Expert Review: Nordica Enforcer 110

This review is my own honest opinion of the skis, which I bought with my own money in December 2019.

Photo courtesy of Jake Mundt

Photo courtesy of Jake Mundt

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About this review This review is my own honest opinion of the skis, which I bought with my own money in December 2019. I was not paid by the manufacturer to write this review.

My take

The Nordica Enforcer 110 is a ski for fast, hard-charging intermediate to expert skiers that don’t want to put the pedal to the metal 100 percent of the time.

About me

  • Height: 6’2”
  • Weight: 145 lbs
  • Model: 2019 Nordica Enforcer 110, 185 cm
  • Boots: Dalbello KR2
  • Boot Size: 26.5
  • Bindings: Salomon Sth 13
  • Experience: 18 years

Photo courtesy of Jake Mundt

Test conditions

  • When I bought these: December 2019
  • Days tested: 75+
  • Where I’ve used it: Bridger Bowl, MT and Crystal Mountain, WA
  • Terrain: A whole season of conditions

How it performs

High Speed Stability
Turn Ease

What I was looking for

I purchased these skis looking for a ski to ride every day at Bridger Bowl. I wanted a ski that is really fast and aggressive but has the ability to turn easily in technical terrain and steep chutes. I wanted something with a moderate amount of tip taper but not too much that they feel hooky. I was looking for a ski fairly stiff but not too challenging to ski all day, every day.

Why I chose this gear

I bought the Enforcer 110 because it has metal in its core, some camber and a modest rocker profile. It’s very stiff underfoot and in the tail, but the tip is softer. The tip has a gentle taper. I was also considering the Blizzard Rustler 11 as it has a similar construction and profile but I went with the Enforcer because I found a good deal on the previous years model and I really like the older Nordica El Capo.

What I love about it

  • Speed: The speed limit is high but it is really easy to slow down if you get in a pinch.
  • Edge hold: For a 110mm underfoot ski it holds an edge surprisingly well. I’ve skied them on total hardpack days and felt much more comfortable than on the older Nordica El Capo (107mm underfoot).
  • Turns: These skis are really easy to turn but don’t have the “hooky” feel at high speeds. With a turning radius of 18.5 meters, and a small amount of tip taper and rocker, it’s easy to make all types of turns. I really like its ability to slide turns and the ease of throwing the ski sideways in variable conditions.
  • Groomers: On groomers I can really feel the energy and poppiness of the ski. Turns finish strong with the stiff tail.
  • Powder: Obviously this ski excels in powder with a waist width of 110mm. This ski does really well in heavy Pacific Northwest conditions with its tip taper and rocker.

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Trees: Some skiers may feel this ski is too “chargy” to be nimble in the trees. For aggressive, advanced skiers it turns on a dime.
  • Moguls: Naturally a 110mm-wide, 185cm-long ski is not going to be my first choice for a mogul day. However, I don’t have any issue when taking a bump run back to the lift.
  • Park: I don’t recommend this ski as a park ski as it has a relatively traditional sidecut and only a partial twin tip.
  • Switch riding: While only having a partial twin and traditional sidecut, this ski doesn’t ride switch naturally. I still manage to throw switch 180’s around the mountain.
  • Durability: After skiing over 75 days over rocks and all types of conditions, wear and tear is visible but expected. After about 60 days of skiing the sidewall separated from the top sheet, exposing the wood core. This occurred on both skis at nearly the same time. My local ski shop repaired them and they have held up since. While this type of damage would normally be concerning to me, I have seen this same problem occurring on other Nordica Enforcer models of the same year. I’m assuming this is a factory defect and they have fixed this issue in new models.

Photo courtesy of Jake Mundt

Value for the money vs. other options

The Enforcer 110 retails at $799.95. It's often compared to rival, Blizzard Rustler 11, which retails at $749.95. While these skis are not cheap, the metal/carbon/poplar core is long lasting and won’t dampen out as quickly as some of the cheaper aspen core alternatives on the market.

Final verdict

The Nordica Enforcer 110 is genuinely a versatile, chargy yet playful ski. It is not the super aggressive, gnarly, big mountain punisher that it is marketed as. For anyone who likes to ski fast, but doesn’t want to be punished in variable conditions, this ski is a great option for having fun all over the mountain.

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