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Golf Lessons: Who Needs Them, How Much Do They Cost, and Are They Worth it?

Published on 03/28/2023 · 6 min readGolfing Expert Adam Ditcher explains why lessons will help your game and why they are important, whether you're brand new to the sport or on the PGA Tour.
By Golf Expert Adam Ditcher

Photo by Andrew Anderson

People get into golf in a wide variety of ways. Sometimes, it’s borrowing some clubs from a friend. Other times, they pick up a set from a garage sale. There are many ways to get into the game, but the first thing beginners should do after starting to play is to ensure that they have a golf set that fits them properly.

Once a player has a set of clubs that fits them, they will naturally wonder where to turn to next to improve. Of course, players can go to the range, but without direction, it may not result in the gains on the course that they’re looking for. This can lead to plateaus in performance and cause frustration among beginners and seasoned golfers alike.

Luckily, after tuning up with the proper equipment, there is another option besides beating your head against the proverbial wall: lessons. You can take golf lessons across the world from a variety of swing coaches, and generally, the second set of eyes and advice is welcomed by a struggling golfer in need of direction.

Who Needs Golf Lessons?

The fact is that lessons aren’t an exact science. They aren’t an exact art, either. Somewhere in between lies the truth: Players of all abilities can benefit from lessons at a given time. Beginners should try to seek lessons very early upon picking up the game. It will help them develop solid fundamentals in their swing, short game, and putting right away that will pay dividends down the road with fewer flaws in their game to try to work out.

Golf instruction can also benefit more tenured players. Many PGA Tour players employ their own full-time swing coach to help them continuously. If the best players in the world constantly get golf lessons, anyone can benefit from them! The key is to make sure that you find instruction that is a good fit for you and what your game needs at that time.

Seeing a golf instructor is unironically comparable to seeing a therapist. When your game is struggling and you have lost your way, it is arguably the most important time to get outside help. On the other hand, when your game is going well, and the good golf swing comes out to play, it becomes more optional. Some people enjoy maintaining their routine and continuing to see someone for maintenance. Others may want to save money or don’t want to overthink things when they’re working.

Varying skill levels can benefit from instruction, and lessons don’t always have to be bashing golf balls on the range. These days, there are many options for people: short game lessons, mental coaching, or even just classroom work to learn more about the game, either in person or virtually can be helpful. Even your Curated Golfing Expert can provide guidance and resources if you want to improve your game. There are resources everywhere. Ask your expert about where to start.

How Much Do Golf Lessons Cost?

If you play golf, you likely have seen what the expense report looks like for participation. Clubs aren’t cheap. Greens fees aren’t either. So without being independently wealthy, what’s the average golfer to expect when trying to budget for some golf swing assistance? Luckily, just like when purchasing gear and playing, options are available. Generally, lessons are available in most areas. I always tell my clients on Curated to start here: PGA Coaching. The PGA, or Professional Golfers’ Association, is the industry standard for certification to teach the game of golf. Not to be confused with a PGA Tour professional, local PGA professionals generally are located either at a golf course, country club, or another type of golf facility in your area where they work out of. Of course, there are other certifications and types of instructors out there as well, but I always suggest my clients start with the gold standard.

Private Lessons

PGA professionals can help you play better golf through various methods of engagement. Generally, they have a rate for private lessons. The professional's location, resume, and career accomplishments generally influence the hourly rate. The more professional and prestigious the facility generally means a higher rate. Private lessons can generally be booked in one-hour lesson blocks, and most of the time, the golf shop or front desk at the facility you go to will be able to put you in contact with whomever you will be instructed by at the facility.

Private lessons can focus on various aspects of the game. From the full swing to the short game, professionals should be able to assist with your game from tee to green. The facility you are taking instruction at is generally the largest limitation towards what can be worked on.

Private lessons are generally just you and the pro, so it’s important to find someone you mesh with well and who will be a good fit, especially if you desire to maintain instruction for more than one lesson. Different teachers vary in their teaching philosophy and teaching method. It is important to ensure you have an enjoyable experience and feel your game is growing and benefitting from your time and financial investment in private instruction.

Semi-Private Lessons

While the scheduling is generally similar, a semi-private lesson can help players save some time. An example would be if a golfer and their weekend teammate went and split an hour of instruction with a certified instructor. The cost would be split in half, as would the instructor’s time, but if constant individual attention isn’t required or some savings help make lessons more feasible, by all means, semi-private lessons are an option.

Group Lessons

Some places offer group golf lessons by default. For example, an instructor will offer a session every Thursday evening for an hour, covering various topics for a set number of weeks. Other times, group lessons need to be scheduled and approved. Unlike splitting a professional's time with a buddy or two, group lessons generally can expand to 20+ people and often take the form of clinics or events. In addition, junior golf camps or junior golf programs are often conducted as group lessons.

Are Golf Lessons Worth It?

There’s a clear cost-benefit analysis happening here. Many variables go into this decision, including but not limited to teaching methods, state of the player’s golf game, golf skills and understanding of one’s own game, price, and personal schedule.

You can go once for a quick range tune-up or get on a custom program using data from state-of-the-art swing analysis technology given to your instructor. A PGA instructor with years of teaching experience can address various aspects of your game in a wide variety of ways. Be sure to ask what they offer.

At the very least, it cannot hurt to gather information. Beginning the learning process about what options you have in your area for golf lessons can only help you down the road should you decide you need help. Golf is a game that comes and goes. One day, your driver is struggling, but your chipping is phenomenal. Next thing you know, your stance on your chipping feels foreign to you, but you can’t miss a fairway. Golfers all experience highs and lows in their game, and it’s good to know there’s help available.


As always, if you want to shoot lower scores and get a free online club fitting, speak with a Curated Golfing Expert. One of my coworkers or I will do all we can to set you up for success and head you in the right direction for your best season ever!

Adam Ditcher, Golf Expert
Adam Ditcher
Golf Expert
Having worked in the golf industry since I was sixteen and played since I was three years old, I have a deep respect and passion for the game, as well as for my customers..Happy to be a golf resource for you; let's see how we can help your game!
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Written by:
Adam Ditcher, Golf Expert
Adam Ditcher
Golf Expert
Having worked in the golf industry since I was sixteen and played since I was three years old, I have a deep respect and passion for the game, as well as for my customers..Happy to be a golf resource for you; let's see how we can help your game!
149 Reviews
2874 Customers helped

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