Expert Review: Rossignol Sender 94 Ti Skis · 2023

This review is my honest opinion of the skis, which I purchased with my own money in November of 2022.

The  Rossignol Sender 94 Ti Skis · 2023.

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About this Review: This review is my honest opinion of the skis, which I purchased with my own money in November of 2022.

My Take

The Rossignol Sender 94 Ti is the perfect all-mountain ski for an intermediate to advanced level skier on the East Coast who wants to have one ski that excels in all conditions.

The  Rossignol Sender 94 Ti Skis · 2023.


About the skis I own

  • Model: 2023 Rossignol Sender 94 Ti
  • Size: 172cm

About me

  • Height: 5’8”
  • Weight: 130lbs
  • Experience: 20+ years of skiing

Test conditions

  • When I bought these: November 2022
  • Days tested: 7
  • Mount position: Regular
  • Boots: 2023 Rossignol HiSpeed MV 120
  • Boot Size: 26.5
  • Bindings: 2021 Look SPX12
  • Where I’ve used it: Ragged Mountain Resort, Wachusett Mountain
  • Terrain: Groomers, deep powder, ice, glades, variable East Coast conditions

How they perform

High Speed Stability
Turn Ease

What I was looking for

I wanted a free-ride, all-mountain ski that I could use for the typical East Coast powder day that wouldn’t feel out of place blasting through the chopped-up powder in the afternoon and then ripping groomers the next morning. I wanted a ski that I could bring to the mountain everyday regardless of the conditions and have it excel.

Tips of the  Rossignol Sender 94 Ti Skis · 2023.

Why I chose this gear

I settled on the Rossignol Sender 94 Ti because I think it’s the most versatile ski in its class. At 94mm underfoot with a generous amount of tip rocker, it floats better than one may expect from a ski in the mid to low 90s underfoot. I really liked the flat tail design versus something like the Nordica Enforcer 94. The flat tail of the Sender gives me a longer effective edge and a more controlled feeling on those days where I’m carving up the hardpack and the ice that we so often find ourselves skiing in. This ski is party in the front and business in the back.

Tails of the  Rossignol Sender 94 Ti Skis · 2023.

Sender Tail

Tips of the  Rossignol Sender 94 Ti Skis · 2023.

Sender Tips with snow

What I love about them

  • Speed: Some people may look at this ski and think it is similar to the 7-series, but one big difference in the Air Tip design makes this ski much more stable at speed. Rossignol reduced the size of the Air Tip by over 50%. This allows the ski to be much more stable and less chattery at high speed, which was a common complaint of more aggressive skiers on the 7-series skis.
  • Edge hold: The Sender 94 Ti holds its edge much better than some of the partial twin-tip skis like the Enforcer 94 that it competes against. By having a flat tail, the Sender has a longer effective edge than a ski of similar length because there is more of the ski in contact with the snow. This produces a more controlled feeling and greater edge-hold.
  • Turns: There is enough lightness and plenty of rocker in the tip where the ski willingly dives into a turn and doesn’t take a heck of a lot of convincing from the skier to make it do so. It loves to make medium arcing turns and really does a nice job of completing a turn due to the tail-design.
  • Powder: With the caveat of my lighter-than-average weight, this ski floats really well in powder—better than most skis that are 94mm underfoot. The ski is middle-of-the-road when it comes to weight, but it really has a lot of rocker in the tip; so if I shift my weight a bit back when skiing, this ski is more than happy to float right through the deep stuff. In the afternoon, when it starts getting pushed into piles, I can really hammer this ski through the soft bumps.
  • Trees: This ski is terrific for glades. It has enough width and rocker where it floats really well but is nimble and narrow enough to really dance through the trees.
  • Backcountry: At 94mm underfoot, this would make for a fairly narrow backcountry ski, but that doesn’t mean it’s not capable. Rossignol believes in its abilities—even selling a precut skin for the Sender 94 Ti. They use their Air Tip technology and a lightweight paulownia-wood core to keep the ski nimble and easy to get up the mountain. This ski would have no issues charging down.
  • Durability: I haven’t had this ski very long, but so far it’s held up well. Rossignol is known for making quality skis, and this ski feels no different.
  • Weight: I think this ski weight is perfect at 3.6kg per pair in the 178 size. It’s squarely in the middle range of skis in its class. It’s not too light where it’s unstable but not so heavy that it’s difficult to ski on.
  • Stability: Stability is a strength of this ski: it doesn’t chatter really at all. Rossignol did a good job with the titanal reinforcements in the core and the shrinking of the Air Tip to really make this ski extremely stable in any condition.

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Moguls: When it comes to skiing moguls, this ski can do it. But it’s a bit wider and even a bit stiffer than most skiers would want for a true-mogul ski.
  • Switch Riding: This ski is really not very good at all for riding switch. But then again, it’s really not designed to do so. If one wants a free-ride ski that can rip backwards, the Sender isn’t the right ski.
  • Park: This ski is not something I would want to take into the park. That’s not to say it can’t hit jumps, but the relatively stiff build and especially the tail really makes it unsuitable as a park ski.
Base of the  Rossignol Sender 94 Ti Skis · 2023.

Brand new Senders

Favorite moment with this gear

So far my favorite moment with this gear was our first real powder day of the season at Ragged Mountain Resort on December 16th. After moving all of my scheduled work meetings the previous day, I headed north into the storm to test out the Senders. That day really cemented my purchase of these skis. When I arrived for first chair, there was six-plus inches of fresh powder on the ground. The skis performed really well floating through the snow. By that afternoon, there was chopped up powder everywhere, and I was able to lay into the skis and blast through it all. All in all, the storm dumped 18 inches over a period of 24 hours, and the Senders handled it all as ropes dropped on the natural trails in the coming days. I could get fresh tracks through the newly opened terrain with deep powder and still rip the groomers when I wanted to. These truly are a very versatile ski.

Value for the money vs. other options

The Rossignol Sender 94 Ti is very competitively priced in its segment and provides great value. Its main competition are all more expensive options: The Nordica Enforcer 94, the Elan Ripstick 96, and the Volkl Mantra M6. Ultimately, the Sender 94 Ti doesn’t look cheap, it doesn’t feel cheap, and it certainly doesn’t perform like the cheaper option.

Final verdict

For those on the East Coast who want one-ski to do it all, then look no further. For those on the West Coast and want a slightly narrower all-mountain ski that can still float through the deep days, then this is the right ski.

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Rossignol Sender 94 Ti Skis · 2023
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