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Published on 12/08/2022 · 6 min readTennis Expert Nicholas Carrero gives the history behind Lotto Sport, a well-known tennis brand, and lists a few of their top-sellers for this season!
Nicolas Carrero, Tennis Expert
By Tennis Expert Nicolas Carrero

Lotto has become one of the top brands in the world of tennis. If you’ve been in the sport for a while, you’ve probably heard about this gear manufacturer–and for good reason!

Lotto shoes are known for their “sporty,” bulky look. They look and feel more comfortable than a lot of tennis shoes on the market. They usually come with a thick-looking exterior, almost making them look like basketball shoes. Comfort and stability are at a premium with Lotto shoes. But don’t think bulky and stable means weight! The modern-day Lotto shoes are lightweight, like the Mirage 200 series of shoes (more on those in a sec!). Lotto clothing is also very visible on the pro tour. Polos, shorts, and short sleeve shirts are among their most popular clothing items.

In this article, we’ll talk about Lotto’s history in the sport and then discuss some of their current best products to consider before grabbing the tennis racquets and hitting the court!

History of Lotto

In 1939, the Caberlotto family established a new manufacturing company in Northern Italy. They took the second part of their last name for the brand title and fused together a football field with a tennis court for their logo. They began small, focusing their passion on marketing sports apparel products for Italy.

It wasn’t until decades later, in the '70s, that they began to become a worldwide brand for sports, starting with tennis. In 1968, tennis became “open”, meaning that the previously amateur players could now sign up for the more prestigious tournaments reserved for professionals and make money off endorsements. In 1973, Lotto debuted as a sports footwear manufacturer.

By 1975, they were sponsoring three-time Wimbledon Champion, John Newcombe. Newcombe and Lotto created one of the first Lotto shoes for tennis, the “Newcombe Signature” shoes. It was a revolutionary shoe with a unique leather upper part of the shoe and no seams. That shoe became one of the most influential shoes in the history of the sport. They, along with the Stan Smith Adidas shoes of the same era, are credited as being the base shoe for tennis shoes in the future. Newcombe wasn’t the only player to be sponsored by Lotto during the '70s. Martina Navratilova and Boris Becker were among the other famous players that wore Lotto. During the '80s, the company wanted to expand their brand and branched out into football (soccer) clothing, specifically boots.

While the brand continued its success with tennis during the '80s, the company had become worldwide and far-reaching in the world of sports. Now sponsoring football clubs and players, the golden era of Lotto in tennis came to an end during the mid-90s. In 1999, the company was taken over by a group of local businessmen, and the name was changed to Lotto Sport Italia. Today, Lotto distributes its products in more than 110 countries. Though its stronghold on tennis isn’t what it used to be in the '70s and '80s, there are still big-name players sponsoring the brand, and over 120 pros still wear the double diamond brand!

Best Current Men's Lotto Tennis Shoes

Lotto tennis shoes are currently making a strong comeback into the sport. Here are some of the best shoes currently on the market…

Lotto Mirage 100 Speed Shoe

These are shoes that were designed with the help of professional players like Matteo Berretiini and John Millman. This shoe is designed for great stability and comfort while also being light and agile. It fits narrower than most, with a fast and low-to-the-ground style. They also come with two insoles for added comfort.

Competitive players should definitely look into this one. These shoes are made for the highest levels of performance, the most used Lotto shoe by pros on tour. If you are looking for a light, narrow shoe with excellent stability, this is your pick!

Lotto Mirage 200 Speed Shoe

The lightest shoe offered by the company, the Mirage 200 features a full inner sock construction for a form-fitting feel. This package is one of the most comfortable lightweight tennis shoes on the market right now. They do not require too much of a break-in period, usually being instantly comfortable right out of the box! The inner sock was made softer for this version to give more flexibility and less pressure when stopping and starting. Cushioning for the heel is one of the highlights of this shoe, along with its lightness. This shoe sits low to the ground for greater response.

It’s the lightest and most flexible Lotto shoe right now, the only possible downside being durability. The soft feel and low design make the shoe more susceptible to possible wear and tear, especially on hard courts. However, I recently tested these and found them to be very comfortable and easy to break in. I really enjoyed the colors and the lace options(one in yellow, one in white) for customization. If you are looking for a light, comfortable shoe with customization, this is a prime pick in the market right now!

Lotto Mirage 300 Speed Shoe

This is a very popular pick for recreational players who want premium stability, flexibility, and durability without breaking the bank. The 300s come with a classic sporty look and extra comfort. They require no break-in period and have a cool geometric outsole design for added durability and traction. Whether you are just a fan looking to play or a veteran player, these shoes are known for their comfort!

Best Current Lotto Attire

Always fashionable and elegant, the brand’s clothing is ultra popular—both on the pro and recreational circuit. Here are some sweet new clothing products…

Lotto Core Sweat Half Zip

Made with quality polyester, this is one of the best picks for any outdoor activity. The mock net top collar keeps you cool and insulated. And the elegant style is matched by excellent comfort, so you can not only look great but play great.

Lotto Squandra II Polo

As a moisture-managing polo with a heat-transferring logo, the future is here with this item! The Squandrea II has a sleek shoulder stripe design and a single-button collar. The left-chested Lotto logo comes with heat-transferring technology to keep the rest of the polo cool. Coming in both bright white and navy, it’s a futuristic choice for players of all levels!

Lotto Men’s Top IV 1 Shirt

Here is the best for last! The Top IV 1 is a quick-drying top inspired by Italian fashion. The deep dry technology works to keep you from getting too sweaty. Having options is another perk with this item. It is available in multiple colors, including bright white and navy blue, navy blue and yellow/saffron, and white and black. With such dynamic color duos, the IV 1’s style may distract your opponent on the other side!

Now That You’re Geared Up

In short, Lotto is a brand with a great history and an equally great future. With elite shoes and fantastic clothing, it’s a great choice for players of all levels. If you are interested in any of these, you can get assistance from one of our Tennis Experts here on Curated! We provide sweet deals, exclusive apparel, free shipping, and price comparisons.

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