The 15 Best Grill Brands

Published on 12/09/2022 · 18 min readLooking for the best brand for your new grill? Grill & Outdoor Kitchen expert Travis Hill gives you his top 15 grill brands for you to consider when shopping around.
By Grill Expert Travis Hill

Photo courtesy of Kamado Joe

As the seasons change and it becomes time to pull out our shorts, tank tops, and tumblers, it also signals the start of the outdoor cooking season. Whether you use charcoal grills, gas grills, or pellet grills, or you like the option of having them all, find the right grill brand that has everything you are looking for in your next backyard barbecue can be a bit overwhelming.

Having grilled, cooked, and smoked on just about every grill and some homemade Franken-grills, I have compiled the best grill brands that go above and beyond to give you the ease and practicality of dominating your next outdoor BBQ.

I will show you the best brands that are designed for specific cooks and smokers, and I will also give you a rundown on grills that allow you to do everything, such as making hot crust sears or juicy rotisserie and creating rich smoke.

As Curated Grill & Outdoor Kitchen Experts, we do a lot of research to understand the best tech, quality, and features on the market. We thoroughly test our grills to ensure they have the utmost quality and that you have every bit of information on their makeup and design. We handpick these brands and models to give you the quality and price that meet your needs. Whether you are looking for natural gas grills, propane grills, pellet grills, electric grills, portable grills, or the possibility of converting one another, we have covered you.


Blackstone may not have started griddle and flat-top cooking, but they sure have gotten them down to a science. Blackstone has brought ease and versatility to the flat top, from Ruben cheesesteaks to fluffy pancakes. Blackstone has revolutionized the griddle to include models featuring air fryers and side propane burners. Founded in 2005 and still made in the USA, Blackstone has worked and improved their OG 36in griddle to near perfection. The 36in griddle was their first product on the market in 2008 and has been a top seller ever since because of its simple attachments and lasting durability. So, it's no mystery which of their griddles is my top pick.

Expert Pick: 36in Griddle with Hood

This is a durable, heavy-duty original workhorse. You can feed a small army with 769 sq. in. of cooking space. This tested flat top is durable and precise. It will give you the durability you are looking for and the diversity to cook multiple food items in many cooking styles. The feature that seals the deal is the hood. Being able to cook and keep anything unwanted out of your food is a must. Plus, the hood acts as a steam cover and gets that cheese melty without any extra accessories.

Key Features

  • Four adjustable heat controls
  • Hard cover to protect griddle top from unwanted elements
  • Built-in igniter
  • Rear grease cleanout
  • Foldable side shelves
  • Paper towel holder


Blaze is one of the most sought-after grill brands on the market. The juggernaut BBQGuys created this grill line. This brand is unique because it is among the most tested on social media. There are at least two different videos on YouTube and Instagram, where you can watch a Blaze grill being run through at least five tests. From testing cold spots to the gauge thickness of the firebox, Blaze highlights their transparency. They have various grill lines, including outdoor kitchen setups, cast aluminum kamados, and griddles.

Expert Pick: Blaze Professional LUX 3-Burner 34in

With commercial-grade stainless steel construction across the board and three cast burners produced in the signature H-style pushing 18,000 BTUs apiece, this grill gets down to business and looks good doing it. Above the burners rest 12mm-thick, hexagon-shaped grill grates that provide maximum heat retention in service of staggering sear marks. This grill is a LUXury example of tough durability and features. Built-in or freestanding, the LUX has great longevity and lasting brilliance.

Key Features

  • With 304 stainless steel throughout the entire grill, you get maximum longevity
  • 12mm hexagonal grill grates give you durability and even heat distribution (while keeping food from falling through the grates)
  • A rotisserie kit and full-width grease tray are included
  • Grease and heat control to optimize easy cleanup
  • LED lighting system gives you a clear indicator for ON/Off use

Big Green Egg

Kamado-style cooking has indeed been around for thousands of years, but in 1974 Ed Fisher brought this idea into the modern age. Big Green Egg (BGE) was the first to modernize the three-century-old cooker and bring it to the market. BGE has become the household name in modern kamado-style cooking by incorporating durable ceramics and an abundance of accessories. Unlike other kamado-forward brands, Big Green Egg uses authorized dealers to handle most of their sales. You can buy packages, such as the Large Egg with the EGGspander System, on Curated, but you will have to find a local authorized dealer to find most individual Big Green Eggs.

Expert Pick: Large Egg Gen 2

The Large Egg can handle most families' cooking needs and friends' gatherings. It’s versatile enough for weekend cookouts or pizza parties, large enough for eight steaks at once, and efficient enough for an impromptu dinner for two. With the Gen 3 available, the Gen 2 is a bit more affordable and will give you the same cooking results, making it a good bargain for your first BGE.

