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Size Guide: Rossignol Snowboards

Published on 01/16/2023 · 9 min readNot sure what size snowboard you need? Curated Experts know how important finding your perfect fit is. Find sizing information for Rossignol snowboards here.


Here on Curated, your Snowboard Expert wants to find the best products for you. That starts with finding the perfect fit. But with so many snowboard options, finding the right one can be daunting. This guide is designed to help users compare the sizing of different products.

Don’t forget to chat with a Curated Expert for free advice and recommendations on the best snowboard for your needs.

How To Choose The Right Size Of Board

Usually the length of board chosen sits between the chin and the nose of the rider, i.e. between 10-20 cm less than the rider's overall height, depending on the level and ride style. For freestyle riding, choose a snowboard that sits between your shoulder and chin, and for freeride between your nose and chin. We recommend that you take into account the suggested weight charts, manufacturers' recommended levels and ride style when narrowing down your selection.

  • Weight: the greater the weight of the rider, the longer (and sometimes wider) the snowboard must be in order to withstand greater pressure.
  • Level: the more experienced the rider, the more they will be able to adapt the size of their board to suit the ride style being practised. A short snowboard will be easier to handle, while a long snowboard will be more stable.
  • Ride style: for freestyle snowboards should be shorter, usually lighter, more manoeuvrable and easier to twist and rotate, and for freeride they should be longer, usually more stable at high speed and more suited to powder.

Boot length is the actual measurement taken from the heel to the front end of the boot, and should not be confused with MONDO/US/UK/EURO shoe size measurements. Suggestions for acceptable boot length take into account the width of the board at the inserts and were calculated with a positive angle of 15° on the front foot and a negative angle of 9° on the back foot. Boot length will need to be different if these angles are not the same. For example, they can be 0.5 cm larger at higher angles and 0.5 cm smaller at lower angles.

All Mountain Snowboard for Men's

Name of the BoardBoard Length (cm)Recommended Rider Weight (kgs)Suggested Boot Length (cm)
Angus15450/7529 Max
Angus15855/8029.5 Max
Angus16260/9029.5 Max
Angus Wide15960/90> 29.5
Angus Wide16365/95> 29.5
Angus Wide16665/95> 29.5
One LF15355/7529 Max
One LF15660/8029.5 Max
One LF15965/9029.5 Max
One LF Wide15760/80> 29.5
One LF Wide16165/90> 29.5
One LF Wide16565/95> 29.5
Templar15350/7029 Max
Templar15555/7529.5 Max
Templar15860/8029.5 Max
Templar Wide15660/85> 29.5
Templar Wide15965/90> 29.5
Templar Wide16265/90> 29.5
Circuit14540/6029 Max
Circuit15045/6529.5 Max
Circuit15550/7529.5 Max
Circuit16055/8029.5 Max
Circuit16560/9029.5 Max
Circuit Wide15650/75> 29.5
Circuit Wide16155/80> 29.5
Circuit Wide16660/90> 29.5

Freeride Snowboard for Men's

Name of the BoardBoard Length (cm)Recommended Rider Weight (kgs)Suggested Boot Length (cm)
XV Split15960/8029.5 Max
XV Split16360/9029.5 Max
XV Split16765/9029.5 Max
XV Split Wide16465/95>29.5
XV15960/8029.5 Max
XV16360/9029.5 Max
XV16765/9529.5 Max
XV Wide16465/95>29.5
XV Wide16870/100>29.5
XV Wide17470/100>29.5
XV Sashimi LG15250/7532 Max
XV Sashimi LG15655/80>32
XV Sashimi LG16060/90>32
XV Sushi Split LG14550/90>32
XV Sushi LF14450/75>32
XV Sushi LF14550/90>32

Freestyle Snowboard for Men's

Name of the BoardBoard Length (cm)Recommended Rider Weight (kgs)Suggested Boot Length (cm)
Black Ops15560/9029.5 Max
Black Ops Wide15860/90>29.5
Jibsaw HD15560/9029.5 Max
Jibsaw HD15760/9029.5 Max
Jibsaw HD Wide15860/90>29.5
Jibsaw HD Wide16270/100>29.5
Jibsaw15050/7529.5 Max
Jibsaw15350/8029.5 Max
Jibsaw15555/8529.5 Max
Jibsaw15760/9029.5 Max
Jibsaw15960/9029.5 Max
Jibsaw Wide15860/90>29.5
Jibsaw Wide16270/100>29.5
Retox14750/8029.5 Max
Retox15055/9029.5 Max
Retox15355/9029.5 Max
Retox15660/9529.5 Max
Trickstick AF15045/6529.5 Max
Trickstick AF15450/7529.5 Max
Trickstick AF15855/8029.5 Max
Trickstick AF Wide15450/75>29.5
Trickstick AF Wide15855/80>29.5
Trickstick AF Wide16260/90>29.5
Trickstick AF Wide16660/90>29.5
Sawblade14540/6029.5 Max
Sawblade15040/6529.5 Max
Sawblade15550/7529.5 Max
District14640/6029 Max
District15145/6529.5 Max
District15550/7529.5 Max
District15955/8029.5 Max
District Wide15650/75>29.5
District Wide16155/80>29.5

All Mountain Snowboard for Women's

Name of the BoardBoard Length (cm)Recommended Rider Weight (kgs)Suggested Boot Length (cm)
Justice14540/6029 Max
Justice14945/6529 Max
Justice15345/7029.5 Max
Frenemy14430/5528 Max
Frenemy14735/6028 Max
Frenemy15040/6528.5 Max
Frenemy15345/7028.5 Max
Gala14235/5028 Max
Gala14640/6028 Max
Gala15045/7028.5 Max
Gala15450/7528.5 Max

Freeride Snowboard for Women's

Name of the BoardBoard Length (cm)Recommended Rider Weight (kgs)Suggested Boot Length (cm)
Diva Split15245/6528.5 Max
XV Sashimi LG Light15250/7532 Max
XV Sushi LF Light14450/75>32

Freestyle Snowboard for Women's

Name of the BoardBoard Length (cm)Recommended Rider Weight (kgs)Suggested Boot Length (cm)
Diva LF14030/5028 Max
Diva LF14430/5528 Max
Diva LF14840/6028.5 Max
Diva LF15245/6528.5 Max
Meraki14030/5528.5 Max
Meraki14530/6028.5 Max
Meraki15040/6028.5 Max
Myth13630/4528 Max
Myth13930/5028 Max
Myth14440/6028.5 Max
Myth14940/7028.5 Max
Myth15450/7528.5 Max

Freestyle Snowboard for Kids'

Name of the BoardBoard Length (cm)Recommended Rider Weight (kgs)Suggested Boot Length (cm)
Jibfluence13030/4528.5 Max
Jibfluence13530/5028.5 Max
Jibfluence14030/5528.5 Max
Jibfluence14530/6028.5 Max
Jibfluence15040/6028.5 Max
Alias (Jr)13025/4527 Max
Alias (Jr)13530/5028 Max
Alias (Jr)14035/5528.5 Max
Alias (Jr)14540/6029 Max
Scan Smalls8010/2022 Max
Scan Smalls9015/2523 Max
Scan10015/3024 Max
Scan11020/4025 Max
Scan12025/4526 Max

With so many gear options to sort through, it can be really helpful to chat with someone who understands your needs and provides guidance. If you have any questions about finding the right snowboard, chat with a Snowboard Expert here on Curated for free, personalized recommendations.

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