A Day in the Life of a Curated Snowboard Expert

Snowboard expert Michael Biasuzzi runs through a typical day for him on the slopes in Vermont.

Snowy ski slope with a Pico Peak sign and trail map

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The alarm sounds, it’s 5:30am and the sun hasn’t even risen yet. I lumber awake and head down the steps for my morning routine. Thuds from tails wagging against the door let me know that the canines are ready for their morning romp in the snow, as I slip on my shoes/boots. The winter air is crisp, fresh, and full of the opportunity of a new day.

Snow is gently falling at a steady pace and the sun is starting to illuminate the sky as I stroll down the hill, wondering if the plow truck will be by soon. Lifts won’t load for hours; I won't be getting first chair but I’m already thinking of strapping in and sliding into the snow-covered forest at one of Vermont's wonderful ski resorts.

After about an hour walk, I slowly open the door and return to warm up, feed the pups their breakfast, and start a fresh pot of coffee for the day. As the coffee finishes, I round out the morning with stretching and yoga activities to help prep me for the day.

The coffee is done, the animals are fed, and the sunrise shoots through the Eastern windows. Beams of pink, red, orange, and blue blanket the cloudy sky as the evening snow squall passes through. A lunch still needs to be made and I have yet to get dressed for the day’s adventure, as the clock turns past 7:30am.

Some loud clunking sounds and my car roars to life. I let the car slowly warm up and the windows defrost, as I load in my snowboard equipment. I tuck my boots under the glove department and switch on the heat vents to point toward the floor.

The fresh snow crunches and tire tracks press into the snow as I back out of the driveway and head off to Pico Mountain for the day. I sip my coffee as I drive the windy mountain roads and through the small picturesque snow-dusted towns. A short hour later, I pull into the wide parking lot and find a place to park and set up shop for the day. I have never been a huge fan of booting up in a crowded lodge, and with many procedure changes at resorts due to health restrictions, the lots are sprinkled with guests booting up in the parking lot. I wave to some friends as we all head towards the chairlift. Flashbacks of powder days and skipping school as a high school student flood my memory, as I check my pockets and zippers.

It’s about 9:45am as I load the lower mountain chairlift with a couple lifelong buddies. I sip my coffee as the cold air rushes past my face as the chair whisks me up the hill and we chat about the small stuff. A quick hop off the chair and I'm off sliding towards the flat area before the hill crests downward and the ground is covered in perfectly symmetrical corduroy with a few marks from other guests skiing or riding off.

Another quick stretch as I strap into my bindings, and with a quick twist I’m off down the slope, gaining speed, racing directly into a nearby opening on the side of the trail. The unmarked shortcut through the woods is where we are headed, I'm gliding past trees, down the packed path towards the upper mountain summit lift, like I’ve done countless times before.

A quick uphill check appears to be clear as I slip out of the woods and back onto the perfect corduroy. Pico is a special little mountain, and even though it’s still relatively early here, there are only a handful of guests on each trail or lifts at one time. “Baloop'' rings the RFID scanner as the gate to the Summit Express opens up and I prepare to head to the peak, just shy of 4,000 feet. It's a bright blue bird day with the sun trying to peek out from behind the passing clouds from the previous night flurries. Spectacular views of New York to the West, Vermont to the North and even New Hampshire off in the far distance to the East. The snow is fresh and soft, the temperatures are brisk but the sun is out to warm the surface. It’s going to be a great day.

Snowy hills and snow covered trees

Photo by Michael Biasuzzi

In and out of the woods I go as I slash through the fresh snow, racing back towards the Summit Lift. Entering and exiting different areas of the mountain, dipping off one groomed trail and reemerging on another after surfing the fresh powder between the maples, birch, and evergreen forest. The sun is now high in the sky and we’re headed back down to the car for a quick lunch and water break.

While at the car lodge, I check in on customers inquiring about new purchases on the Curated app. The snow is still crisp and the afternoon warmth beats down on my shoulders, as we walk back towards the Golden Express to be ushered back up the mountain. A short while later we are back in the lift line for the Summit Chair, smiling and joking. I quickly check the clock; I only have a couple hours left before I have to head home.

Exhausted and thirsty, I say my goodbyes and head back to the car to put my shoes on and head home. A quick trip home and little care of the dogs, I hope in the shower and start an early dinner.

Curated expert Michael Biasuzzi in a snowy forest

Photo by Michael Biasuzzi

As 6pm rolls around, I sign onto the Curated website to log onto my assigned shift for the evening. I chat with some customers I’ve sold products to and some new prospects, as I wait for another lead to come in.

A new customer is asking for recommendations for a new snowboard, bindings, and boots. As I gather some ideas for boards that will fulfill her needs, the customer is telling me about her riding habits, style, and preferences. After our initial conversation, I present my board, bindings, and boots recommendations to her, and confirm which would be the best setup for her.

After I’ve answered her questions, the customer is ready to buy and have her new gear on the way!! Hopefully, she feels as excited for the new gear as I am for her, and before I know it, the shift is over. The day is over and it’s just after 9pm. A little wind-down time before bed and hopefully another day on the slopes.

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Born and raised in Vermont, winter sports have been my lifelong passion. In high school my friends would spend our weekends at Statton, Pico, Killington, or Jay Peak searching for untouched snow or working for a free pass. During the week you could find us in the backyard or hiking out into the wild...

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