the right size, you can adjust the fit.

Helmet Size Chart

Adult Super Fit SizeCircumference (cm)
S51 - 55
M55 - 59
L59 - 63
XL63 - 65

Youth SizeCircumference (cm)
XS (Scamp Model)45 - 49
S (Scamp Model)49 - 53
XS (Dime Model)47 - 51
S (Dime Model)51 - 55
Universal Child47 - 54
Universal Youth (Ages 5+)50 - 57

Adult Super Fit Full FaceCircumference (cm)
S51 - 53
M51 - 55
L55 - 59
XL59 - 63

Adult UniversalCircumference (cm)
Women Adult50 - 57
Unisex54 - 61
Extra Large58 - 65

With so many helmet options to sort through, it can be really helpful to chat with someone who understands your needs and provides guidance. If you have any questions about finding the right helmet, chat with a Winter Sports Expert here on Curated for free, personalized recommendations.

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