Expert Review: Burton Men's Park Gloves

This review is my honest opinion of the gloves, which I purchased with my own money in August of 2022.

A snowboarder holding the Burton Park Glove by the durable leashes.

Photo of me holding the Burton Park Glove by the durable leashes. All photos courtesy of Matthew Lauerman

About this Review: This review is my honest opinion of the gloves, which I purchased with my own money in August of 2022.

My take

The Burton Men’s Park Gloves are a great option if someone is looking for a thin glove to keep their hands dry on warm days, pull off sweet grab tricks in the park, and have good functionality with bindings, phones, zippers, or anything else they need while on the mountain.

A snowboarder with the Burton Park gloves on.

Fit like a glove!

About this gear

  • Model: 2022 Burton Men’s Park Gloves
  • Size: Large

About me

  • Height: 6’0”
  • Weight: 183lbs
  • Experience: 4 years of snowboarding/skiing

Test conditions

  • When I bought them: August 2022
  • Days used: 7-10
  • Weather conditions used in: Sunny days, windy days, calm skies, overcast
  • Where I’ve used them: Arizona Snowbowl
  • Terrain: Resort, off-piste, park, trees

How they perform

Ease of Movement

What I was looking for

I started looking for a glove that I could wear on warmer weather days since Arizona days are fairly warm, and I also wanted better access to my pockets and phone to help record my friends and me on the mountain.

Why I chose this gear

I chose the Burton Men’s Park Gloves since they seemed to have a lot of features I wanted in a thinner glove. It is thin, has a good waterproofing rating, leashes to hold on to when I need them off, and is compatible with touchscreens.

A snowboarder waiting in a lift line.

Waiting for the lift putting on the Park Gloves

What I love about them

  • Fit: The gloves fit true to size and are snug with a comfortable, soft, warm-feeling liner.
  • Ease of movement: Very effortless movement and great feel on the hands when interacting with anything while on the mountain.
  • Waterproofing: The waterproofing isn’t anything special, but it does what it needs to. I have no issues there.
  • Breathability: It’s a very breathable glove. It leaves me feeling nice and cool, but not in a way that makes me feel like I need thicker gloves.
  • Weight: Super lightweight, with no restrictive feeling, and comfortable to ride all day.
  • Conditions: These gloves excel on warm days, and for park rats, they aren’t big or bulky and let me stay warm enough but not overheat. I have tried them on some off-piste and found myself with a glove full of snow after falling, but they weren’t intended for that use. The gloves aren’t designed to be an all-mountain, every condition wear, which is evident after testing on cold days.
  • Touchscreen compatibility: They are touchscreen compatible, and they do work well. Nothing over the top responsive, though.
  • Features: I'm a big fan of the leashes, Velcro fastener, and touchscreen compatibility. The gloves have a lot of good going for them.

The Burton Park gloves.

No damage or tears after several wears

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Warmth: Not a warm glove. It’s designed for park and warm days primarily.
  • Other: I do not like the dotted texture in the palms of the glove. It offers a good grip but feels awkward on some surfaces. It’s not a super big hiccup for normal riding and regular use. Just sometimes difficult with phones and drinks.
  • Comfort: The gloves are very comfortable to wear but don't do anything exceptional. The waterproofing is good, and the liner is soft, but having a slightly longer cuff would be great to help keep my wrists covered.
  • Durability: The materials feel of quality and have held up great so far with no issues. However, they are not super tough, and they could get compromised by some damage after a run-in with some sticks or rocks.
Top down view of a snowboard.

Shredding in the soft

Favorite moment with this gear

My favorite moment with this gear is shredding the warmer days on the mountain this season, being much more comfortable with a lot less sweaty hands. This glove offers a good balance between warmth and breathability and has helped me take more photos than ever and got rid of the headaches of trying to do things with a thick pair of gloves.

Value for the money vs. other options

The Burton Men’s Park Gloves are a great option for someone looking for a thinner pair of gloves to run as a backup for when the conditions are hotter. The glove won’t be one’s everyday wear, but it doesn’t aim to be. The Burtons are just another weapon for the arsenal of snow gear. Some alternatives I looked at were the Dakine Covert Gloves and the Dakine Factor Infinium. The Dakine Coverts are similar to the Burton Parks in format and price. I personally selected the Burtons instead for the added leash and the Velcro fastening, both were important to me in my hunt, and the Factor Infinium is a GORE-TEX® glove that is a little thicker and offers more warmth but at a price premium if someone wants to go that route. All three are great choices depending on the features one wants to prioritize.

Final verdict

The Burton Park Glove is an amazing glove that fits great and has touchscreen compatibility. It is very breathable and waterproof in a thin and light package to give someone a great feel and comfort whether they grab tricks for the X Games or want something not to overheat on warm days. The Park glove isn’t perfect for everything or everyone but excels in the areas it was designed for.

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