Key Features

  • The modern ceramic design includes a firebox, fire ring, and deflector plate.
  • Easy-to-control bottom and top ventilation with easy-to-read degree marks
  • Compatible with the huge selection of Big Green Egg accessories

Broil King

Broil King has been an up-and-coming brand for years. Born in North America, this fantastic grill brand focuses on flavor and longevity. With the creation of the “FLAV-R-WAVE” flame tamers, Broil King grills keep the flavor of the drippings of your favorite steak and veggies in circulation after the juices hit the Flav-R-Wave flame tamers and vaporize. This constant flavor circulation gives you that backyard flame-broiled flavor we all love. This incredibly gives you the feel of a completely infrared grill!

With an average 9+ year longevity rating, you will be able to enjoy your Broil King, which features thousands of outdoor cooks.

Expert Pick: Broil King Regal S590 Pro

The Regal S590 Pro features 875 sq. in. of total cooking space, including a porcelain-coated warming rack, stainless steel cooking, grids, a stainless steel Flav-R-Wave cooking system, five stainless steel Dual-Tube™ burners, stainless steel side shelves, an enclosed cabinet base with pull-out tank drawer, and built-in control knob lights. Five stainless steel Dual-Tube burners provide two rows of flame for efficient heat distribution.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel grates, together with the patented “Flav-R-Wave” system, deliver excellent heat retention and flavor with minimal maintenance
  • Built-in control knob lights add better sleek functionality when cooking at night
  • 55,000 combined BTUs
  • Made in the USA

Camp Chef

For over 20 years now, Camp Chef has been reinventing how we cook outdoors. They are one of the few that started bringing great cooking technology to camp cooking and then advancing to all outdoor cooking. With success unfolding at every turn, Camp Chef has created some of the most versatile and practical grills on the market, and with the emergence of the Camp Chef Woodwind Pro in 2022, it won’t take long to figure out why.

Expert Pick: Camp Chef Woodwind Pro

It’s here! A tech-savvy, easy practical grill that merges pellets with real wood and charcoal! The Camp Chef Woodwind Pro Wi-Fi grill, available 24in and 36in, makes it easier to cook outdoors. The combination of features like the hopper purge, an easy-to-use ash cleanout fire bowl, smoke number intensity levels, and smartphone monitoring gives you the power to control the smoke and heat. This technology also keeps you posted on the progress of your cook. It features a new smoke box to cook with pellets, wood chunks/chips, or charcoal. With their patented down-and-out ventilation system, you can even cold smoke cheese and other delicate proteins.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Sidekick components (sear box, flat top, pizza oven) for cooking versatility
  • Expanded chamber height
  • Wood chunk and wood chip drawer that can house charcoal in addition to hardwood pellets
  • Ash cleanout
  • Modern control panel
  • PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) control for precise cooking temperatures every time
    • These controls work like the cruise control in your car, keeping temperatures steady


What can you say about Char-Broil that hasn't already been relayed to you by anyone who has ever dared to leave a burger to sear before turning it properly? Char-Broil has any type of cooking apparatus you can think of and is easily accessible and incredibly affordable (but seriously, let your burger cook for at least three minutes on medium heat before the first flip).

Expert Pick: Performance Series 6-Burner Gas Grill

Key Features

  • LED control knobs for better night cooking
  • 35,000 combined BTUs
  • Lid-mounted temperature gauge to easily monitor the inside temperature of your grill.
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron grates for heat retention, easy cleanup, and rust prevention


Coleman is a brand that has been trusted for over a hundred years, providing camp lanterns and cooking essentials. It's only right that Coleman has maintained its spot in the modern cooking landscape by expanding its cooking line to include some of the best and most affordable portable grills on the market.

Expert Pick: Coleman RoadTrip 285

Key Features

  • 20,000 BTUs of grilling power and 285 sq. in. of cooking area
  • Two side tables for resting utensils and sauces
  • Quick start push button-start ignition that takes matches out of the equation.
  • Locking lid for easy and secure trekking!

Kamado Joe

Kamado-style grills have been a mainstay for thousands of years for a reason. Born in Atlanta in 2009, Kamado Joe has prioritized innovating a 3,000-year-old cooker. With tests done in all climates and backed by science, Kamado Joe is dedicated to providing the best grilling experience in every type of weather. There have been some big debates about whether Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe is a better kamado-style grill. Check out my article, Expert Guide to Big Green Egg vs. Kamado Joe, to find out!

Expert Pick: Big Joe Gen II

The versatile Big Joe II from Kamado Joe is a grill, smoker, and oven all-in-one that can be ready to cook in 15 minutes. This kamado grill is constructed from 1.25in-thick ceramic that holds heat, maintains the temperature, and is highly porous to keep moisture in your meat, producing incredibly juicy, tender food with an authentic wood-fired flavor.

