Expert Review: K-Swiss Men's Hypercourt Supreme Tennis Shoes

Published on 01/27/2023 · 5 min readThis review is my honest opinion of the shoes, which I purchased with my own money in July of 2022.
Brandon M., Tennis Expert
By Tennis Expert Brandon M.

All photos courtesy of Brandon M.

About this Review: This review is my honest opinion of the shoes, which I purchased with my own money in July of 2022.

My take

The K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme is my favorite shoe I’ve ever owned. It’s a lightweight shoe that retains stability and outstanding comfort with a fit that works really well for my foot.

About the shoes I own

  • Model: K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme
  • Size: U.S. Men’s 9
  • Width: Regular
  • Fit: Runs true to length with a generous medium width

About me

  • Height: 5’10”
  • Weight: 185lbs
  • Usual shoe size: Men’s 9
  • Foot width: Slightly wide but not a true wide
  • Foot arch: High arch
  • Experience: 28 years of playing tennis

Test conditions

  • When I bought them: July 2022
  • Days tested: 30
  • Court surfaces: Hard
  • Used for: Practice and match
  • Where I’ve used it: Public courts in Kingsford and Iron Mountain, MI

How they perform


What I was looking for

I had stocked up on Nike Air Zoom Vapor 9.5 when they released the Vapor 10 in 2018 because the fit became too narrow for me with the update. I had finally worn through my last pair and didn’t love the Nike React Vapors that was the current model in 2021. I wanted a shoe that retained the lightweight and close-to-the-ground feel that made me a long-time user of the Air Zoom Vapors.

Why I chose this gear

With a slightly wide foot, K-Swiss had been on my radar for some time, but the Hypercourt Express model was a bit heavier than I wanted and also not durable enough for high-level tennis. With the Hypercourt Supreme release in the fall of 2020, they upped the durability level of the Hypercourt Express and made it lighter with a closer fit which intrigued me. Fast forward to the summer of 2021 when I was on a search for new shoes, and availability was very tight for performance shoes, especially in middle-of-the-road sizes like mine due to supply issues. The Hypercourt Supremes were one of the few options available at the time, and the Swedish Blue color really spoke to my Scandinavian heritage. After a few days of testing, I ordered a pair and quickly ordered another because they worked so well for me.

What I love about them

  • Break-in period: The K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme offered out-of-the-box comfort and felt great from the get-go. After three or four hours of playing, the outsoles lost some initial grabbiness and settled into perfect traction.
  • Comfort: K-Swiss has long been known for comfortable shoes, and the Hypercourt Supreme carries on that heritage. Generally, to get a lightweight shoe, manufacturers skimp on comfort features, but these are the most comfortable pair of lightweight tennis shoes I’ve owned. The inner bootie construction lets me snug them up for a close fit without squeezing my foot, and there are no hot spots or issues with rubbing.
  • Fit: The Hypercourt Supreme fit my feet so well. I have a slightly wide foot but not wide enough for a true wide shoe. These have what I would call a generous medium width that works really well for me. They are true to length also.
  • Weight: The Hypercourt Supremes have an ideal weight for me. They are light and quick yet feel sturdy enough for the demands of high-level tennis.
  • Durability: The durability has been strong for a shoe without a six-month outsole wear guarantee. I alternate between my two pairs of Hypercourt Supremes and other shoes I am testing, so I have 25-30 hours in each pair with no signs of wear yet.
  • Arch support: With high arches and strong feet, I typically don’t have issues with needing more support from my tennis shoes, and the Hypercourt Supremes seem to work well for me.
  • Stability: The Hypercourt Supremes offer a great low-to-the-ground feel that lets me be confident in moving in any direction.
  • Traction: The outsoles grip very well on hardcourts and, if anything, maybe overly grippy at first. After 3-4 hours, that initial tackiness wore off, and they settled in to give me just enough ability to slide if necessary while still letting me change direction with ease.
  • Other: K-Swiss has been hitting it out of the park with the colors of the Hypercourt Supremes since its release. They are modern yet classy, but the Swedish Blue is my favorite so far.

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Materials: The uppers of the Hypercourt Supremes are not the most breathable. They are not overly hot, but a bit more ventilation would go a long way.

Favorite moment with this gear

While playing in a tournament this summer, I played three 3 set matches in a row with almost eight hours on the court total in one day. I expected to have blisters and sore feet the next day for doubles and was pleasantly surprised when I woke up, and my feet were the only part of my body that wasn’t sore. I laced up the Hypercourt Supremes again and went on to win the doubles tournament with my brother.

Value for the money vs. other options

The K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme offers good value in the world of high-performance tennis shoes. They come in a bit under the price of other competitors like the Adidas Ubersonic 4, NikeCourt Zoom NXT, and Lotto Mirage Speed 100.

Final verdict

Players looking for a lightweight, low-to-the-ground, speed-focused shoe who need a little more room in their shoes should put the K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme on the top of their list.

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