Expert Review: Titleist TS2 Driver

Published on 03/16/2023 · 6 min readThis review is my honest opinion of the driver, which I purchased with my own money in December of 2020.
Christopher Thompson, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Christopher Thompson

All photos courtesy of Christopher Thompson

About this Review: This review is my honest opinion of the driver, which I purchased with my own money in December of 2020.

My take

The Titleist TS2 Driver is perfect for a mid-handicapper looking for consistency. The sleek look that the club's top gives at address gives the confidence needed to start a swing. In addition, it’s designed to hit more fairways while carrying farther each time.

About the club I own

  • Model: 2018 Titleist TS2 Driver
  • Loft setting: 9.5°
  • Shaft type: Project X HZRDUS Smoke 6.5, 70 grams
  • Shaft flex: X-Stiff

About me

  • Average score: 72-79
  • Handicap: 2
  • Experience: 8 years of golf
  • Right/Left-Handed: Left-Handed
  • Typical ball flight: High fade
  • Golf ball used: TaylorMade TP5X
  • Club swing speed: 115mph

Test conditions

  • When I bought the club: December 2020
  • Days tested: Over two years
  • Where I’ve used it: Various golf courses and ranges
  • Weather and wind conditions: All. Rain, dry, windy, calm, etc.

How it performs


What I was looking for

When I bought the TS2 driver, I was looking for a club directed more toward a mid-to-low handicap player. I wanted to get more clubhead and ball speed while working the ball better off the tee.

Why I chose this club

I chose the TS2 driver because it was the best deal at the time. Plus, it came with the HZRDUS X-Stiff shaft I was looking for. So once I hit the driver, I knew it would have a spot in my bag. I had considered other options but was able to get a deal on the TS2 and not on others at the same price level.

What I love about it

  • Distance: Titleist has increased distance in the TS2 driver by increasing speed production. The modern shape of the head, along with its weight on the back, makes it ideal for creating speed. When the driver was released, it was the longest-hitting driver they made. However, new models have come out since its release. I think its distance was very good for its release, but there are other drivers now which are longer and also come at a higher price.
  • Forgiveness: A common miss with my driver is off the toe. I have noticed really good performance when I have that miss. With a common tendency to lose the ball left from a slice (reminder this is for a left-handed swing), I have noticed that I can control my miss off the toe from falling into that slice category. Titleist has intended to provide maximum forgiveness across the clubface for people who swing aggressively (I definitely fall in that category). I can see they brought it to existence from my experience with the driver.
  • Feel: There is a reason Titleist drivers are so well represented on the PGA Tour, and I believe part of it is because of the feel Titleist drivers have. Shots on the center face feel effortless, and any shots that stray away from the center have a lot of forgiveness to make the feeling similar.
  • Sound: I truly love the way this driver sounds, especially on a swing where I find the center. Connecting with my driver is one of the best sounds in golf, and I think Titleist compares as one of the best-sounding drivers on the market.
  • Workability: Shot shaping can be very important on trickier golf courses. In that case, working the ball to different ball flights is important for a driver to be capable of. I have been very satisfied by the TS2’s ability to do this. My typical ball flight is a high, slight fade, but I can turn it the other way or even keep it low to pierce into windy conditions.
  • Launch Angle: I can pair the shaft in the driver with the right loft setting for my swing to produce my ideal launch angle. I prefer to launch the ball mid-high and can accomplish that perfectly because of the adaptability of the loft sleeve.
  • Adjustability: The TS2 driver includes a loft sleeve that helps customize my launch angle and ball flight. I changed mine from a standard to a lower loft with a draw bias to help prevent my small cut from turning into a slice. A tool is included to unscrew the head and change the setting. I noticed that Titlest’s setting system is more confusing than others. However, a guide online will tell one what setting leads to what result, which is helpful when making adjustments.
  • Shaft Performance: The HZRDUS 6.5 X-Stiff shaft in the TS2 has worked perfectly for me. With the help of the loft sleeve and shaft, I have been able to hit my ideal launch angle consistently.

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Aesthetic Appeal: On a sunny day, sometimes the aesthetic appeal at address is not as great as other drivers. The crown's shiny gloss finish looks nice until I stand over the ball. Sometimes the driver’s crown can be reflective, which is very distracting and takes confidence away from the ability to start my golf swing. Additionally, this finish scratches very easily. Any swing where the ball is caught high off the face will leave a mark (“skymark”) if the ball makes contact with that gloss finish. In hindsight, all drivers create this infamous mark, but I have noticed this driver does more than others. Otherwise, the driver does look great and has a great appeal.
  • Spin: I have noticed on many mishits that they can typically spin too much and cause that shot to lose distance. This problem can usually be prevented or created by swing types. However, I have tested a few other drivers in simulators (which would be the same swing), and those spun more accurately than the TS2 on center strikes and mishits.

Best shot with this club

The best shot I hit with this club was very shortly after purchasing it. I decided to use my new driver on a short par 4 (around 285 yards). I hit it right at the pin, and it landed on the green, but I couldn’t tell if it stayed by the pin or rolled to the back. When we drove up to the green, it was four feet away from the hole. I sunk the putt and made an eagle. Within a few weeks of having the TS2 driver, I knew it would have a spot in my bag for a while.

Value for the money vs. other options

When the TS2 driver came out, it was a top-of-the-market club similar to most clubs made by Titleist. However, compared to drivers available today, the TS2 driver is a great deal for the money. Although it may be a few years older, current drivers can sell for $600 before any upgrades. So if someone is looking for the newest models, they will be in a more expensive category. However, this is the club if someone wants a driver for a fair price with recent technology from just a few years ago.

Final verdict

The Titleist TS2 Driver unlocks forgiveness and fairways for players with fast swing speeds. If one is an advanced player who struggles to find the center of the clubface, this driver is a great option at an affordable price.

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