With a 304 stainless steel cooking grate that measures 452 sq. in., the Big Joe II has one of the largest kamado cooking surfaces in the industry. Cook on two different levels at once using the flexible cooking system or use the two split heat deflectors for indirect cooking and baking for truly versatile cooking. Its cast aluminum Kontrol Tower top vent allows for consistent airflow and prevents rain from entering the grill.

Key Features

  • Cast aluminum Kontrol Tower top vent allows for consistent airflow and prevents rain from entering the grill
  • Split fire box for creating separate direct and indirect cooking chambers
  • 304 stainless steel grates
  • 452 sq. in. of cooking area


Masterbuilt is another one of those brands that are synonymous with smoking foods. With the expansion to their gravity line, they hold one of the top spots for truly innovative vertical smokers. They have captured the ability to smoke with amazing ease and unbelievable affordability. The ease of smoking even the most delicate foods is what makes Masterbuilt a huge staple in the grilling world. Most of our outdoor cooking adds barely enough smoke to our foods. Still, with the affordability and ease of Masterbuilt Smokers, you can add one of their smokers to your arsenal without breaking the outdoor cooking budget.

Expert Pick: 40in Digital Electric Gravity Smoker

Key Features

  • The temperature reaches up to 275˚F
  • Digital panel controls on/off, cooking temperature, and time
  • Four chrome-coated smoking racks for a total of 978 sq. in. of smoking space
  • Water bowl to add moisture and flavor


From flyers to smart grills, Nexgrill has become a mainstream brand focusing on feature availability and inclusivity. You can find Nexgrill at big box stores and online platforms that offer great deals. Nexgrill brings an all-in-one concept to your kitchen and outdoor kitchen. With grills with multi-fuel combinations and air fryers built into the base, you are really at a one-stop shop for cooking. If you have a busy lifestyle and don’t want to stand over multiple types of grills and cookery for the different types of food preferences of your family, take a look at the many models that cater to blasting out dinner in one fell swoop.

Expert Pick: Neevo 720 Smart Grill and Air Fryer

The new Neevo 720 Plus Smart Grill With Air Fryer is equipped with NEX-fi technology. The game-changing smart grill broils, bakes, fries, and sears with epic precision. What I love about this grill are the options. Nexgrill has given us a grill that can be fully automated in its cooking or fired up the tried and true way — with our hands. You can turn on your grill, control the temperatures and even turn it off when it's done, all from your smart device.

Key Features

  • A whopping 714 sq. in. of total cooking space
  • 44,000 BTUs of the combined grill and “Fryer” power
  • 1–13 qt. air oven for air frying your favorite appetizers
  • Stainless steel control panel equipped with NEX-fi smart technology


Built to be eye-catching, this Canadian company has a real niche for producing some of the best gas grills on the market in terms of warranty, features, and affordability. Napoleon's most iconic feature, the "wavy" grill grate design, is a staple in even-heat distribution technology. Napoleon really listened to what the public wanted, and in doing so, they have transcended the realm of outdoor cooking as we have come to know it. Accompanied by the ease of Jetfire ignition, Napoleon grills are an easy and innovative choice. In my article An Expert Guide to Gas Grills, you can also read more about everything you need to know about picking out your new gas grill.

Expert Pick: Napoleon Prestige PRO 500

Key Features

  • Versatile warming rack designed with cutouts for all the chicken wings and legs
  • High-heat infrared side burner allows you to sear like a pro without taking up your main cooking area real estate
  • The rear infrared rotisserie burner and rotisserie kit
  • Interior and exterior lighting, with beautiful lighting spectrums
  • Stainless steel flame tamers catch the drippings and recirculation that great flavor

Pit Boss

Each of Pit Boss's products is designed in-house by a highly talented team of engineers and experts. In 2020, Pit Boss was one of the top-selling brands in the United States. Known for bringing their take on smoker and pellet smokers, Pit Boss strives to maintain quality at a very good price point.

Expert Pick: Copperhead 7 Series Pellet Smoker

Smoke low and slow or crank up the heat from 150 to 450 degrees for up to 24 hours of cooking time. The double-walled, cold-rolled steel cabinet has a hammered copper finish with a high-heat coating and houses 1,815 sq. of cooking space over six porcelain-coated, height-adjustable cooking racks.

A sturdy latch securely seals the door shut and features a large viewing window with an external heat indicator to keep an eye on things without sacrificing heat and smoke from breaking the seal. Firing up the Copperhead is a breeze thanks to the automatic prime function, which automatically ignites pellets using a 300-watt igniter.

