Expert Review: TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls

Published on 09/15/2023 · 3 min readThis review is my honest opinion of the golf ball, which I purchased with my own money in March of 2022.
Jeremy Brown, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Jeremy Brown

Photos courtesy of Jeremy Brown

About this Review: This review is my honest opinion of the golf ball, which I purchased with my own money in March of 2022.

My take

The TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft is a high-quality, low-cost ball that offers great performance at its price point. I strongly encourage high and mid-handicap golfers to play this ball if they want performance at a low cost.

About the golf ball I own

  • Model: TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft
  • Color: White

About me

  • Average score: 80
  • Handicap: 9
  • Experience: 4 years of playing golf
  • Right/Left-handed: Right-handed
  • Typical shot shape: Fade
  • Typical trajectory: Medium
  • Club swing speed: 100 mph

Test conditions

  • When I bought this: March 2022
  • Days tested: I’ve used this ball as a practice/backup ball for a couple of months throughout the season (~60 days off and on).
  • Where I’ve used it: Brookledge Golf Club in Akron, Ohio
  • Weather and wind conditions: Everything from wind and rain to drought
  • Turf conditions: Bent grass and medium rough
  • Green speeds: 8-12

How it performs

Greenside Spin

What I was looking for

I normally play a Bridgestone Tour B RX, but in the early months of the season or when I’m not swinging well and losing shots in the woods/water, it hurts to lose a $50 box of golf balls in a week. So I wanted an inexpensive golf ball that holds up well and performs above its price point.

Why I chose this golf ball

I bought the TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft golf ball because I love the overall balanced performance I get from it. One can’t beat the price.

What I love about it

  • Feel: This ball sits on the softer side of the scale, which feels great to hit.
  • Durability: Normal use warrants pretty good durability. However, it scratches easily upon impact with a tree/path.
  • Color: The color is bright white, which stands out well on the green.

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Green Spin: The TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft golf balls have good greenside spin but definitely less performance than more premium covers.
  • Distance: This ball is not a distance ball. There is a noticeable decrease in the distance (around 3-5%) compared to Titleist ProV-1 or Bridgestone Tour B RX, my usual ball. This ball is playable, but one has to know they're leaving that extra 5% on the table to save half the cost, which is worth considering.

Best shot with this golf ball

Noodle Long and Soft was the ball I played when I was first getting into golf. I made my first-ever birdie with a Noodle golf ball using a hand-me-down two-way chipper.

Value for the money vs. other options

The TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft is an inexpensive golf ball. Stacked up against the best golf balls available, of course, it will lag a bit. But what’s important is how much performance it gives compared to other balls in this price range, like the Bridgestone e6 Soft, Pinnacle Soft, etc. Among those, this is my top overall pick.

Final verdict

The TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft is the best-performing overall golf ball in the $1-$2 per ball price range. It’s cheap, goes moderately far, and performs moderately well around the green. So anyone new to golf or wanting to save half their golf ball budget needs to look no further.

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