Expert Review: Salomon Stance 102 Skis · 2022

This review is my honest opinion of the skis, which I purchased with my own money in December of 2021.

The Salomon Stance 102 Skis.

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About this Review: This review is my honest opinion of the skis, which I purchased with my own money in December of 2021.

My take

The Salomon Stance 102 is a big, heavy, hard-charging ski that can carve long, giant slalom-style turns and float in soft snow. These skis are geared toward an advanced to an expert-level skier. The stiff Stance 102s are geared toward carving and a little play in the powder as a hard charger all-mountain ski.

The bottom of the Salomon Stance 102 Skis.

About the gear

  • Model: 2022 Salomon Stance 102
  • Size: 183cm

About me

  • Height: 6’0”
  • Weight: 175lbs
  • Experience: 26 years skiing and 16 years ski racing

Test conditions

  • When I bought these: December 2021
  • Days tested: 15+
  • Mount position: Factory Recommended
  • Boots: 2021 Salomon S/Race 130
  • Boot Size: 26.5
  • Bindings: 2022 Salomon Warden 13 MNC
  • Where I’ve used it: Mt. Bachelor and other PNW ski resorts.
  • Terrain: Groomer, mixed snow, and light powder.

How they perform

High Speed Stability
Turn Ease

What I was looking for

I was looking for a new ski that was stiff and could carve really large long turns and could float in soft snow. Similar to a large underfoot GS ski, which can only turn at high speed and for a long radius.

Why I chose this gear

These Salomon Stance 102s are a new edition to Salomon’s lineup that offers an all-mountain charger with a larger underfoot platform. It can handle large radius turns and be a hard-charging ski. I chose this ski because it was a fun all-mountain ski that could carve and ski well at high speeds. Some other skis I considered were the Kastle Fx 105 because it's a stiff ski and a decent carver and the Blaze 104, which carves and handles dynamic skiing well.

Bindings on the Salomon Stance 102 Skis.

What I love about them

  • Speed: These have really great stability and feel at speed. The 102s are quick because they are made for big, long, fast turns and to cruise smoothly.
  • Edge hold: These skis are stiff, so they take a lot of energy to move. A lot of energy and weight is necessary to really move these skis and make these skis start to bend and carve. However, once I can move them, they carve and hold an edge well.
  • Groomers: For a ski that is 102mm underfoot, these can carve really well on groomers. They are stable and feel good to ski but stiff, so lots of energy is needed to move them on the groomer.
  • Powder: Being 102mm underfoot, these are good for floating in soft snow and powder. But, as already noted, the 102s are stiff, so these take a lot of energy to move in the soft snow.
  • Durability: Great durability, and haven’t scuffed or scratched much over 15 days of skiing. There is no plastic scuffing from ski-to-ski contact and no gashing into the top sheet from ski-to-ski contact. Even skiing over some rocks, the base of the skis held up great and didn’t scratch on the base too badly.

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Turns: The Salomon Stance 102s are tough to turn well at low speeds and for a quick turn. These skis are stiff, so without a lot of energy put into the ski, they are hard to carve. However, once one can get these skis up to speed and has the power to move them, these skis turn really well.
  • Backcountry: Because the 102s are heavy and stiff, these wouldn’t be the most fun backcountry-styled ski. They need a lot of energy and speed to turn.
  • Weight: These are heavy, as they have a full sheet of stiff metal in them, making the skis a little heavier than the other all-mountain chargers in that category. The Stance 102s are not like a brick of lead or anything, but with the additional metal, these skis are a little bit heavier than their wood-core counterpart.
  • Switch riding: I can’t ride these skis switch well. They are made to be directional. There is not much rise on the tail to ski backward.
The Salomon Stance 102 Skis.

Favorite moment with this gear

Taking out these Salomon Stance 102s on a freshly hard-packed groomer day after a few days of some new snow was delightful. These skis are just like giant slalom race skis with a lot more underfoot width. I could ski these at high speed and carve some nice big, long turns. It is rare to find an all-mountain-styled ski that I can control at high speed, and the Stance 102 can cruise easily with lots of fun turning.

Value for the money vs. other options

If one is looking for a ski that is primarily built for big, long turns that take a lot of energy to move, one should consider this ski. They can float well in the soft snow and charge through the crud snow, too. Some other good ski options include the Volkl Blaze 104 and the Kastle FX 105, which are hard-charging all-mountain skis, but for those big, long hard-charging turns that make one feel like a ski racer on Giant Slalom skis, the Stance series does a much better job. These skis are worth the money if a skier wants an all-mountain ski that can carve well, cruise through the crud easily, and go ski in some soft snow too.

Final verdict

The Salomon Stance 102 is a hard-charging all-mountain ski that is stiff, mean, and really fun to go fast on. If one is a freerider who wants speed and high-angle turns and prefers a traditionally designed metal ski with updated construction, these are the skis for them.

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