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An Expert Guide to Roxy Snowboards

Published on 10/18/2023 · 10 min readSnowboard Expert Kate Wilson walks you through how to find the perfect Roxy snowboard for your riding style, and a few of the top recommended Roxy boards!
Kate Wilson, Snowboarding Expert
By Snowboarding Expert Kate Wilson

Photo by Jan Kopriva

Are you still sifting through countless options for the perfect snowboard? Then, your search may be over. We're about to take a closer look at Roxy snowboards and why they should be at the top of your list. With a reputation for exceptional quality and performance, you can trust that there is a Roxy board to fit your goals on the mountain this season and beyond!

I've been snowboarding for over ten years and have seen just about everything when it comes to gear. I started my collection with a budget setup that barely made it through the season and have been researching/testing higher-quality boards ever since. This experience has been instrumental in recommending gear to Curated customers that are all looking for the same thing: performance, quality, and style at a reasonable price. Roxy fits the bill on all three!

Who Is Roxy Snowboards?

Roxy is a well-known brand of accessories and sports equipment for women that started with surfboards in 1990. They first stepped into the winter sports arena in 2003 in partnership with Mervin Manufacturing and now offer a wide range of stylish, functional snowboards for both beginners and advanced riders. The brand has grown from its humble beginnings to become one of the leading brands in the snowboarding industry, offering products manufactured to the highest quality and sustainability standards.

Roxy is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and minimizing their environmental impact, which is reflected in how its products are made. For example, Roxy is a member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an organization that promotes responsible forest management, and its boards are made with FSC-certified wood cores. Solar power energy is used in manufacturing facilities to reduce emissions, and Roxy is working to minimize waste in the production process by lowering the application of single-use plastic.

Learn more about Roxy and Mervin Manufacturing and all of the amazing things they contribute to the wonderful world of snowboarding here.

What to Consider When Buying a Roxy Snowboard

Now that we've learned more about the brand, let's dig into some factors to consider when researching Roxy’s boards.

1. What Is My Preferred Riding Style?

Snowboarding is so much more than just hitting the lift and cruising down the groomers! With a variety of riding styles, each with its own set of techniques and board requirements, it's crucial to figure out what you're into before spending a lot of money on a setup.

Of course, Roxy has a board tailored to each and every one of the styles below.

  • Resort: From groomers to the park, resort riding explores every corner of the mountain, with no strong preference in any area.
  • Freestyle/Park: A more playful approach, from buttering and spins to hitting jumps and rails in the terrain park.
  • Freeride: Conquer the whole mountain and its natural features; freeriding is more about high speeds and deep carves.
  • Backcountry: This one is for the thrill-seekers, venturing into untouched snow in areas beyond the other riders and lift-served terrain. Advanced riders may consider a splitboard, which separates into two skis for climbing and reassembles for the descent. Just make sure you've got the right bindings!

Which type of riding are you interested in? Once you narrow this down, you can look for boards specific to that style. Factors that set boards apart are their shape (true twin, directional, etc.), profile (Roxy offers camber, rocker, or a hybrid of both), and flex (soft for beginners, stiffer for advanced riders). We will look at boards in each category later in this article.

2. What Is My Skill Level?

Photo by Kate Wilson

You've figured out your preferred riding style, so now it's time to assess your skill level! Again, Roxy has got you covered with options no matter where you're at:

  • Beginner: A rider who is getting the hang of balancing and controlling their board. May struggle to link turns smoothly and may be unfamiliar with more advanced techniques like carving or riding switch.
  • Intermediate: A rider who has overcome the challenges beginners face, feels confident in various snow conditions, can handle steeper terrain, and makes quick, precise turns. They may be jumping off side hits or natural features.
  • Advanced: A seasoned rider with complete command in any condition, including ice or hardpacked snow and steep terrain. Expertly carves and is comfortable at high speeds. Generally familiar with mountain safety and enjoys experimenting with different terrain.

3. What Is My Ideal Price Range?

Roxy has snowboards at different price points, generally with the more beginner options being the least expensive. For example, the popular Roxy Dawn currently runs around $350, and the more advanced XOXO Pro costs about $500. With boards from other brands hitting the $700-$800 mark, Roxy boards hit the sweet spot for quality boards at a reasonable price!

4. What Bindings or Other Gear Do I Already Own?

While most bindings are universal for snowboards, older models of the Channel or EST from Burton will not work on a Roxy board. Similarly, most bindings meant for splitboarding are not compatible with a standard snowboard, so be sure they're compatible with what you already have if you only have room in your budget for a board.

5. What Size Boot Do I Wear?

When choosing a Roxy snowboard, the length and width of the board are important. As the length increases, so does the board's width by a few millimeters (per cm). The width of most boards is suitable for women's boots sizes; however, larger-than-average boots may increase the risk of overhang. Toe or heel overhang can significantly decrease your speed and overall performance, so check the waist width of the board if you wear a larger boot.

What Are the Different Types of Roxy Snowboards?

