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Not sure what size of ski poles you need? Curated Experts know how important finding your perfect fit is. Find sizing information for ski poles here.

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Ski Poles

Here on Curated, your Ski Expert wants to find the best products for you. That starts with finding the perfect fit. But with so many ski poles options, finding the right pair can be daunting. This guide is designed to help users compare the sizing of different products.

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How to Measure

While referring to a size chart is simple and quick, the most accurate way to determine the right ski pole length for you is to take a measurement since everyone, regardless of their height, has different leg and torso proportions.

To take the most accurate measurement, follow these simple steps: 1. Stand in your ski boots or a pair of shoes. 2. Bend your elbow to a 90-degree angle. 3. Using a tape measure, measure the distance between your hand and the ground. 4. Round to the nearest whole number, and add two inches.

To test it out and ensure you measured correctly: 1. Grab a ski pole that matches the measurement you took. 2. With the pole upside down and the handle touching the floor, grasp the ski pole just under the basket. If the ski pole is the correct height, your elbow will be bent at 90 degrees. 3. If your elbow angle is less than 90 degrees, try a shorter pole; if it’s more than 90 degrees, try a longer one.

Ski Poles Size Chart

Skier's HeightPole Length InchesPole Length Centimeters
6'7" +56140
6'4" - 6'6"54135
6'1" - 6'3"52130
5'10" - 6'0"50125
5'7" - 5'9"48120
5'4" - 5'6"46115
5'1" - 5'3"44110
4'9" - 5'0"42105
4'5" - 4'8"40100
4'1" - 4'4"3895
3'9" - 4'0"3690
3'5" - 3'8"3485
< 3'4"3280

With so many gear options to sort through, it can be really helpful to chat with someone who understands your needs and provides guidance. If you have any questions about finding the right ski poles, chat with a Ski Expert here on Curated for free, personalized recommendations.

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