Expert Review: Scarpa F1 95 Ski Boots · 2022

Published on 01/08/2023 · 5 min readThis review is my honest opinion of the ski boots, which I purchased with my own money in November of 2020.
Steven Henke, Ski Expert
By Ski Expert Steven Henke

Traverse. All photos courtesy of Steven Henke

About this Review: This review is my honest opinion of the ski boots, which I purchased with my own money in November of 2020.

My take

The Scarpa F1s have become my go-to boot for backyard touring days. Impressively lightweight for its category and can handle anything thrown at it, this boot is definitely targeted toward advanced skiers who value the weight-to-ski ratio. That being said, I also recommend this boot to new-to-backcountry skiers, too.

In the Wasatch

About the boots I own

  • Model: Scarpa F1 2020
  • Size: 27.5

About me

  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 164lbs
  • Street shoe size: 10.5
  • Experience: 10 years of skiing

Test conditions

  • When I bought these: November 2020
  • Days tested: 100
  • Skis: Black Diamond - Helio Carbon 104
  • Bindings: Black Diamond - Helio 145 pin-bindings
  • Where I’ve used it: Alta ski resort, Wasatch mountains, Idaho, Wyoming
  • Terrain: Groomers, trees, bumps, powder, ice, and ridgeline scrambling.

How they perform

Heel Hold
Claimed Stiffness Accuracy
Walk Mode

What I was looking for

I bought this boot because I wanted a boot that was not only lightweight but also had the potential to ski aggressively. I previously owned the 2018 Scarpa Maestrale boots which were too heavy to keep up with my crew without being spent at the end of the day.

Wear and Tear after 100+ days

Why I chose this gear

The F1 boots are not only half of the weight of the 2018 Maestrale, but they have a much better range of motion. I wanted a boot that could be adjusted using the BOA tensioning system. I did consider buying a boot such as the Atomic Carbon Backland. I chose this boot since I found a better deal on it, and I am very happy with my decision.

Wear and Tear after 100+ days

Steep Turns

What I love about them

  • Tensioning: My favorite feature of the F1 is the BOA tensioning system. It allows me to tighten the boots swiftly and precisely so that I am the first one dropping down the slope. The range of motion is fantastic: I've nearly done splits on the skin track and these boots have handled it.
  • Accuracy of Claimed Stiffness: The stiffness of the boot is good but not great. It’s what I would expect for a boot of this weight class. One will typically find a boot is stiffer when the weight is heavier, but there is still plenty of stability to charge hard. It would be comparable to a 100-110 for an in-bounds boot, which is awesome when I am out-of-bounds.
  • Accuracy of Claimed Fit: The fit is just as expected and the comfort is great. I tend to have wider feet, and these fit well. For those with a very narrow foot, this may not be the best boot but is worth a try.
  • Comfort: These boots are very comfortable, and I can wear them for 10-hour days back-to-back with no problem.
  • Flex: The flex is true to specs. I have a large range of motion when skiing uphill. It’s comparable to a 100 flex for an inbound boot. A great option for serious skiers.
  • Weight: The weight is excellent for how stiff the boot is.
  • Backcountry: These boots rip in the backcountry. They are the perfect balance between lightweight and being flexible for the uphill and solid and stiff for maximum performance for the down.
  • Adjustability: Adjustability is great, and I love the power strap to add more power for the descent.
  • Walk mode: Walk mode is perfect in these boots. There is enough flex to make moving up steep terrain easy. I have also broken a pair of bindings five miles away from the car and hiked back in these boots. It actually wasn't awful because these boots are comfy in walk mode.
  • Grip: The grip of the boot is excellent and will handle steep ridges, steep booters, or that slippery chunder in the parking lot.
  • Durability: I have been pleased with the durability of this boot. 100 ski days take a huge toll on a boot, and these boots still ski as well as they did on day 10.

Avoiding Rocks

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Ease of use: These boots are easy to slide on and off, and the boot's adjustment is simple. Unfortunately, the liners are a bit of a pain to put back in.
  • Resort: This is not my favorite boot for the resort due to not having a buckle for the bottom of the boot. The BOA replaces the buckle, which is fast for touring but lacks in providing the same stiffness as a buckle. A fair trade-off.
  • Park: I have not tested these boots in the park, but I would imagine them cracking somewhat easily if they were used often there.

Steeeepest Line Ive Ever Dropped

Favorite moment with this gear

My favorite trip I've taken these boots on was a three-day push to ski Gannett Peak— Wyoming's highest point. I was in ski boots 12+ hours each day and these boots were amazing for maintaining the comfort I needed. It didn't let me down on the approach up with crampons or the way down with skis. These boots do it all.

Value for the money vs. other options

Definitely worth the money. In my opinion, Scarpas are not overpriced like Dynafit boots typically are. They are also in the same weight category as something like the Dynafit Hogi. These are relatively the same price as the Atomic Backland line, which is another great option to look at. We all know boots are the most important thing in skiing; buy what fits the foot, and if it fits well, it's probably worth the money. In this case, The Scarpa F1s fit slightly wider than most ski boots, especially compared to La Sportiva. I love these boots and would have no problem coughing up the retail price when I wear these out.

Final verdict

My final verdict is to buy these if one wants a boot that will hold up for many seasons and is also solidly in the lightweight category. These boots meet every demand one can throw at them.

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