Expert Review: Bumbo Baby Floor Seat

Published on 03/11/2023 · 6 min readThis review is my honest opinion of the baby floor seat, which I purchased with my own money and used for one year.
Wendy Murillo, Baby Expert
By Baby Expert Wendy Murillo

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About this Review: This review is my honest opinion of the baby floor seat, which I purchased with my own money and used for one year.

My take

The Bumbo Baby Floor Seat is a classic. This seat is more than just a floor seat, it’s amazing for moms of multiple kids, grandparents looking for an all-purpose seat for the grandkids, and babysitters responsible for little ones who are in their crawling phase. The seat is made of soft-coated foam and easy to transport, making it easy to bring along on daily commutes and longer adventures.

About the high chair I own

  • Model: Bumbo Floor Seat
  • Type: Standard Model (this is the only floor seat available from Bumbo)
  • Intended age group: 3 months–12 months

Test conditions

  • When I’ve used the product: 1 year
  • Child’s age range: 4 months–10 months
  • Where I’ve used it: My home (primary use), babysitter’s house, grandparents house; this seat is relatively compact, so it works well in all home sizes both larger and smaller in size. Though I personally did not use this seat within a restaurant setting, I think that it would be a fantastic item to bring along, even more so with the heightened awareness for clean and sanitized spaces post-pandemic

How it performs

Ease of Cleaning

What I was looking for

As a mother of three, I was looking for a chair that was versatile, matched my decor, and could be used at my current kitchen table without taking up additional space. I also needed something that could travel with me when going to my older kids' activities or when spending a day at the grandparents’ house.

Seat used as high chair on wicker surface

Why I chose this high chair

I ultimately chose the Bumbo High Chair due to the overall versatility of the product. Having multiple kids, I began collecting a lot of ‘stuff’ around the house ...that said, more visible ‘stuff’ was the last thing I wanted. The Bumbo allowed me to use my current kitchen table set up and bring the baby into the mix without a bunch of ‘extras’ and fuss. The ability to quickly clean up after meal time and not worry about food getting in cracks and crevices like a traditional high chair was an added bonus. Based on the simplistic design of this chair, I knew I couldn't go wrong. And the Bumbo did not disappoint.

Seat used on solid wood chair

What I love about it

  • Ease of Cleaning: Cleaning this chair is so simple. I can use any product I want when cleaning. If I need to wipe the chair down with an antibacterial cleaner, I can; for those larger messes, I can plop the chair in the sink and scrub hard with some Dawn. Plus, someone can purchase a tray separately if they do not intend to feed the baby at the kitchen table. It comes right off and can be cleaned in the sink; however, the tray is white, so one may need to think twice before placing an item with red coloring directly on top.
  • Portability: This item is super lightweight and portable. It can fit in most vehicles—especially if using the trunk. The only challenge I see would be if one’s packing a lot of gear for a trip and has a very small vehicle.
  • Quality & Durability: This Bumbo chair is a soft-coated foam material and could easily be chewed/torn by puppies or kittens. I do not have any issues with the quality of the seat but also do not have these elements in my environment. If the seat is treated well (not using scissors or poking it with pens, pencils, etc.), then it will stand up to the test of time. There is a reason this seat is such a classic and has kept coming back year after year for over two decades.
  • Versatility: They might as well rename this chair “the Bumbo Versatility Chair.” This seat is marketed as a floor chair but can be used for so many things. Some of the things I use the chair for include: An art-time chair, a reading chair, a games-on-the-floor-with-baby chair, a water-games chair, and of course, a high chair.
  • Design: The design of the Bumbo seat is great; it keeps the baby sitting in a stationary position allowing mom to have free hands while making breakfast, doing chores, or feeding them at the table. Bumbo has also added a great ‘seatbelt’ and seat clip over the years, making this chair even more secure and stable for our babies.


Issues I’ve encountered

  • Packability: Packing the chair is not great if one has limited space. The chair is pretty large and clunky but definitely much smaller than a traditional, full-size high chair. It’s easy to grab and lightweight enough to toss in the car. I primarily drive a GMC Yukon or Dodge Charger, which are relatively large vehicles, thus, I have no issues bringing it along wherever I need to travel, but one should note that the chair does not collapse or ‘fold down.’
  • Aesthetics: Let's get real. The Bumbo Floor Seat looks like a marshmallow. It's not the most beautiful seat to look at, but it is simplistic. The reason I did not give this a lower aesthetic rating is that this floor seat comes in so many colors to match a variety of personalities and home decor styles.

Style Photo

Value for the money vs. other options

While there are many different floor seats on the market, Bumbo is comparatively priced. The current retail price seems appropriate for the item. The product is durable and does not fail or lack quality. There are other options on the market, such as the Nuby My Floor Seat. However, the Nuby appears just slightly lower quality than the Bumbo and does not have as high of a back to support the baby. Upseat is another brand on the market representing the floor-seat category. Upseat is marketed as a more premium-tier brand and includes the high-chair tray in the purchase price. One thing to note about Upseat: this item may not be the best option for smaller babies, as the leg holes are larger and may result in less stability. However, the larger leg holes could be a plus for some parents as they ensure hip dysplasia is not a cause of the seat design.

Final verdict

The Bumbo floor chair is a great option for those in the market for a multipurpose chair for their growing baby. This chair is perfect for families who want something that is minimalist in style without sacrificing functionality. Families who are budget conscious will also fall in love with the Bumbo, as this chair works far and beyond the ‘floor chair’ advertised use. For those in the market for an all-purpose baby/early-toddler chair, the Bumbo won’t disappoint. My family (including the grandparents) absolutely loved all of the use that we received out of our Bumbo .

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