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Published on 06/15/2021 · 7 min readFrom sunup to sundown, Hannah K. runs through how she spends a Monday.
By Camping Expert Hannah K

Photo by OC Gonzalez

Every Curated expert is different - has different lives and passions, etc. What we all share in common, however, is our love for the outdoors, the adventure, and the wild. Are you curious about how we live our lives? Let me take you through my ideal Monday, how I like to spend my time, and what I do when I’m not working (hiking duh!).

6am - Wake up call

I am a morning person and like to start my day before the sun and before the rest of the city wakes up. I typically will wake up at 6am, drink a big glass of hot water, and head out on either a run or short hike with my dog Raya.

One of my favorite morning hikes in Boulder, CO is in White Ranch Park. The Rawhide Trail and Wrangler’s Run Loop is an easy trail to start our day, get our bodies moving, and enjoy the sunrise. I also will do a quick 10-minute yoga flow at the end of our hike/run because taking care of your body is very important. Check out this article I wrote about cross-training for hikers and where I discuss the importance of stretching.

7:30am - Breakfast

When Raya and I are officially pooped, we head home for breakfast. My breakfast is either oatmeal or a bagel with a vegan egg brand called Just Egg. I drink another really large glass of hot water, read my book (currently Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut), and mentally get ready to start the day. If I have time, I’ll do a quick five-minute gratitude journaling session or a meditative stream-of-consciousness writing.

A stream-of-consciousness writing session is essentially writing for a set amount of time without stopping. You simply write whatever comes to mind, regardless of if it makes sense or not. It is really cathartic and a great way to empty your mind so you can better focus.

8am - GRE study session

I am currently studying for the GRE to get into an environmental sociology Ph.D. program, so I spend about an hour on that a few times a week. It’s not a fun time and let me tell you, math is not my thing. If you ever need to feel humble take a GRE practice quiz.

9am - Curated shift

Thankfully, you know what is a fun time? My Curated shift of the day. I have a shift where I am actively online once or twice a week, but make sure to spend at least an hour online every day that I don’t have a shift. These shifts will last three hours where I am glued to my screen chatting to clients and environmental enthusiasts about gear, telling stories, sharing tips, and more.

I am normally multi-tasking and working on these fun articles for our Expert Journal during this time too. If you follow my work, you know I like to write about a myriad of subjects ranging from adventure guides and crazy trips I’ve taken to wilderness toilets and camp cocktails. Writing for Curated has been a really fun way to spend my time and has introduced me to the world of freelance writing - of which I’m also partaking in for other platforms now!

Noon - Lunch and a walk

At 12, I take a nice lunch break. Normally, I’ll make a sandwich or have leftovers from the night before and take it to the park near my house with Raya. Raya will happily chase squirrels or play with other dogs while I eat, maybe read some more, or run around with her. I like to spend an hour outside after having my eyes glued to the screen. I will bring a frisbee for Raya to chase or will bring my hammock or slackline to the park.

I may also do another quick yoga flow to get my blood moving and wake up my body.

Raya and I walking through Vasquez Rocks in SoCal. Photo by Hannah Kaufman

1:30pm - Teaching or rehearsals

What many of you don’t know about me is that I also am a professional contemporary freelance dancer. This means that I work for a few companies at a time for shows or project-based gigs. Currently, I am working with three dance companies in Colorado.

My afternoons are normally saved for rehearsals. If I am not in rehearsal, then I will probably be teaching a dance class. I love teaching and have become a much stronger performer because of it.

4pm - Puppy playtime

By 4pm, I am done with rehearsals and take Raya to a puppy playgroup at the park near my house. We spend about another hour playing, running, chewing on sticks, and, of course, chasing her arch-nemesis - the squirrel.

This is also a great social time for me!

5pm - Dinner and check on Curated clients

At 5pm, I feed Raya and make my own dinner. If you have never done this before, I highly recommend: roast an entire cauliflower head with tahini and paprika - very Mediterranean and very delicious.

After I eat, I will also check into my clients and see if anyone has any questions or respond to any questions or responses I’ve gotten. This may include sending some more curations, highlighting a product I love, or chatting about adventures.

6:30pm - Teach or hike for sunset

If I am not teaching any classes later in the evening and the sun is still up (depending on the time of year), Raya and I will go on a short and fairly easy sunset hike near Boulder. Rabbit Open Mountain Space has some shorter trails that lead to a great seat to watch the sunset. I really like the Little Thompson Overlook Trail for a good sunset. However, I like to shake up the trails I use and there are so many to explore in Boulder, Colorado.

8pm - Settling down

Normally by 8pm, I’m settling down for the day. Doing dishes, reading my book, showering, stretching, rolling out on a foam roller, and drinking some hot water are all very calming activities. Maybe even watch a Netflix show or two.

Photo by Mindaugas Vitkus

9pm - Last walk

At 9pm, Raya and I escape the comfort of my couch and head out for one more ten-minute walk to let her go to the bathroom if she has to or we just play in my front yard for a few minutes.

9:30pm - Bedtime

First off, please don’t judge me because I go to bed early. I also wake up early and get tired early. By 9:30, I am off to bed - sweet dreams!

Although during the week you can find me online, on the weekends, I avoid my screens at all cost. Depending on the season, I’ll escape to the mountains for a camping or backpacking trip, go for a nice long day hike, or maybe have a chill weekend at home with much-needed rest.

Curated is an amazing platform for those wanting to work remotely or on the road, and gives me so much freedom. Curated really cares about me as an expert and allows me to live the life I want. What I didn’t discuss are the few other part-time jobs I have. I get bored easily and like to constantly stay busy. So apart from Curated, my rehearsals, and teaching dance, I will pick up a few hours here and there for some other businesses and non-profits I work for. I am grateful for Curated for allowing me to create my own hours and for giving me an opportunity to love the work that I do! I am very lucky to work in an industry I care so much about.

Have any other questions about how Curated expert life works? Hit me up through my profile and we can chat about all things outside. If you want to see what makes Curated so special, reach out to an expert for free, personalized advice and recommendations.

Hannah K, Camping Expert
Hannah K
Camping Expert
If road trips are a favorite way to explore, let’s connect! Whether you’re car camping and hiking with kids, in a large group, or solo, I’m happy to help recommend gear that will help you thrive!.I want to help you enjoy the beautiful places that go unseen by far too many!
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Hannah K, Camping Expert
Hannah K
Camping Expert
If road trips are a favorite way to explore, let’s connect! Whether you’re car camping and hiking with kids, in a large group, or solo, I’m happy to help recommend gear that will help you thrive!.I want to help you enjoy the beautiful places that go unseen by far too many!
46 Reviews
1232 Customers helped

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