The 8 Best Pellet Grill Brands

Published on 03/08/2023 · 7 min readNot sure where to start when looking for a new pellet grill? Grill & Outdoor Kitchen Expert Travis Hill lays out his top 8 brands for you to consider while shopping.
By Grill Expert Travis Hill

Photo courtesy of Broil King

As our friends and neighbors talk more and more about the wood pellet grill they just bought, it starts to sink in that pellet grills (pellet smokers) and their features and capabilities have some merit.

Ok, so let's get a pellet grill and finally outshine everybody else this summer, but which pellet grill do I get? There are so many brands out there competing for the right to be the best pellet grill brand, but the truth is that there are so many features and qualities in most of them, you can have your pick of the litter.

What do you like to cook? How many are you cooking for? What do you like to grill or smoke? What do you want to grill or smoke? Knowing the answers to these questions will help narrow down the playing field!

I have tested and tried out many brands and models and compiled a list of some of the best pellet smokers with some of their most marketed features to compare and make the right choice for your needs.

Broil King

There is quite a lot of buzz on Broil King Pellet grills, mainly because of their long line of gas grills and being one of the few grills manufacturers still being made completely in North America, they are not widely known for their pellet grills, but that has changed a lot in the last few years.

With company collaborations that led to Broil King being born in 1980 and known for their gas grills, they started their pellet grill line in 2019, making them some of the new pellet grills out there on the market.

Searing at 600 degrees with their pellet grill lineup puts them a cut above on temperature. Most of the pellet grills out there on the market don't go about 500 degrees consistently, but not only does Broil King do that, but they also have a huge amount of features and accessories that can really diversify your cooking. The Broil King Regal 500 with rotisserie kit brings all the features with great industry-leading components and materials.

Camp Chef

Since 1990, Camp Chef has been on a mission to make it easier to cook outdoors. This can be seen almost 23 years later with their practical, easy-to-clean grills line. The focus now is on their innovative line of pellet grills!

With up-to-date PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) controllers, excellent WiFi in-app connectivity, and their "Slide and Sear" direct flame grilling option coming standard on most models, Camp Chef is becoming a top player in the pellet game.

Their newest innovation which came out in September of 2022, is the Camp Chef Woodwind Pro pellet smoker. This wonder has their most updated connectivity accessibility, new "Down and Out" ventilation, and the new smoke box, which lets you add charcoal and wood chunks to the pellet cook at any time or temperature. The Camp Chef Woodwind Pro finally bridges all gaps between offset charcoal grills and pellet grills!

More stainless steel and a redesigned auger system have been added to their internal components. Combined with one of the easiest pellet ash cleanouts on the market, this pellet grill is primed for lasting ease, quality, and convenience.

Green Mountain Grills

First launched in 2006, Green Mountain Grills(GMG) has been working to provide pellet grills with practical grilling and smoking space at a good price point. The GMG Peak pellet grill is a prime example of this. 63in wide, Wi-Fi connectivity, and compatible with many GMG accessories like pizza ovens and rotisseries!

With one of the lowest smoking temperature ranges (starting at 150 degrees) on the market, it remains one of the most sought-after brands. Other models include the Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, The Ledge, and, one of my favorites, the portable pellet option, the GMG Trek.


One of the higher classes of pellet grills, Memphis caters to the luxury chef in us, and that we all want to be. With so many accolades and awards, Memphis is almost synonymous with high-end outdoor cooking, it even has its own Wikipedia page!

Founded in 2009, Memphis has been constantly working to increase versatility and luxury. With the launch of the Memphis Pro ITC3 and Memphis ITC3 Elite, you now have sleek designs and smart LCD displays in both freestanding and built-in pellet options.

Still made in the United States, Memphis carries a great line of pellet grills, wood pellets, and other accessories that will add even more luxury to your outdoor lifestyle.

Pit Boss

Since 1999, Pit Boss has been going head-to-head with Traeger on almost every front. Their initial position was to be a more affordable option to the Traeger grill lineup, and to this day, has been able to do this.

Many models under Pit Boss’s umbrella will send you home with a decent pellet grill under $400.

Pit Boss offers PID controllers, and temperature control, all at an affordable price, plus with their accessories and range of hardwood pellets; Pit Boss gives you the option for a Walmart one-stop shop.


Traeger is the original "OG" who created his pellet innovation in the 1980s and still has input on the pellet grill industry today. Traeger has a long reputation for putting a lot into their app and tech that operates as the brain center for the pellet grill. This is evident in the new Timberline XL which was redesigned last year to include one of the best smart drive electronic systems out there.

Traeger is putting out new models in 2023, including the New Traeger Ironwood XL, which adds another addition to the Ironwood family. The Traeger Ironwood is the middle ground for Traeger and is the start of the primer features that Traeger offers, including a better control panel, patented WIFire, pellet sensors, and a bigger cooking area.

Traeger also brings the smoke with their pellets, from apple, hickory, and cherry to mesquite, Oak (my personal favorite), and even blends. With spices, rubs, and accessories made to attach to all Traeger models, Traeger remains a pellet grilling, smoking, and even baking juggernaut.


Although not widely known, this pellet grill has so many great features right out of the gate. Perfect for entry-level, the Victory pellet grill has an incredibly large cooking surface at around 930 square inches of cooking space. Pair this with one the largest capacity pellet hopper in its class (and in most other classes), and the Victory brings great grilling and smoking to a great price point.

Like Camp Chef and Traeger, Victory has a smoke number mode on its control panel, this lets you inadvertently set the fan speed to allow more smoldering smoke to encompass your cooks.

The Victory pellet grill also has one of the most durable cooking chambers in its class, with heavy-duty deflection plates and a fire pot.


A household name since the 1950s, Weber has a great reputation for quality and longevity (if you ever owned a Weber Genesis, you know), but in 2019 it launched its first addition to the pellet world, and nothing has been the same since.

The Weber Smokefire is a unique game changer in the pellet world and still holds true to the Weber philosophy. The capability to grill and sear up to 600 degrees on pellets is quite an impressive feature. With Smokefire being one of the fastest pellet grills on the market to heat up to temperature, meat probes, and the ability to use Weber craft premier accessories, it claims a huge spot in our grilling and smoking hearts.

This pellet grill really helps to bridge the gap between grilling steaks and burgers while smoking briskets and pork butts; with an almost gas grill-like interior, it is reminiscent of the Weber gas line, but this back center fed pellet grill gives a great smoke flavor.

Buying Your Own Pellet Grill

There are a lot of pellet grill brands on the market, and I have tried to narrow and filter down everything that is out there to bring home the best pellet grill brands that will give you durability, versatility, and longevity, while of course, keeping the cool features that we all want.

If you want to talk more about any of these great pellet grill brands or want to make one a new addition to your backyard, I would love to help. Connect with me or another of our experienced and talented Grill and Outdoor Kitchen Experts. Until then, keep the fires lit!

Travis Hill, Grill Expert
Travis Hill
Grill Expert
Grilling at its essence brings people together. From cooking for my military team to cooking at 4 star restaurants, I now use my experience to teach new cooks and pit-masters around the United States..Consider me your Personal Pit-Master— What are we cooking today?
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Travis Hill, Grill Expert
Travis Hill
Grill Expert
Grilling at its essence brings people together. From cooking for my military team to cooking at 4 star restaurants, I now use my experience to teach new cooks and pit-masters around the United States..Consider me your Personal Pit-Master— What are we cooking today?
154 Reviews
2340 Customers helped

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