An Expert Guide to the Lupe Pure Cordless Vacuum

Published on 12/27/2022 · 5 min readFloor Care Expert Jeff C. does a deep dive into all the features of the Lupe Pure Cordless Vacuum to give you a better idea of if it's the right vacuum for you!
Jeff Cearfoss, Floor Care Expert
By Floor Care Expert Jeff Cearfoss

Pure Cordless in action. Photo courtesy of Jeff C. 

I’ve been actively involved in floor care for over 40 years and have been obsessed with finding a vacuum with the most effective suction power that keeps dust, dirt, and allergens inside the bag or bin. Today, the options seem endless. My goal is to weed through the jungle of options available and give you some insight into floor care.

I was gifted the Lupe Pure Cordless in November 2022. By way of testing, I have used it for quick cleanups on my hardwood floors in lieu of running my iRobot i3. I also tested its performance on my bedroom carpets. In both cases, the performance and suction were outstanding. I also put it to use as a hand held, using it to vacuum cobwebs and also to dust the window blinds.

Lupe in a Nutshell

The Lupe Pure Cordless vacuum is designed to be used on many surfaces, from carpet to tile and hardwood. Lupe describes itself as a rebel of the cleaning world. Located in the U.K. and founded by two former research and development folks at Dyson, its vision was to create a no-nonsense, class-beating cordless vacuum. Founder Pablo Montero brought his experience as an aero engineer to the vacuum world. Working alongside Lucas Horne, they brought their vision to life with the fruits of their labor and developed the Pure Cordless. From an environmental standpoint, Lupe technology aims to be carbon negative by 2024.

About the Lupe Pure Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Pure Cordless in handheld mode. Photo by Jeff C.

The unit makes parts replacement a breeze, and Lupe is well-stocked with replacement parts. Not quite an upright, not quite a stick vacuum, the design of Pure Cordless from Lupe gives you the best of both worlds. It takes some of the ease-of-use elements of cordless stick vacuums and combines them with the cleaning abilities of an upright. In a nutshell, it’s an innovatively engineered, long-lasting battery, state-of-the-art cordless vacuum.

What Kind of Warranty Does Lupe Offer?

Lupe offers a two-year warranty on every Pure Cordless vacuum. In addition to the warranty, Lupe also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. So you can try the Pure Cordless for 90 days—no cords attached—and return it for a full refund (terms apply).

What Kind of Suction Can I Expect?

The Pure Cordless has three power settings. At the lowest setting, you’ll get 1.4k pascals. Compared with the competitors, the Dyson (Ball) Multifloor two-corded** **vacuum is rated at 0.8k pascals. That’s a significant increase in power!

How Much Does the Bin Hold?

The bin holds 1L of dust, dirt, and debris, giving me plenty of room to do my 1,500 sq. foot home.

What Kind of Battery Life Can I Expect?

The Pure Cordless comes in a single or double-battery pack option. The Pure Cordless has three power settings: Low, Medium, and High. The default speed is at the Medium setting; you can expect 60 minutes of run time at this setting. The High setting is great for adding a little power boost when you need it, but I’ve found that running it in the Max mode for extended periods will cut your battery life in half. Charge time to full charge from empty is 3.5 hours. The battery can be charged in the vacuum or removed and charged conveniently out of the machine.

How Much Does the Pure Cordless Weigh?

The Lupe Pure Cordless weighs 10lbs as an upright when completely assembled. However, when you remove the patented suction intensifier cleaner head to use as a handheld, it drops to around 7lbs. One nice feature is that you don’t have to hold the main unit when the cleaning head is disconnected. It will still stand up and allow you to work with the hose and detachable hand wand.

What Do I Get With the Lupe Pure Cordless?

The above photo shows all the attachments included with the Pure Cordless. 1. Vacuum body 2. Suction head with Suction Intensifier technology 3. Liithium-ion battery 4. Battery Charger 5. Detachable handle/wand 6. Crevice tool and upholstery tool and onboard mount

What Else Makes the Lupe Pure Cordless Unique?

Lupe in action. Photo by Jeff C.

Composite Roller

The composite roller serves two purposes. First, it acts as a seal for the suction intensifier head, giving you more suction where it counts. And it also rolls over large debris easily, so there is no need to adjust the height of the cleaner head.

Universal Pickup Head

The Pure Cordless has a patented cleaning head that focuses and traps dirt and debris where it needs to be. The composite roller and the brush bar work together to clean everything from cat litter and pet hair to sand and tough dirt.

HEPA Filter

If you're an allergy sufferer, the Pure Cordless has you covered. The discharge of the cyclone unit is equipped with a washable HEPA filter that traps even the smallest particles (as small as 0.3 microns). This ensures that none of the allergens escape into the air, helping you breathe easier.

Final Summary

A great tandem. Photo by Jeff C.

The Pure Cordless is a remarkable vacuum capable of handling various debris types. The three motor speeds are convenient, but the default speed is usually sufficiently powerful enough for most day-to-day cleanup. It has efficient suction even in lowest motor setting and plenty of power at High speed, just in case you are looking for that extra oomph! I will often place it at High speed for my carpeted areas. Remember, when doing so, you will use up your battery life at a higher rate. I can get over an hour of continuous cleaning in the default mode (medium speed). I’m limited to about 30 minutes in the turbo setting, though I rarely run it in turbo for more than a minute or two.

I encourage you to get with a Floor Care Expert who will be glad to dig in deep and find the floor care products that best fit you and your family's needs.

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