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Published on 03/13/2023 · 5 min readThis review is my honest opinion of the harness soft wraps and toy, which I purchased with my own money.
Wendy Murillo, Baby Expert
By Baby Expert Wendy Murillo

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About this Review: This review is my honest opinion of the harness soft wraps and toy, which I purchased with my own money.

My take

Diono has done it again with the Diono Harness Soft Wraps & Toy. Diono nailed the car-seat market with their seat safety, ability to sit three across the back seat of a small car, and now harness straps. I have to admit. I was skeptical when I first found these harness wraps online. Was it worth the price? After all, they are just belt strap wraps. But, ultimately, the adorable fox design won me over, and I had to try this product; I figured, if nothing else, this would bring more color to my child’s seat and joy to his face. Not only have the Diono harness straps met my expectations, but they have also exceeded them.

Harness covers fully open

About the harness I own

  • Model: 2022 Diono Harness Soft Wraps & Toy
  • Configuration: Place on straps of seat to prevent rubbing of straps and toy in child's reach to provide entertainment
  • Intended age group: Marketed age: infants—tested on toddler/preschool age

Test conditions

  • When I used the product: Currently using
  • Child’s age range: 4 years old
  • Lifestyle: Rural
  • Frequency of Use: Daily
  • Compatible products Compatible with a variety of products. No specific model, as the item is built to fit all child stroller strap sizes, and most straps are a standard size.

How it performs

Ease of Cleaning
Ease of Use
Setup Ease

What I was looking for

I was looking for a product that could bring some life to my current seat. The pads that came with the seat had become dirty with age and use and one had recently gotten lost. I was looking for an item that was not bulky on the underside but still provided the right amount of coverage necessary. This product is not recommended to be used in car seats due to safety concerns, however, having lost the harness cover that came with my seat and unable to replace it, I needed something to protect my toddlers neck from the rubbing strap. I needed functionality with a similar design (thickness) as what was manufactured with my car seat.

Back of harness covers in packaging

Why I chose this item

Initially, I had thought I would purchase replacement strap covers for my car seat from the manufacturer. However, I was unsuccessful. I continued my search for harness strap covers, and somewhere along the way came across the fox strap covers from Diono. I fell in love with this product immediately. The product is fun without being tacky (style meets class), proving just the right amount of pop needed. In addition to overall style, I knew Diono was a brand known for their quality. With these two attributes combined, this item became a “need-it-now” staple.

Everything you get

What I love about it

  • Ease of Use: It takes less than a minute to install. Just undo the velcro, wrap it around the strap being covered, and close the velcro. The toy is also easy to install, as there is an opening at the end to fit around various handles, straps, or items I am attaching it to.
  • Weight: These are standard-weight harness covers; for me, they are very lightweight.
  • Other: These harness covers are super plush and made from some of the best fabrics I have felt in the baby market. The wraps are soft, not scratchy, and have an adorable little fox on the top that a child can reach and play with. The included toy is an added bonus and fun for my child (so cute).
  • Versatility: This product is marketed for infant use and can work in that space. I purchased this product for a toddler (age four). Once one is beyond using these items for their child, they could easily transition into added cushions on bag straps or other belt straps.
  • Ease of Cleaning: These wraps are super easy to clean: just drop them in the washing machine, replace the item this product is being used for, and go.
  • Aesthetics: I think it’s a great color palette; it’s not obnoxious, and the shades of yellow and red on the fox set are fire.
  • Quality & Durability: The product is very durable, and I foresee the item standing the test of time. However, the animals on the shoulder pads are within reach of my child’s mouth. So, he potentially may suck or chew on it. But I do not see this affecting the product staying in one piece.

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Design: The design is so fun, and the colors are great. The only thing I think might be a potential issue for some parents is the size of the shoulder straps. These straps are on the larger size, so those looking to use this item with smaller babies might be concerned about the items being too large around the baby’s shoulder and face area.


Value for the money vs. other options

Before buying this item, I wondered if it was worth the money; after all, it's just strap covers and a baby toy. However, after receiving it and feeling the quality of the fabrics and size of the covers and toy, I think this is an extreme value for the money, and I would buy it again.

There are other options on the market, such as the Nuby Reversible Strap Covers; the price point on these comparable items is generally lower, but I believe one gets what one pays for. The Diono straps are larger than the majority of those other ‘strap covers’ on the market and come with a matching toy. So, I think the additional cost is minimal for the added quality one receives.

Final verdict

Not only did this function in the manner for which I purchased the item, but it was also cute. My four-year-old absolutely loves these strap covers on his seat, and it brings a little more joy to a once “boring” black seat. This is a great buy for parents or those needing something “extra” for a birthday or shower gift. With soft fabric and a cute design, one cannot go wrong.

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