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Published on 06/15/2021 · 7 min readSki expert Peter Reichheld shares how his deep passion for skiing and addiction to gear brought him to Curated.
Peter Reichheld, Ski Expert
By Ski Expert Peter Reichheld

Photo courtesy of Peter Reichheld

Hi, my name’s Peter.

I’ve been skiing my whole life. Before I could even walk, my dad would strap me to his chest as he careened down the mountain (please don’t call child protective services!). Growing up, Saturdays meant packing up the Sienna minivan with skis, boots, poles, gloves, coats, hats, mittens, and snowpants and heading two hours north to Sunapee Mountain in New Hampshire in pursuit of powder. Of course, we were typically greeted by a thick sheet of ice, but we didn’t care. Recklessly plowing down the slopes, hitting every on-trail bump and jump, my sisters and I were in pure bliss. The frozen Three Musketeers Bars and Twizzlers my dad always supplied on the chairlift didn’t hurt either.

As I grew older, skiing became even more ingrained in my life. High school brought racing courses and trips out west, chasing the unparalleled feeling of gliding through fresh powder. I found myself unable to satisfy a burning craving for fresh powder and was skiing every chance I got, even if it meant hiking up hills near my house just to enjoy the thirty-second ride down.

Photo courtesy of Peter Reichheld

Who doesn’t love new gear?

As a self-proclaimed “hobby enthusiast,” I know that there truly is nothing more exciting than new gear, whether it’s an untouched guitar with countless songs to offer, or a slick new surfboard that’s sure to turn every head on the beach, nothing has the power to reignite that passion quite like finding the perfect gear. When it comes to skiing, this could not be more true. No matter who you are or what your ability level is, a new pair of skis or boots can make all the difference.

I still remember my first pair of new skis - a shiny new yellow pair of Volkl Unlimited R1s waiting for me by the fireplace on Christmas morning, begging me to charge down a wide-open groomer (although I believe in my excited state, my first run with them was down my front lawn). No more beat-up hand-me-downs, no more wearing my sister's old pink Rossignols. These pristine new Volkl R1s were mine.

For the next few weeks, all I could think about was carving perfect turns through what was undoubtedly the iciest racecourse in New England – I was skiing every chance I got. The more I used my skis, the more I got to know them, and the more I got to know them, the more I loved them. While I wish I could feel this new gear excitement every day, ski equipment isn’t exactly cheap and living vicariously through an excited customer who just landed the skis of their dreams seems to be the next best thing. It truly is a great feeling when a customer comes back after testing their skis just to let me know how great they were – sometimes they even send pictures!

What I was looking for

As a full-time college student, I needed a job that fit my schedule. I didn’t want to have to work every day, but having the option to would be nice. Most importantly though, I wanted to do something fun, something that I was passionate about, something that didn’t feel like work. I, unfortunately, don’t get the opportunity to ski as much as I’d like anymore, so checking out all the new gear and interacting with an engaged and friendly ski community is as close as I can come to getting my fill of skiing. I get excited just researching skis, and watching videos of them in action.

Discovering Curated

My good friend, glade-skiing partner, and now Curated team member, Patrick, was the one who introduced me to the company (shoutout Pat!). We were sharing a beer and a few college stories at a local restaurant in our town when he mentioned he had been making a few bucks selling skis – but the best part? He never had to leave his house. As he told me more about the company, I was hooked. A company that matches ski gear with skiers – an idea so simple yet so practical. Why hadn’t I thought of that?! He sent me the application link and I filled it out right there in the restaurant. Within two weeks, I had made my first sale.

Why I love my Job

I work on my own schedule

Having a schedule is arguably the worst part of any job. Waking up early. Shoveling snow off your car in the dark. Missing weekday lift ticket deals. You get the idea. The greatest thing about my job is that I get to work when I want, and where I want. My office could be at a ski lodge or lying down on the couch.

Let me walk you through a typical day, take today for example. After returning late from night skiing last night (in Indiana believe it or not – who knew they had ski hills?), I rolled out of bed this morning at around 11, walked my dog, and made some scrambled eggs for breakfast. Checked my Curated dashboard and responded to a few customers. Watched an episode of Planet Earth and then sat down to do a little bit of work on this article. I had a three-hour shift at 3:00, so I put on some good tunes and got to work from my office (the living room couch). When my shift was over, I got a workout in, cooked up some steaks, and then checked back on my Curated dashboard to see if I needed to respond to any customers before going to bed. But not every day in the life of a Curated expert looks the same.

I help people find awesome gear

Like I mentioned before, is there really anything better than finding the perfect gear? One could argue that the process and excitement of picking out the perfect pair of skis is just as enjoyable as the first time they hit fresh powder. From browsing all the coolest new models to the moment they show up at your front door, it’s an experience similar to that of a kid on Christmas. Even a new helmet or a new set of poles can be a total game-changer.

Deals on gear

Admittedly, I haven’t had a chance yet to utilize this, but you better believe I will. Who doesn’t love saving a few bucks?

The Curated Community

The community of experts at Curated is truly amazing. I have connected with people from all over the country who all share the same passion for skiing, both customers and co-workers. The community is accepting, helpful, and most importantly, incredibly stoked about skiing!

I get to hang out with my dog all day

Seriously, this might be the best part. Although I’m fairly certain she’s even happier about that than I am.

The application process

The application process was truly different than any other job I had ever applied for. After demonstrating my expertise in skiing by proving to the Curated team that I am in fact a total gear-addict, I began the interview and training process. I was surprised to find that it really felt more like chatting with my buddies on the ski lift than a job interview. I could tell that the Curated winter sports staff members were all down to earth, SUPER passionate about skiing, and, most importantly, thrilled about the company and genuinely excited about sharing their knowledge of gear with their customers. Even though all communication was online, I felt incredibly welcome and, above all, excited to become a part of this community!

I look forward to seeing what the future holds with Curated as we continue to expand and grow to find new ways to ensure every visitor finds the perfect gear, and I look forward to helping guide even more skiers to their dream gear. If you want to chat with a Ski expert like me and see what Curated is all about, reach out to an expert for free, personalized advice and recommendations. That’s all I got for now, go hit the slopes! 

Photo courtesy of Peter Reichheld


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