Expert Review: Abu Garcia Revo X Low Profile Baitcasting Reel

Published on 02/04/2023 · 5 min readThis review is my honest opinion of the reel, which I purchased with my own money in June of 2021.
Josh Saenz, Fishing Expert
By Fishing Expert Josh Saenz

All photos courtesy of Josh Saenz

About this Review: This review is my honest opinion of the reel, which I purchased with my own money in June of 2021.

My take

The Abu Garcia Revo X Low Profile Baitcasting Reel is a great beginner reel for people who have just learned how to fish with baitcasting reels. The price point is very attractive to most, and the reel performs better than it should at its price point.

About the reel I own

  • Model: Abu Garcia Revo X
  • Reel Size: Revo 4X
  • Construction: Baitcasting
  • Drag System: Carbon Matrix Star drag system
  • Drag Pressure: 18lbs

About me

  • Preferred fishing style(s): I personally love saltwater fishing, but since I live in Georgia, I do a ton of freshwater fishing all over the place. When I'm down in Florida, I do a lot of pier fishing targeting bull redfish, jacks, king mackerel, and tarpon.
  • Experience: 14+ years of conventional fishing experience

Test conditions

  • When I bought this: June 2021
  • Rod Paired with Reel: 7’2’’ Medium Heavy Abu Garcia Hunter Shryock Casting Rod
  • Line Paired with Reel: 10lb Stren Monofilament spooled all the way through
  • Days tested: 20
  • Waters I’ve used it on: Lake Arrowhead, Lake Weiss, Lake Allatoona, Acworth Lake, Lake Lanier, and Blue Ridge Lake
  • Species targeted with reel: Spotted bass and largemouth

How it performs


What I was looking for

Although I typically have nothing but very high-end spinning reels, I needed a reel that I could beat on and not have to worry about if something happened to it. Also I wanted to have a reel for my friends should they not have one to use. At its price point, this reel does more than enough in terms of performance and castability.

Why I chose this gear

I was debating between the Revo, the Daiwa Tatula, and the 13 Fishing Origin C. I ended up choosing this reel over those two mostly because of its durable construction materials. The Origin C can be used in salt water, but the reel isn't made out of materials that give it a long life.

What I love about it

  • Performance: In my opinion, this reel performs better than it should in this price range. The MagTrax braking system really puts this reel above others, allowing casting to be a breeze with minimal braking adjustments.
  • Quality: The Revo is made of an alloy frame that can be seen in some of Abu Garcia’s higher-tier reels. It also comes with high-density brass gear, which will prolong its longevity. The Carbon Matrix drag system offers reliable drag time after time when fighting a fish.
  • Drag System: As talked about above, Abu Garcia’s Carbon Matrix hybrid drag system produces consistent, smooth, reliable drag performance. Pulling up to 18lbs, this reel’s drag system over excels.
  • Maintenance: Most of my reels receive maintenance all the time, but since this reel is so affordable, I don't mind not servicing it as much. This reel doesn't need much anyway, with the big brass gears and the lube port for the bearings.

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Versatility: Unfortunately, the reel was only engineered for freshwater use. I tend to do a lot of back and forth, so this wouldn't be taken with me on Florida trips. The reel is also capable of 18lbs of drag, but for most freshwater applications, it would be too much; lowering that part of the reel would slightly decrease the price and probably improve sales.
  • Feel: The feel of the reel isn't terrible—part of the reel is made of alloy—but it goes from that to cheap plastic, and I understand this cheap reel is going to have it somewhere, but in my hands, it doesn't feel as great—especially when I go to thumb the spool.
  • Aesthetics: As far as aesthetics go, from what I've heard, most people are tired of the same-old black-colored reels, which do cause people to look elsewhere for reels, but I personally like it. This might not be an issue for everyone, but for some, it will drive them away.

Favorite moment with this gear

I was fishing Blue Ridge Lake and I had just drove over a point which was completely covered by trees. The water was crystal clear blue and there were about 20 two-pound bass chillin’ on the bank. I casted my weightless fluke on the bank and reeled it in slowly, and it got destroyed every time I casted it over there. I ended up catching seven fish alone just from that one spot, and with those fish, it totaled about 18 pounds.

Value for the money vs. other options

In my opinion, this reel is definitely worth the money. The technology in the reel—like the hybrid drag system, the brass gearing, and the MagTrax brake system—make the reel worth more than what it costs. Not to mention, I can beat this reel up and it takes it like a champ. The two other reels I was considering were the Daiwa Tatula and the 13 Fishing Origin C. I've used my friend's Origin C before and it casted well but didn't last long and felt very cheap in my hand. The Daiwa Tatula reel felt weak in my hands being that a small portion of the reel was made from aluminum, and when casting I got more distance on the Revo X.

Final verdict

The reel wouldn't be a bad choice in any angler’s line up. It’ll get the job done whether one’s just learning or they need it to perform highly with other mid-range baitcasters.

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