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Head 2 Head: Lib Tech Terrain Wrecker vs. Jones Mountain Twin

Snowboard experts Colby Henderson and Franco DiRienzo test these boards against each other for carving, freeriding, and freestyling.

Curated expert Franco DiRienzo landing a jump with the Jones Mountain Twin snowboard
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This week, we’re headed to Sunday River Resort in Maine to pit the Lib Tech Terrain Wrecker against the Jones Mountain Twin. Does the Terrain Wrecker demolish the Mountain Twin? Does the Mountain Twin turn Lib Tech into a wreck?

The Lib Tech Terrain Wrecker and Jones Mountain Twin side by side in the snow with a "Terrain Wrecker vs. Mountain Twin" graphic over them

Check out the video below or read on to see what happens.

And before we jump in, a quick note that we aren’t sponsored by any brands to create this review. These are our honest, unbiased opinions on these boards.

A bit about us

Colby Henderson

  • Height: 6’2”
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Years Snowboarding: 20
  • Favorite Terrain: Trees and powder

Franco DiRienzo

  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • Years Snowboarding: 23
  • Favorite Terrain: Trees

Lib Tech Terrain Wrecker

Closeup on the blue top graphics of the Lib Tech Terrain Wrecker snowboard
  • All-mountain freestyle
  • Medium flex
  • Directional twin
  • Magne-traction edges
  • C2x profile (Camber/rocker/camber)

Jones Mountain Twin

Closeup on the black mountains against red background graphics of the Jones Mountain Twin snowboard
  • All-mountain freestyle
  • Medium-stiff flex
  • Directional twin
  • Traction tech edges
  • Camrock profile (rocker/camber/rocker)

First up...

Curated expert Colby Henderson on the slope with a "Carving" graphic over the image

[Franco] I found this board to be a pretty good carver. The traction tech obviously does a great job of keeping the extra edge on ice. It really initiates into the turn very easily because of that 3-D nose. Very easy to get on edge. Once you do get on edge, you can set that edge and kind of hold it across the mountain. It holds pretty well. I did find the Terrain Wrecker to actually hold a little bit better and be a little bit more damp.

[Colby] I agree with that. I think the turn initiation on the Mountain Twin was smoother and then once you do get it on edge, it did hold a really good edge when the snow was good.

In some of the icier spots, it definitely didn't perform as well as the Terrain Wrecker. The turn initiation on the Terrain Wrecker was a lot quicker. I mean, this thing gets on edge super fast. It locks in and that Magne-Traction just digs into any conditions out there.

Curated expert Franco DiRienzo carving on a slope

[Franco] They both do well at speed. I would say the Terrain Wrecker, because of its extra dampness, holds better at speed and it's more confidence-inspiring at speed. Once you're on edge, you feel a little bit more confident. The Mountain Twin, maybe it's the profile or a little bit of a, I want to say, lighter board, is not quite as damp. That softness in the nose, you do feel kind of the bumps in the road and a little bit of chatter when you really get cooking.

[Colby] It's not unstable. It's just lively. You feel a little bit more with it. I will say though, we did get into some softer snow, some of the conditions on the side with some of the trails, and this thing really came alive just super smooth turn initiation, edge to edge.

Leaderboard graphic - both Colby and Franco prefer the Lib Tech Terrain Wrecker for carving

Next up...

Curated expert Franco DiRienzo landing a jump with the Lib Tech Terrain Wrecker with a "Freestyle" graphic over the image

[Colby] What'd you think of the Mountain Twin?

[Franco] Pretty fun. I'm not much of a park rider. I do a little bit of, you know, kind of ground freestyle stuff and butters. The 3-D nose makes it pretty easy to butter. A lot more pop. I was able to kind of ollie this a little bit easier. One of the last runs we took, I was trying to throw 180s off everything I could with the Mountain Twin and it was a blast.

Curated expert Colby Henderon buttering on a slope with the Jones Mountain Twin snowboard

[Colby] I think you're right. I think the pop in the Mountain Twin was a lot more accessible. Like it was right there. You didn't really have to load it up that much. You just kind of get back on it. And it popped pretty well. The Terrain Wrecker has plenty of pop, it's just stiffer in the tips. Like, you really got to load it up. It takes more energy, but just like boosting off some rollers and stuff, if you load that tail up, you can get some good pop out of it.

Leaderboard - both Colby and Franco prefer the Jones Mountain Twin snowboard for freestyle riding

Last up...

Curated expert Franco DiRienzo snowboarding on a slope with a "Freeride" graphic over the image

[Colby] In terms of like plowing through chunder, powder performance, turning in the trees, my pick would be the Terrain Wrecker. I think it's just the more stable board to plow through that kind of stuff. I also think, even though the Mountain Twin has the 3D shaping in the nose and tail, which is going to help with some flow, I think the fact that the Terrain Wrecker has that lower volume tail compared to the nose with a setback stance on this, I personally think that its powder performance is going to be better than the Mountain Twin's.

Curated expert Franco DiRienzo snowboarding with the Jones Mountain Twin

[Franco] So, this is where we're going to differentiate a little bit. For kind of all mountain freeride, doing a little bit of everything, the Mountain Twin fits my style a little bit more. I kind of like the softer nose, the 3D profile for me works really well. I really do feel like for me personally, I can do anything on this board. I don't think either of these boards are going to be the ideal thing for deep pow.

[Colby] The steep and deep.

[Franco] Especially for where we are here on the East coast. This would be a board that I wouldn't hesitate to own to have on the East Coast and take out West.

Leaderboard - Franco prefers the Jones Mountain Twin snowboard and Colby prefers the Lib Tech Terrain Wrecker snowboard for freeriding

The verdict

A ski slope with a "Final Decisions" graphic over the image

[Colby] My overall pick, since I don't ride a ton of freestyle, the Terrain Wrecker would be my go-to East Coast resort board. It's going to do everything I personally want it to do.

[Franco] And my pick is the Mountain Twin. Fits my style a little bit more, not going to carve as well, but you know, once you're confident enough when you're riding if you get it on edge, you can hold that edge. I do tend to like this CamRock profile a little bit more than the C2x. I like having the camber between my feet. A little bit more energy and a little bit more pop. To me, this is a perfect East Coast weapon to do anything. But again, I wouldn't hesitate to own this and go out West.

Final leaderboard - Franco prefers the Jones Mountain Twin and Colby prefers the Lib Tech Terrain Wrecker overall

There you have it! As you can see snowboards work differently for different types of riders. If you have a question about which of these boards might work best for you, chat with us or any of our other fellow Snowboard experts for free advice and recommendations.

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