Key Features

  • Ten temperature presets, start-up and cool-down cycles, and an electric igniter
  • 60 lb. hopper provides up to 24 hours of smoking time
  • Cold-rolled, double-walled steel cabinet with high-heat coating
  • Temperature range of 150–450 degrees
  • Large window to monitor food


This is a fantastic luxury grill brand with an affordable price point regarding their sizzler and TRL lines. This brand has that polished stainless steel classic look that sets the stage for a lighter modern outdoor kitchen. Mainly recognized for its outdoor kitchen versatility and quality, Summerset gives you exceptional quality and outstanding value. Summerset’s grill lines have many features and add-ons to ensure you are not stuck with a specific type of function for your new outdoor kitchen. Many cart options are available to make your summer set interchangeable and versatile.

Expert Pick: Sizzler Pro 32in Built-In

This grill really set itself apart by using the same sleek design as the classic Sizzler, along with added exterior LED lights. The interior has also been revamped with 14,000-BTU cast burners, heat zone separators, and interior cooking lights to create a premium grilling experience from top to bottom.

Key Features

  • Cast stainless steel burners, giving you longer life and durability
  • Bricette integrated with flame tamers to catch and recirculate the cooking “juices”
  • Rear infrared burner to add a rotisserie kit if desired
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 36,000 combined BTUs


Pellet grills started in the ‘80s, but the OG, Traeger, uses compressed wood pellets to power and achieves that smoky flavor with the ease of electricity. Traeger is still one of the top pellet grill juggernauts in the market today and continues to solidify its warranties and support. Traeger is a household name for pellet grills, as they have many different models for every type of outdoor cook. They also manufacture all the supplies needed to take your smoking to the next level. By producing pellets to pigtails to their own butcher paper, you can stay within the Traeger line of products for every style of cooking you can imagine.

Expert Pick: Traeger Timberline XL

If I am going with Traeger, I am going all out! Traeger offers so many features and accessories at different levels that each one is more tantalizing than the last. The timberline xl is double-walled and fully loaded with features that will open your eyes to a whole new world of wood-fired flavor and outdoor cooking possibilities. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert on one grill that allows grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, braising, and BBQing, plus sautéing, simmering, and scorching-hot searing (giving all the praise to the new Traeger Induction cooktop). The versatility of the Timberline XL is top-tier, and it will be the only grill you will ever need.

Key Features

  • Digital touchscreen display
  • Huge hopper (22lb) with easy purge to change out your flavors quickly
  • Traegers patented WiFIRE technology lets you control temps through any wifi connection
  • Induction cooktop, to have multiple cooks going at once
  • Easy ash cleanout and grease buckets make clean-up a breeze


The first brand that comes to mind when thinking of charcoal grills is the old faithful Weber Kettle. Kettle grills that sit on the corner of our patio for that impromptu party or event reassure us that no matter what life surprises us with, we have a trusted way to grill. However, the design to coax more wood and charcoal flavor with better materials has come a long way in recent years. Weber grills have continued their ironclad stamp and reputation with their gas grill, pellet grill, and kamado-style grill lines.

Their gas grill line is evidence of their long-lasting attention to detail with the Genesis. Along with the spirit and Genesis Gen I, the New Genesis has everything needed and wanted in an outdoor gas grill, with the addition of more features like side infrared burners and app connectivity.

Expert Pick: Weber Genesis II SX-335 Smart Grill

sear zone, and the ability to use the Weber crafted interchangeable accessories, the Weber Genesis SX-335s propane gas smart grill gives you amazing versatility and exciting features to take your backyard grilling to the next level.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use Weber in-app connectivity
  • Additional sear zone allows you to cook in two different zones
  • Multiple accessories are available to be able to diversify your cooking
  • LED-lighted interior and exterior lighting

Buy Your Grill With Confidence

We have just explored the most sought-after brands that the grilling kingdom has to offer, but make sure to weigh the decision carefully. Even though you have one of the best tools to make your outdoor grilling dreams come true here, it is still a considerable investment. This purchase will affect future meal flavors for the family, which can carry a heavy toll.

If you have any questions or need more in-depth information about any or all of these amazing grills, I would love the opportunity to help. You can chat with me directly or reach our fantastic team of Grill Experts to find additional help so you can take home that perfect grill.

Travis Hill, Grill Expert
Travis Hill
Grill Expert
Grilling at its essence brings people together. From cooking for my military team to cooking at 4 star restaurants, I now use my experience to teach new cooks and pit-masters around the United States..Consider me your Personal Pit-Master— What are we cooking today?
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Travis Hill, Grill Expert
Travis Hill
Grill Expert
Grilling at its essence brings people together. From cooking for my military team to cooking at 4 star restaurants, I now use my experience to teach new cooks and pit-masters around the United States..Consider me your Personal Pit-Master— What are we cooking today?
154 Reviews
2340 Customers helped

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