All-Mountain Freestyle

Roxy freestyle boards are playful and snappy, perfect for unrestricted rides in the park or on the mountain. The XOXO and XOXO Pro are medium flex, progressive C3 Camber freestyle boards; the Smoothie is also considered freestyle but quite capable all over the mountain with its directional shape, wider nose, and fast sintered base.


  • A variety of features on these boards will be suitable for most riders that are already skilled on the mountain and want a progression boost.

Keep In Mind

  • C3 Camber is an aggressive profile (more on this below), so while the boards boast a “playful” ride, the XOXO series is definitely not for beginners.

All-Mountain Freeride

The Roxy Breeze is an all-mountain board that is directional in shape with a medium flex and setback stance that performs well in powder! The Roxy Raina has the same C2 Contour profile but a more playful medium-soft flex and directional twin shape, while the Roxy Dawn is designed for beginners, with its true twin geometry and softest flex. Benefit

  • The three boards above are great for getting your turns in all over the mountain, and there is an option for every skill level!

Keep In Mind

  • These boards are for the intermediate rider; advanced boarders will want to look for a more aggressive flex and camber profile.


Photo by Ilya Lisauskas

Roxy is about empowering women to get outside, and what better way than to start them young? Featuring soft rocker profiles and super cute designs, there is nothing about these beginner boards that your little shredder won’t love. Benefit

  • The Poppy features a friendly soft flex, catch-free radial sidecut, and rocker profile making it easy for kids to get into the sport.
  • Bindings are easily adjustable and come mounted to the bindings with the ideal stance for beginners—that’s a win for the parents, too!

Keep In Mind

  • Kids grow quickly; get the most out of their equipment by sizing up a cm or two, if suitable, so they can enjoy their gear for a few seasons.
  • This board is perfectly fine for any gender, since weight and boot size do not vary wildly at this age.

The Roxy Poppy snowboard comes as a set with matching bindings!

Features to Look Out for When Buying a Roxy Snowboard


Mervin Manufacturing developed Magne-Traction, a technology that drastically changes the experience when snowboarding on icy terrain or hardpack snow. Boards with this tech have edges with serrated grip points, like the teeth on a steak knife, which help you stay locked in and under control when conditions aren't ideal. This provides more edge contact compared to one with a radial or progressive sidecut and is highly sought-after by riders on the East Coast or anywhere that ice is a concern.

C2 Contour

This board profile features a banana rocker in the middle of the board (between your feet) and camber toward the tip and tail. This causes the center of the board to touch the snow, the contact points to be underfoot, and the very edge of the tip and tail to rise up for a superior blend of stability, comfortable control, and maneuverability.

C2 Contour photo courtesy of Lib Tech

C3 Camber

C3 technology is targeted at the more aggressive rider. It combines regular camber under your feet with a gentle reverse camber (rocker) in the center of the board. This design gives you precision and predictable edge control in more advanced terrain.

C3 Camber image courtesy of Lib Tech

How to Choose the Right Roxy Snowboard for You

We've covered all the current Roxy snowboard models, but which one is right for you? Below are three Curated customers with specific goals on the mountain that were a perfect match for a Roxy board. Read about their needs, the factors taken into consideration, and the boards I suggested for each below.

Anna: The Eager Beginner

Anna has just started her snowboard journey, with a total of four visits to the mountain so far. She has found her new passion and wants her own setup, stat! During her last time out, Anna felt much more confident and is worried she may outgrow a beginner board quickly. However, as she progresses, she is interested in carving and feels more confident in various snow conditions and at higher speeds.

Features that Anna should look for:

  • A hybrid rocker/camber profile that offers the ability to advance quicker than a standard flat/rocker board.
  • Playful soft-medium flex that is still maneuverable but offers more intentional control of the board.

Board examples: Roxy Raina

Grace: Shopping for Her Daughter

Grace’s daughter, Chloe, has an upcoming birthday and is looking for the perfect gift for her. She is turning 17 this year and is a total beginner but excited to get out on the mountain. Grace would like to get her an easy riding board that will last a few seasons, at least until Chloe either progresses or wants to buy something on her own.

Features Grace should look for:

  • A full flat/rocker profile is a perfect introduction for the entry-level rider, making for easier turns with a reduced chance of catching edges.
  • A soft flex for supreme ability to control and maneuver the board.
  • An extruded base offers a slower, more mellow ride while Chloe gets comfortable on steep terrain.

Board examples: Roxy Dawn, Roxy Poppy (toddler/child/early teen)

Val: Leading the Pack

Val has been snowboarding for over eight seasons and is ready to step it up. She wants to hit the park features primarily, but will also be taking her board all over the mountain and wants something that will carve well and withstand literally anything she throws at it!

Features Val should look for:

  • An aggressive C3 profile is best for confident riders who want a board they have exceptional control over.
  • A stiffer flex for stability on jump landings and at speed on the mountain.
  • A true twin shape for the ultimate freestyle experience.

Board examples: Roxy XOXO Pro


Are you excited to find a Roxy board to call your own? Our Experts can help you find exactly what you're looking for and pair your new board with the perfect bindings and boots, too! Reach out to me or any of our Winter Sports Experts for a personalized recommendation, then get out there and crush it on the mountain this season!


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