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Published on 05/13/2023 · 7 min readWhether you're looking for a road, mountain, city, or electric bike - Decathlon has a model for you! Read on to learn more about their most popular bikes!
Thomas Olmsted, Cycling Expert
By Cycling Expert Thomas Olmsted

The VTT Rockrider 5.1. Photo by Benoît Prieur

Have you been searching for the perfect bike for your needs but are having a tough time deciding between brands and models? Chances are, Decathlon is one of those brands you’ve come across. Decathlon bikes cover a wide range of gear, from the ripping aerodynamics of road bikes to rugged mountain bikes that can survive any abuse thrown your way.

Decathlon offers many types of bikes, most targeted towards the entry-level rider or the person who doesn’t want to break the bank. Decathlon has multiple options for road cycling, mountain biking, hybrid or city bikes, electric bikes, and even a child's bike or two. Decathlon is also an intermediary for some brands, like Aventon and Van Rysel. You can also buy all the accessories you might need directly from Decathlon as well. So regardless of your needs, Decathlon could be a great place to start your search. This guide will take you through various Decathlon bikes and help you decide which bike is best for you so you can be as informed as possible before you make your next cycling purchase!

Different Types of Decathlon Bikes

Because Decathlon offers a wide variety of options, it’s good first to break down the differences between road, mountain, city, and electric bikes.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are designed specifically for the road and smooth pavement or tarmac. Road bikes aim to provide speed and stability on your ride. Because road bikes don’t have suspension systems like mountain bikes, road bikes are generally very light and have few actual moving parts. Road bikes can be very affordable due to their relatively simple design.

Much of the Decathlon bike lineup has an endurance frame design and geometry, letting you spend long hours on the saddle. If you want a bike to ride on the pavement with the goals of long rides and building fitness, a road bike could be a great option for you!

Triban RC120

The Triban RC120 is an awesome road bike for entry-level or budget-minded riders. The value of this bike for its price is top-notch. The RC120 is a lightweight aluminum frame bike with a carbon fork, enhancing your ride's comfort. Mechanical disc brakes are a great upgrade over rim brakes, and the bike is equipped with a 2x8 MicroShift drivetrain. The geometry of this bike puts the rider in a very comfortable yet sporty position, allowing you to handle long rides easily. It is an excellent option and one that I highly recommend to those new to road biking.

Van Rysel EDR AF105

This next bike is an aggressive yet comfortable bike that will fly down the tarmac and easily reach the top of climbs. The Van Rysel is an aluminum frame with a carbon fork build, equipped with a full Shimano 105 lineup, which is much more common on more expensive bikes, so that is a huge plus! And because the Van Rysel utilizes a lightweight rim brake setup, this is an incredibly light and fast rig. The geometry of this bike is more aggressive than the RC120, but not too aggressive to the point where long rides aren’t doable. However, if you are on a quest for higher speeds or perhaps looking to dip your toes in the world of bike races, then the Van Rysel is a fantastic build that won’t break the bank.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are designed to handle rough terrain but can be ridden on any surface. Mountain bikes typically have front or full suspension forks, providing the rider with a more comfortable and safer ride. Due to having a suspension, mountain bikes are typically much heavier than their road bike counterparts. A mountain bike will be a perfect choice if you live in an area with diverse terrains and enjoy exploring nature.

Rockrider XC50 29”

The Rockrider XC50 is an awesome bike for the explorer or person looking to put some good miles on the trails. Since the bike is equipped with 29in wheels, you’ll be able to roll over obstacles on the trail relatively easily, compared to a 27.5in wheelset, which takes more effort to get over obstacles on the trail. A widely loved SRAM NX 1x11 groupset provides a wide range of speeds for all terrain. The 100mm RockShox Judy fork provides ample cushioning and rounds out with hydraulic disc brakes. The XC50 is the perfect bike for someone new to mountain biking who may be exploring local off-road trails. The only drawback of this bike is it is a bit heavier than other similar options.

Rockrider XC900

The Rockrider XC900 is an absolute beast! And although it is the most expensive bike on this list, you’ll quickly see why it is such a good deal. The bike’s frame and seat post have a full carbon build. Mountain bikes with this feature are a rarity under $3,500. And it isn’t because it slacks in other areas, either. The bike is equipped with SRAM GX Eagle 1x12 groupset and SRAM hydraulic disc brakes. A Rockshox Reba RL100mm fork rounds this out to be a steal. Given the lightweight nature and high-quality components, this is the perfect bike for someone looking to race mountain bikes or take their cross-country rides to the next level.

Hybrid and City Bikes

Hybrid bikes, also known as city bikes, are made to be the ultimate commuting and utility bicycle. The advantage of city bikes is they typically come with mounts for cargo and baskets. In addition, they provide a frame geometry that keeps the rider in a comfortable position and wider tires to increase comfortability and durability on your ride. So if you are looking for a commuting bike or something with a lot of versatility and aren’t concerned so much about riding for sport or fitness, a hybrid will be the ideal bike for you.

Elops Speed 900

The Elops Speed 900 is your “look no further” commuter. It is a very fast and light commuting bike with a 1x8 drivetrain, which combines enough speed with the simplicity of only one chainring, eliminating the chances of a chain or shifting problem on your commute. Mechanical disc brakes provide excellent stopping power, keeping you safe while navigating roadways on your ride. The wide 32mm tires provide an almost cushion feel while riding and negate the effects of rough surfaces in the road that might feel jarring otherwise. The Speed 900 is an excellent commuter bike option that will last a very long time!

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are becoming all the rage as technology improves. E-bikes are great options for people who are commuting or who need a little assistance on whatever ride they’re taking. Typically, e-bikes put the rider in a very comfortable and upright position, making it ideal for rides to work or running errands. These bikes also commonly offer a step-through design, which is great for anyone with limited body mobility. An e-bike would be a great choice if you’re looking for a commuter bike for a longer commute or because you don't want to get too worked up on your ride.

Aventon Pace 500

The Aventon Pace 500 is another great commuting option, but this time with a bit of a twist! It is a fantastic commuter and city e-bike. It comes equipped with a 750w Samsung motor and a battery that offers around a 40-mile range, depending on your riding style. This range is ideal for someone looking to commute, as one-way trips on bikes are typically under 20 miles. You can also hit a top speed of 28mph! This bike has a great electronic setup. But what about the rest of the build? The bike has a 1x8 drivetrain, allowing multiple speeds for any hills you come across. Hydraulic disc brakes provide top-notch stopping power when you need it as well. If you’ve been looking for an e-bike for commuting, this could be your best option.


Decathlon provides tons of value in their bikes at prices that won’t break the bank. Many of their bikes are perfect for entry-level riders looking to break into the bike world. That said, there are still some intermediate to advanced-level bikes at some great prices. To explore more Cycling articles as you pursue your journey in the sport, check out the Expert Journal here on Curated.

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