Expert Review: Volcom Women's Elm Stretch GORE-TEX® Bib Pants

This review is my honest opinion of the pants, which I purchased with my own money in November of 2021.

The Volcom Women's Elm Stretch GORE-TEX® Bib Pants.

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About this Review: This review is my honest opinion of the pants, which I purchased with my own money in November of 2021.

My take

The Volcom Women's Elm Stretch GORE-TEX® Bib Pants are great for all abilities. I am an avid park and powder rider and I love how warm they keep me on some of those colder days. These pants are also great for beginners since beginners usually get snow down their pants, and these prevent that.

A snowboarder wearing the Volcom Women's Elm Stretch GORE-TEX® Bib Pants.

About the pants I own

  • Brand: Volcom
  • Model: ELM Stretch GORE-TEX
  • Size Fit: Runs a little small

About me

  • Height: 5’11’’
  • Weight: 140lbs
  • Pant size: Large
  • Experience: 20 years of snowboarding

Test conditions

  • When I bought these: November 2021
  • Days used: 60
  • Where I’ve used them: Breckenridge, Keystone, Vail, Beaver Creek, Copper, Telluride, Wolf Creek
  • Weather conditions used in: I have used them on sunny warm days as well as blizzard days

How they perform

Ease of Movement

What I was looking for

I was looking for something to keep me dry on powder days as well as prioritized comfort and fit. I had used Airblaster bibs before and they were a bit stiffer, so I needed a larger size to have the mobility.

Back of the Volcom Women's Elm Stretch GORE-TEX® Bib Pants.

Why I chose this gear

I tried them on and they were the most comfortable pants I had ever worn. My friend recommended them because of the stretch, so I had to see for myself.

A snowboarder standing in the Volcom Women's Elm Stretch GORE-TEX® Bib Pants.
Full view of the Volcom Women's Elm Stretch GORE-TEX® Bib Pants.

What I love about them

  • Fit: I love their relaxed fit. I can bend my knees much easier to grab my board off of jumps and just ride without restriction.
  • Comfort: They are super soft and the stretchy of this material is amazing. I could continue to wear them through Apres without being in a rush to tear them off.
  • Waterproofing: The waterproofing is great, like a soft jean material. That kept me dry when it was dumping snow or riding in slush.
  • Durability: These have a long product life. Mine still look great, just light wear, but I will use them again for another season. There is only a 90-day warranty, but I have not had to use it. The zippers are still working great as well.
  • Weight: Medium weight, ideal for staying warm and I don’t like heavy gear. I feel like this weight material is more comfortable instead of something weighing me down.
  • Ease of movement: I can easily initiate turns and pop and do tricks without the pants restricting my movements.
  • Quality: The GORE-TEX 2-Layer Stretch is why they keep me dry without losing comfort.
  • Special Features: These have normal side pockets and back pockets, but I also love the chest pockets; I throw my pass and chapstick in there.
Close up of wear and tear on the bottom of the Volcom Women's Elm Stretch GORE-TEX® Bib Pants.

Wear and tear on the bottom!

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Warmth: I was only cold once when it was five degrees outside. I usually have a ninja suit as my base layer and that’s it. I do not like to be bulky, so I try to have minimal thermals.
  • Special Features: I wish it had a zipper around the back instead of sliding the straps off to use the bathroom, but I got used to that quickly.
  • Breathability: Not huge breathability, but they never felt stuffy or too hot. I felt the breathability issues when I was split boarding; they do get warm, but the pants have vents which help quite a bit.
A snowboarder turning down the mountain.

Favorite moment with this gear

I really love that in the springtime, I can start with a jacket and then remove it to just wear a hoodie under my bibs. I love how the pants have such a different look when delayering.

Value for the money vs. other options

These have been my favorite bibs. I have owned three other pairs and they were all quite a bit stiffer. GORE-TEX pants can be stiff and super expensive, so for the price point I am not sacrificing comfort, durability, and style. Other outerwear brands usually sacrifice one thing or another, but these pants have it all. The Burton Avalon Bibs are a comparable option; those pants will be a little less warm and they only have one main kangaroo pocket up top, which then blocks the possibility of having a zipper in the front. I really like that zipper for putting on and taking off my pants. It makes putting on outerwear a bit quicker and more convenient, and I am all about convenience when it comes to snowboarding.

Final verdict

The way these bibs fit just about reaches perfection. They are a midweight pant layer that keeps me warm and enables me to have full movement. It did not restrict me from bending my knees, which we all know is so important for snowboarding. I loved the relaxed fit, it’s not too tight. I will buy these again.

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Volcom Women's Elm Stretch GORE-TEX® 2L Bib Pants
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